Deformed baby elephant

Deformed baby elephant

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Seeing a deformed baby elephant in a dream is not a great omen. It usually refers to an illness of some sort, but it does not have to be a physical illness.

It can also refer to a difficult period ahead or some unpleasant encounters. Seeing a deformed elephant with huge scars can mean that you are currently undergoing some mental deformities that affect you on a subtle level and of which you are unaware in your awakened state, so the dream is simply an alarm system to let you know about it. If you recently or currently suffer of neurotic fears or you are out of balance, a dream of a deformed elephant can occur. You should take the message of the dream and not deny problems in life, but rather try to solve it and deal with issues - as soon as possible.

Your dream

  • Seen a deformed baby elephant.
  • Given birth to a deformed baby elephant.
  • Encountered several deformed baby elephants.
  • Been in the jungle and seen a deformed baby elephant.
  • Seen a baby elephant with its mother.
  • Seen the baby elephant feeding from its mother.
  • Been chased by a deformed baby elephant.


  • The experience with the baby elephant is pleasant and calm.
  • You felt happy with the dream’s results.
  • In a way or in another the dream had a positive outcome.
  • There was a clear sky in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation:

Dreaming of an elephant that has a deformed body is a negative sign. Any type of body deformation in a dream is not positive. If the elephant has a deformed face, this indicates gossip or even sickness ahead. A deformed elephant can also be connected to possible disappointments and unfulfilled expectations. You should ask yourself what reasons you have to strive for perfection and how you accept plus love yourself. You are perfect as you are.

If you are physically healthy and dream of a deformed elephant, this can refer to one's spiritual and soul journey that you may have recently experienced. Your feelings could have been hurt - and hence deformed. The deformed elephant can also symbolize your self esteem. It could be that someone thinks negatively about you and you are, thus, receiving the message through your dream. To give birth to a baby elephant means that your soul could be deformed by someone’s actions or words. The same deformed elephant appearing in a dream could mean that you are actually disappointed with your results at work; they simply do not fulfill your expectations. The deformed elephant can also suggest that your perception about a relationship with a relative or loved one is wrong and deformed.

To dream of something connected to a deformed elephant means you might go through unfortunate circumstances. Seeing more than one deformed elephant in your dream warns you to beware of a temptation. This dream can also refer to some inconvenience, annoyance, a warning about your health, care, attention, danger, delays, and possibly obstacles ahead.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of deformed baby elephant:

Worried about the baby elephant. Happy. Renewed. Accomplished. Rejuvenated. Grateful. Proud. Content. Appreciative. Loving. Caring. Funny. Scared. Unpleasant. Disturbed. Afraid of the deformity.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013