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When the turtle is in danger it uses its shell as a protective blanket, without this shell the turtle is a defenseless animal.

I have loved writing this dream meaning because I am a complete turtle nerd. Many people purchase turtles as pets because of their cuteness, in dreams turtles can also be wild. Dreaming about a turtle can indicate that you are resisting change. In ancient dream lore, the turtle seen in a dream represents: balance, health, potential, faith, loyalty and above all protection. The slow pace of the turtle also indicates that progress will be made but it may take time to achieve your goals. The turtle can appear in your dreams in a wide range of ways, which I outline below in a question and answer format.

What does a turtle mean in your dream?

Turtles can take many forms in dreams. From the land turtle through to the sea turtle. Before I analyze the dream about a turtle, it is important that you know more about this creature. Its scientific name is Testudines; phylum is Chordata, and its highest classification is Testudinata. Turtles are reptiles which use their hard shells to protect themselves from predators. They are among the most primitive and oldest groups of reptiles which have evolved for over millions of years. They are found all over the world, and it is rather exciting to have such a dream. Spiritually speaking, the turtle is connected to self-defense and predators. The message, as I mentioned on the animal totem section of my website is that you are inclined to draw into your shell at the sign of problems. The dream is alerting you to understand the constraints and take on problems and challenges.

Is a turtle in a dream positive?

Yes, I will give you a brief overview if you have a dream where you see a turtle, it denotes that, you are going to experience great joy and a positive feeling full of peace of mind due to something that has occurred in your life in the recent past or present. While in this state of high spirit, it could be ideal to resolve some of the tough issues you might be encountering in life while working on your present project which will automatically succeed.

Turtles, in dreams, can represent how you are moving in life or owning your power and keeping things in balance. When it appears, note the speed at which it is moving, from that, ask yourself how slow or fast you are moving through a particular situation in life. Why is the turtle moving at a “slow” pace? Is it because it is in danger? The timing of a particular action or decision in life will make the difference between whether it will work out or not. The turtle could appear in your dream to remind you that, you don’t need to be afraid of anything; move forward even if it means in it takes time - as long as you reach your goal. Every dream we have is different and it is important to pay attention to all the details. It can suggest that you might be better off moving slowly in a particular situation than rushing through and making mistakes in the process as that can mean the difference between negative and positive results.

What do the different types of turtles mean in your dream?

The type of turtle is important. Kemp turtles are brown and yellow they are around 30 inches long. Spiritually this turtle is associated with a deep need to explore life as they often wonder the sea. Leatherbacks are large, and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. The paradox of this dream indicates that people will feel grace, happiness and have a long-life. If you dream of this type of turtle then good things are soon to happen. Unfortunately, when I was researching this dream meaning I was sad to learn there are only 5,000 leatherbacks in the seas today as fishing methods have eliminated them over time. Sea turtles are from smaller species found in freshwater marshes and every sea turtle is unique. We all know the green sea turtle and they are popular due to snorkelers and divers going out to see them in the waters of the Caribbean. They eat shellfish and crabs. In order to understand the dream meaning around the “types” of sea turtle, it is important to review what these actually mean. To see a nomadic leatherback turtle in the dream indicates a false person, due to their rubbery skin. A sea turtle in the ocean indicates your emotions will be up and down due to taking on challenges and a land turtle in a dream can suggest balancing your life and slow progression.

What’s the dream interpretation of a sea turtle?

I have mentioned quite a bit above to give you a good picture of this dream meaning. A dream about a turtle can represent fertility, wisdom, shelter, motherhood, loyalty, slow but inevitable progress, and spiritual development. To dream of a sea turtle represents equal things. Yet, the sea turtle also represents withdrawn behavior, anxiety, and relaxation. If you dream of killing a sea turtle, this can imply that you could be feeling anxious. Do you feel you need relaxation?

What does it mean to watch a sea turtle in the sea?

Watching a sea turtle rising in the waves during a dream or disappearing into the ocean in a wonderful omen. Seeing multiple turtles can suggest that you will experience a greater meaning in life. There is an instinctive part of your own nature that may be hiding your real feelings. This dream is calling your attention to areas of your life that you may be neglecting, also a sign of not rushing into decisions. The turtle is primeval and sympathetic in regard to an animal totem.

What does it mean to dream of being chased by a turtle?

Being chased by a turtle is an interesting dream as the pace of a turtle is so slow and steady. I can only imagine that in your dream the turtle was fast-moving and if this is the case you are postponing something important. Such a dream represents the fact that you’re avoiding a specific person in your waking life. To dream of being chased by multiple turtles indicates that you will encounter an emotionally damaged person who hides behind an emotionless facade. They don’t let anyone inside. Dreaming of running away from a turtle indicates you recently earned your wealth in an unexpected way. This dream can be symbolic in that you should let the person near you or run away. To be chased by a sea turtle in your dream also implies to your need to get away from people. The sea turtle is connected to our emotions, try not to underestimate people. Just like the turtle is being underestimated because of their slow pace. Yet, everyone forgets that this creature is untouchable due to the protective shell. This dream can imply focusing on other people’s flaws, and not listen to your own qualities or understand your problems.

What does it mean to be chased by a heard of turtles?

A dream where a herd of turtles chases you denotes that, your life is full of difficulties and problems which you are finding hard to face. In order to understand the dream also consider the term “their off like a herd of turtles,” it indicates that they’re going to be slow-moving individuals and it will be a long time before they reach a goal. In a business context, this dream indicates that you may find somebody who doesn’t want to progress or that a task may take a long time.

What does the chasing turtles in a dream mean?

If you are hunting or looking for turtles in the dream this indicates that instead of solving problems, this dream can imply that you try to run away from them. In the process, problems may become bigger with each passing day. The dream is reminding you that, nobody else can sort the problems in your life but yourself. It is time you stopped running after that slow turtle (which in a metaphor means not reaching your potential) and concentrate on solving them to moving on in life.

What does it mean to dream of an aggressive turtle?

To dream of aggressive turtles suggests that you will progress slowly but continuously. Are you hiding from the harsh reality? If so, this won’t bring you any good. If you stand up for what you believe and actually do something that matters, maybe you will manage to embellish some parts of the world that you don’t like. If the turtle was attacking you this can (in dream lore) indicate underestimating kindness.

What does it mean to dream of an injured turtle?

As I have already mentioned, turtles represent wisdom, smartness, intellect, and untouchability. I like to think that the turtle in your dream represents you. To stab or harm a turtle in a dream indicates that you hold unbeatable inner strength. Your determination is something other people admire but don’t admit. To see an injured turtle in your dream means you’re about to face some difficulties while doing the right thing. However, your dream predicts, that if you overcome these difficulties. The injured turtle signifies broken trust. Don’t let your emotions control you. If you look after the turtle in a dream this can imply that you will practice forgiveness. Seeing a turtle bleeding in my research suggests in a work context victory will be inevitable and speedy decisions will soon be made.

What does it mean to dream of touching a turtle?

To touch or stroke a turtle is one of the most common dreams and in old dream lore symbolizes pleasure. In my opinion, this can indicate that you will experience something beautiful, something you’ve never experienced before. You will feel reborn, even feel invincible. To touch a sea turtle can imply that you will recognize the greater good in life. This is a state will hold on to you till the rest of your life. Hopefully, the turtle in this context will change your way of thinking and your perception. Your attitude towards life will also change for better.

What does it mean to dream of a snapping turtle?

To dream of a turtle that bites or snaps suggest you may encounter an aggressive person. In order to improve, you must stay away from whatever’s making you feel anxious, worthless, less valuable, and undervalued. You’re unique. People act like they own you, however, they forget that only you own you. Show them their place. I hope this gives you some clarity. The snapping turtle in some ways can represent people who wish to do you harm.

What does it denote to dream of a turtle living in damp places?

In dream psychology terms the damp place can mean “hiding away” for a while. To dream of a turtle living in a damp place, such as a cave, foretells that you’re an intelligent person who prefers to live alone, and focus on your career, and inner peace. Your knowledge is becoming bigger with time. Have you hidden away in order to get your work done? I will say, that your future is very bright. Loneliness is your best friend right now as you have lots to do. What others see as a disadvantage in your life, remains a valuable asset to you.

What does it mean to dream of turtle eggs?

Sea turtles lay eggs, like most reptiles. They are an egg producer which in Latin is known as “ovum parterre.” Seeing turtle eggs, or a baby turtle indicates that you will slowly develop an idea for the better. It takes around two months before the baby turtle emerges. Seeing hatching turtles in a dream can indicate that you will absorb new starts. Turtles eggs are also all about waiting and slow progress. So, what do ancient dream dictionaries say on turtle eggs in dreams? A dream where you see turtle eggs is an indicator that, you will need to let go of worries and responsibilities. This dream can also relate to work. When at your place of work, you will need to learn about how to work with fellow workers, delegating where necessary. There is another hidden meaning when at home, you will need to learn to give your spouse and children more freedom to try out new things, make mistakes which will enable them to grow and learn on their own without your helping hand all the time.

What’s the dream interpretation of having a turtle as a pet?

Turtles are kept as pets but are hard work. I have had many turtles over the years. In ancient dream lore, to keep a turtle as a pet reflects financial benefits from your latest efforts at work. This dream can imply that you have tried to implement your ideas and make them profitable. Someone will notice your potential soon if you bought a turtle from a pet store. After I reviewed some older dream books it indicates financial bliss will be yours shortly. This could be as a result of the completion of a project which you have been working on for a very long time, and it is profitable. If you kept the turtle in a cage it can signify (spiritually) you will be the beneficiary of an inheritance from a relative, or you could win a game. Whatever brings you the financial breakthrough could be varied, but the main point is that you are going to enjoy the financial benefits. When it happens, invest it wisely for a rainy day in the future.

What does it mean to dream of a turtle lying on their back?

To dream of a turtle lying on your back means that someone close to you possesses unique skills. However, the person is often taken for granted. Think of this dream as if the turtle is unprotected by its shell. This dream indicates feeling undervalued. Instead of staying in a job where you’re no longer wanted, find a place that will welcome you with open arms.

What does it mean to dream of multiple turtles?

To see multiple turtles in a dream represents relaxation, protection from friends and family, and absolute love. Whatever bothers you in life indicates that you will have inner peace in life. Seeing a turtle on a beach in a dream can indicate a new beginning or growth for the future.

What does it mean to dream of an empty turtle shell?

A turtle shell remains a symbol of shelter, protection, and inner peace. To see a shell in your dream means you’re well protected from the many dangers around you. This dream can indicate your own negative and self-destructive thoughts. However, if the turtle shell was empty, it suggests you should stop pretending to be something you’re not. This dream can indicate that you are feeling withdrawn. The turtle shell I feel is like a cage you have created for your own safety. Allow yourself to walk into the unknown.

Having looked at a more ancient meaning, an empty turtle shell in your dream symbolizes protection and shelter against the world and your inner thoughts. In the case at some point you see a turtle hiding in the shell, then it means that you are sheltering yourself from life realities. This dream occurs when we are feeling that we are not ready for what is happening around us. And, when we are better off staying in our own comfort zone. An empty turtle shell is an indication of putting forward a hard exterior, which is making you feel withdrawn. In your dream, if you see a turtle walking minus the shell, it implies that you have bared your inner self and thoughts of those around you. Do you have feelings of vulnerability if you open to others? If the empty shell you are observing in your dream is broken, it is a sign that, there is a breakdown of trust between you and those around you. Due to unavoidable reasons, that which used to hold a relationship together has broken and thus making you feel defenseless because the person whom you trusted most has hurt you.

What does it mean to see turtles on a beach?

Turtles breed on beaches and can remember which beach was used as a breeding ground. A dream where a turtle is could mean that you have someone in your circle of friends who are very knowledgeable, but it seems as though those around them are not recognizing it. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are an angry and jealous person in waking life. It is dangerous because it might make you break up with a dear friend or a loving relationship, just because of your emotions. It is a warning that you need to change your attitude before it is too late.

What does it mean to dream of an injured turtle?

If you were faced with a disappointing moment in your waking time, it could make you have a dream where you see an injured turtle. Whoever disappointed you must be someone you value in life, and you are wondering which way to go now. It has brought about feelings of insecurity and frustration because this is one person whom you always banked on in times of need. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are very doubtful. You always look towards someone else sorting you out in your life situations.

What does it mean to dream of a slow turtle?

The turtle can appear when certain parts of our life as slow and things appear to be “going at a snail’s pace.Seeing a slow sea turtle denotes that, you are very cautious regarding expressing your emotions, thus, emotionally confused and indecisive. On the other hand, the dream could denote that, you are comfortable running your business and you don’t want help from those around you.

What does it mean to dream of a turtle living in a pond?

Turtles live in ponds and When you are dreaming that you are seeing a turtle living in damp places, it implies that you are a very intelligent person and every day, you seem to learn something new, making you even more knowledgeable. The problem you have is your surroundings; you are surrounded by people who seem not to value knowledge and thus to them, you are not important. They are superficial and ignorant.

What does it mean to dream of a turtle moving away from you?

If you have a dream where you see a turtle swimming or moving away it is a sign of conclusions and endings even goodbyes. There is a possibility that a strong relationship is going to end or a person is going to move onto a new career. If the turtle was swimming away in the ocean in a dream it could be having strong attachments to the person who could be filial, emotional, sexual, or otherwise.

What does it mean to dream about eating a turtle?

No-one likes to think about eating a turtle. If this appeared in your dream then you are likely going to experience some pleasure in the upcoming days if you see yourself eating a turtle.

What does it mean to dream of a turtle biting you?

A dream where a turtle is biting you as a warning. There is a possibility of a trustworthy person betraying you due to lack of patience. It could be that, you are the cause of it all due to your sluggish way of doing things, and thus, they won’t wait any further. This is of course, the older dream meaning. I believe that a turtle biting you in a dream can indicate that you are going to be “bitten into action” in regard to the situation at work.

What does it mean to dream about a turtle swimming in dark and muddy water?

A turtle swimming in the dark and muddy water in your dream denotes that, you are going to encounter some obstacles in your life in the coming days. These obstacles are going to make it impossible for you to finish the project which you are currently working on. If you don’t work out to overcome, it might jeopardize the results of the project.

What does it mean to dream about accidentally killing a turtle?

If while asleep, you dream that you have accidentally killed a turtle, it means that you need to go slow to finish whatever you are currently working on. If you rush in finishing it up, you might end up not finishing it in good time and also it might not produce good results.

What does it mean to dream of a big turtle?

You are likely going to overcome challenges and obstacles in your life when you have a dream where you see a big turtle. This will happen somewhere shortly and thus; it is a dream which is giving you the courage to face the future without fear because you are all sorted out already. All you need to do is, to be patient and work towards your goals.

What does it mean to dream of a hostile turtle?

When you have a dream where you see a hostile turtle, it is symbolic of frustrations and fears which you are experiencing in your life. You are always at the edge due to the many problems you are encountering, making you be nervous. Alternatively, the dream could be due to the upcoming changes in your life, which you fear to embrace.

What does it mean to dream of touching a turtle?

When in your dream, you see yourself touching a turtle, then it is a sign that, you are going to enjoy something shortly which will be very pleasurable to you. Alternatively, the dream could imply that it is high time that you moved from your current way of thinking and attitude towards life in general. In case you have any negative vibes in you, you will need to through them away and start embracing positive things.

What does it mean to dream of a snapping turtle?

Snapping turtles are often covered in scutes which is like our fingernails. They often “snap” if approached or scared. They are normally found near a pond or lake, to have a dream where you see yourself handling or seeing a snapping a turtle indicates that you don’t like helping other people. If you like to be alone and doing your thing this is quite an interesting dream. This dream is a warning that you need to reform from the stresses of life. If the turtle actually snapped at you this can be a positive sign but can imply that if you help people (as I have already suggested) you may get burned.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a giant turtle?

Seeing a giant turtle, in your dream is a good sign, denoting that, you are protected by your friends and family and thus, no need to get worried about anything in life. Alternatively, the dream implies that you are going to experience happiness and joy due to something that is going to happen shortly. As with most of the “turtle” dream interpretations I have read, it indicates that you are going to gain regarding the material acquisition, which could come as a result of success at your place of work. You are going to encounter several opportunities shortly.

What does it mean to dream of a turtle walking upright?

A turtle walking upright in your dream is an indicator that, you need to slow down in life situations and relationships in your waking life. Take note of the surrounding area where the turtle is moving to consider which areas in your life need you to slow down.

What does it mean to dream of catching a turtle?

A dream where you catch a turtle could denote that, you are involved in a competition or power struggle with an adversary who is weaker or less resourceful, and thus, you are sure of winning. If you “catch” the turtle in the dream this is a positive omen.

What does it mean to dream about an aggressive turtle?

An aggressive or hostile turtle could represent your unfulfilled goals and desires in life. You could also be frustrated over something in your life. There is a possibility that, someone who has been loyal to you is unfaithful and no longer loyal due to lack of patience on their part. It could be a romantic partner who is feeling impatient of waiting for you to say, “I do.” It could also be a client who is waiting for completion of their project, and they are rushing you. It basically means someone is going to not act according to your plans.

What does it mean to dream of talking to a turtle?

Seeing yourself talking to a turtle in your dream is a sign that, you should pay close attention to what it is telling you because it might bring an important message from your subconscious. Try to meditate on the words the turtle is communicating.

What does it mean to dream about killing a turtle?

As I am a turtle nerd this dream even writing it makes me feel sad. In older dream books, such a dream indicates that you might come into money. If you have a dream of someone else killing and cooking a turtle. All you need to do for the dream to come true, remain focused and work hard in all your endeavors, and your hard work will be rewarded with success. Killing a turtle alone indicates that a situation that seems to be “blocked” can end up progressing in the future.

What does it mean to dream of a dead turtle?

Seeing a dead turtle in a dream (according to ancient books) promises a breakthrough in your life, you will need to be social and share more about yourself with those you trust because that is the only way they are going to learn who you are - and offer their advice and help.

What is the biblical meaning of a turtle?

As I have said a few times here, turtles are unique creatures with armored shells and slow movement. These features make them one of the most easily recognizable and most admired in the animal kingdom. But the turtle isn’t recognizable only in the animal kingdom, but also in God’s kingdom. This creature has held an esteemed place in religion and spirituality since forever. Even Ancient people thought of turtles as magical animals because of their long lifespan. They can live with centuries. Their ability to carry their home on their back is very impressive. Stepping back in china, from China to Mesopotamia, to the United States, turtles were considered as sacred and magical animals. According to the Bible. Additionally, they are a beautiful and gentle creature, the turtle represented Mother Earth and symbolizes long life and good health.

What does it mean to dream about a snake or turtle?

To dream about both turtle and snake signifies the wild difference between the gentle side and the angry side of your personality. The turtle represents your slow way of doing things and giving yourself time to think before you make an important decision. It also denotes how you treat people when feeling okay yourself. And then there’s the angry side you show when nothing goes right and everything you do just feels wrong. The answer of this dream is to not let emotions control your attitude.

What does riding a turtle mean in your dream?

To ride a turtle in your dream means you’re taking things slow in life. And you’re doing the right thing because rushing right now isn’t the best option. You ain’t going nowhere, and neither does your goal. Therefore, you can take your time and plan your success slowly.

What does a turtle swimming slowly in water mean?

To dream of a turtle swimming slowly in water symbolizes the blessing you were given. To swim with a turtle in your dream can imply that you are going to live a long and a happy life. Also, your future life plans promise great success.

What does a flying turtle mean in a dream?

To dream of a flying turtle means that you need to be more open for new adventures. The turtle in regards to “symbolism” can indicate that you have been stuck in your comfort zone for too long. Think of the things you could do once you pick up courage and live your life to the fullest. What would be the first wild thing you would do?

What is the spiritual meaning of a green turtle?

To dream of a green turtle symbolizes your excellent health and vitality. You have a vibrant personality and you have your way of seducing people with your smile. Your dream also represents your wild nature. You might seem like the calm type, but you definitely know how to make every day count. The green turtle also signifies wisdom and spiritual knowledge. The green turtle has round legs and smooth carapace. They are often found in aloe and the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. These turtles are strong and there has been researching into whether they are in fact a “black” turtle. Dreaming of a green turtle indicates spiritual awareness. You need to look at “green” as a spiritual color to find it’s actual meaning.

What does a golden turtle mean in a dream?

A golden turtle in your dream symbolizes prosperity. However, good things won’t just fall into your lap. The golden turtle can denote wealth but through hard work. I say now that you will have to work hard to get what you always want. If you do, all your efforts will pay off. The golden turtle also predicts good times coming. Embrace yourself.

What does a black turtle mean in a dream?

To dream of a black turtle refers to the problems you will be facing in waking life. However, you should not worry too much because you will find a way to put your life back in order. The black turtle due to the spiritual color of “black” may symbolize obstacles and difficulties but the turtle, in general, symbolizes their sure settling.

What does a red turtle mean?

To see a red turtle in your dream state suggest you should watch what you say to others as red is the color of danger. Spiritually speaking, this dream can mean that you have a short temper and your words and actions might influence your well being in a negative way.

What do turtles mean in Native American Culture?

In Native American Culture, turtles are seen as divine creatures that represent Mother Earth because of their ability to carry their home on their back, just like Mother Earth carries man’s heavy burden on her own back. Aside from being a sacred creature for saving people from the Great Flood, the turtle is also associated with fertility and conceiving a lot of newborns.

What do turtles symbolize in Egyptian culture?

In the Egyptian culture, turtles were seen as creatures that possess demonic powers. People feared turtles and in order to protect themselves, they carried around turtle shaped amulets.

What do turtles mean in African culture?

In the African culture, turtles are much-respected creature because of their cleverness, endurance, and wisdom. And because some lived on land and others in the water, people believed that these creatures are closely related to the Spirits of Water and the Rain God.

What do turtles mean in Hawaiian culture?

The Hawaiian legends say that the sea turtle who is known as “Honu” guided the Polynesians when they arrived at the islands. There are many myths circling around turtles. One recalls the protective power of the sea turtle known as “Kailua”. She often turned into a woman to watch and protect the kids while playing on the beach. In Hawaiian culture, turtles are seen as an omen for good luck and faithfulness because of their ability to return home.

What do turtles mean in Celtic culture?

In Celtic culture, turtles were seen as great survivors because of their ability to feel vibrations through water and move without any effort. They were also considered as a fertility symbol.

What do turtles mean in Mayan culture?

In Mayan culture, turtles were associated with both earth and water. Same as Native Americans, the Mayans saw turtles as sacred and closely related to Mother Earth because of their ability to carry weight on their shoulders. The Maize God is shown arriving from the shell of a big cosmic turtle that’s enough proof of the respect these people had for turtles.

What do turtles signify in Indian culture?

In Indian culture, the turtle is known as “Chukwa” or “Akupara”. People actually believe that on the turtle’s shell stand four elephants that have the world on their back. There’s a well-known myth about Lord Vishnu, the alleged God of good deed and protection incarnates as the turtle “Kurma” to help the Devas in finding the nectar of eternity and immortality.

What do turtles signify in Japanese and Chinese culture?

I found this totally interesting when researching this dream meaning. In Asian countries, it’s believed that the turtle reveals how the world was formed – from its body. Turtles also represent the universal order in these cultures. The turtle serves as an emblem of “Kumara” – god of Japanese who stands for longevity, support, and good luck. In Chinese culture, the turtle is a sacred creature and compared to hermit sages. They compare it with an immortal “Taoist” because of the similarities like slow breathing, steady and planned movements and self-control. Also, because of the turtle’s long lifespan, the Chinese people consider turtles as a symbol of longevity, wisdom, endurance and wealth. Also, they believe that the turtle hides the secret of earth and heaven in its shell. According to Chinese, the shell is shaped so to resemble the sky, while the body represents the Earth.

What do turtles signify in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, turtles align with the element of water and are seen as sacred creatures. The black turtle, in particular, represents happy relationships. Today, people are still placing turtle figures made of glass; metal or crystal at the back door in order to attract blessings and luck.

What do turtles signify in Buddhism?

The sea turtle has a special place in Buddhism. It symbolizes eternal happiness because Buddha employed a sea turtle to represent the mountainous opportunities that we receive with just breathing and existing on this earth.

By Flo Saul
Apr 19, 2018