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A body bag is what is used to carry a corpse from an accident scene or a battlefield. It is not the most attractive dream to have!

We all know that the body bag itself is associated with death. Death being something that brings uncertainty of the future to people. If we look back into the ancient dream dictionaries the dream of a body bag is not a positive sign at all, but I always think death is a positive omen in dreams. It means that times are changing and that you must move with the times.

I am going to cover all your "body bag" dream meanings here. But briefly. In older dream dictionaries a body bag in your dream implies that you have a desire to hide your true self both physically and spiritually when you are in front of others. Try not to hide any negativity in life. If you happen to dream that you were in a hospital and a body bag opened in front of you, it implies that you might be hiding from a situation that may harm you. To see a body bag on the road after a car accident suggests that there will be difficulties and challenges going forward.

If you see a body bag on the sidewalk or along the road in your dream, it denotes that there are some bad misfortunes that you and your family will avoid. This type of dream is normally unpleasant or annoying, but the good news is that this dream does not signify physical damage. If the A body bag dream that turns out to be a nightmare (and you feel terrified) indicates that there will be a career change in your life going forward.

In the dream, you may have experienced the following

  • Seen a body bag in the dream.
  • Been extremely disturbed about the body bag in the dream.
  • Been inside the body bag in the dream.
  • Been alive and inside the body bag in the dream.
  • Worried about a body bag in the dream.
  • Seen others in body bags.
  • Seen the police in connection with a body bag dream.
  • Seen the sidewalk with a body bag.

Detailed dream interpretation of a body bag

When you see a body bag in the dream, it denotes that, there is something you are trying to hide from that you don't want your friends and those around you to know about. The body bag can also represent none hidden agenda. Maybe somebody is not being truthful and they are trying to hide the truth from you. How long will you hide from reality? The best advice is to face life and any problems you have.

Dream of a dead body in a bag

This is not the best of dreams. To dream of a dead body in a bag can indicate that you will have a surprise of some description. To see a body in a house indicates that you will have happiness in the home by having peace and quiet. To dream of preparation of a body, or oars and fluids indicates that there will be a major confrontation with reality. To dream that you see a dead body in a bag means that you will grow and evolve in the future.

Dream of burying a body

Dreaming of burying a body illustrates you will place emphasis on ethical issues and goals. There might also be some legal concerns. Often, in dreams such as these burying anything means you want to hide away. It can suggest that possibilities and limitation will preclude you later. Dreaming of treating a body with respect means that someone will ask you for consent.

Dream of being in a body bag

To see yourself in a body bag can suggest that you just want to go away and think about things in life. I know it can be a rather scary dream. Additionally, if being in the body by his frightening disc and suggests something of importance may not be effective going forward. A timely discussion with a relative may lead to a better understanding. If you are in a body bag in the dreaming was to live then this can suggest that you are going to be making some life changing decisions.

Dream of others in a body bag

To see somebody that you know in a body bag illustrates that at the end of the day you have the power to transform. The body bag “symbolism” is showing you that you have the power to make things impossible become reality. This is really a dream of saying you have the power your own hands. You may not know it all even believe it at this stage that it remains true. You can build your vision into something remarkable and reach heights you could never even imagine.

Dream of a white plastic body bag

Seeing a white plastic body bag can illustrate that you’re going to learn from other people’s mistakes. There is no easy formula for success, building your own path is important. Taking action turning this into a dream is what the white plastic body bag symbolizes.

Dream of a black plastic body bag

Seeing black body bag indicates you are striving in growing need to have peace and quiet in order to understand your next plan of action. This is a dream indicator you need to read from you all your energies and maintain your motivation in order to succeed. Whatever you dismiss you are in need to work hard in order to get off the ground. This is what dreams symbolizing.

Dream of Body Bag Nightmare

If you have been extremely disturbed about the body bag in the dream, it foretells that whatever is happening in your life is making you feel uncomfortable and you are unable to continue your daily duties. Get over the disappointments in life. Leave them in your past and open a new chapter in your life where you continue as if nothing has happened. If you try to dwell on past mistakes it might just mean stagnation.

1930s dream meanings of a body bag

Here is my research into what body bags mean from a 1930s perspective.

  • Zipping up a body bag in a dream means trouble but you can overcome any problems.
  • A pink body bag indicates a women is going to visit.
  • Dreaming of a pile of body bags means a new start.
  • If you see yourself alive yet you are in the body bag in your dream it indicates that you are trying to hide from disappointments. Sharing problems is the best way which will help you to move on.
  • If you are the one who is in the body bag in your dream, it denotes that, you have just witnessed an awful thing happening to someone you know and you are trying to put yourself in their shoes.
  • If you are worried about a body bag in your dream, it implies that you are too conscious about what others will say about you and this is making you avoid some situations in life. You need to learn to have more confidence in life - because this is the only way to prosper.
  • If you have seen others in the body bag in your dream, it suggests that Someone around you is confused at the moment. They do not have the ability to make decisions. It and also suggest that you have many ups and downs from the health perspective.
  • If you see the police in connection of a body bag in your dream, it denotes that you need to avoid being involved in risky behaviors that are tarnishing your reputation.
  • You need to be careful because this dream is a warning!
  • A situation where you see a body bag on a sidewalk is a good sign for you, it can suggest that you and your family will encounter All celebrations in the future.

Feelings Associated with a dream of a body bag

Celebrating. Lonely. Responsible. Awful. Sad. Blamed. Tarnished. Worried. Risky. Uncomfortable

By Florance Saul
Jun 19, 2017