Dreams About Being Chased

Interpretation and Meaning of Being Chased

What does it mean to be chased in a dream?

dreams about being chased

Dreams About Being Chased.

Dreams about being chased is normally an connected to life’s events, memories, or situations. Chasing dreams are symbolic in nature and can indicate hidden worries in life.

Normally, such a dream is connected to your conscious mind, and that you are trying to escape something in real life.  As I already mentioned our dreams are full of symbolism and are an inner self. Being chased and killed is what I call a nightmare sort of a dream and it can be a blessing in disguise. It could be implying that it is time for you to stop running and turn to face the reality in real life. The “being chased” dream is often associated with nightmares, being pursued in dreams can leave you feeling shaken when you wake up. One of the most common dreams in being chased and stalked by someone. Our own internal thoughts and worries can sometimes enter our mind during sleep and this dream is what I call an anxiety type of dream. The most important thing is to think about the situations in your life that could result in this dream.

What does it mean to dream about being chased and killed? This particular dream could mean you are chasing a goal in your life which is allusive or you are attempting to remove a memory from the past which is harmful to your progress. I always say that being “killed in a dream” means a total transformation in life. It could be in real life, you are trying to run away from feelings. I will say, there is an aspect of yourself that you are chasing and you are trying to keep up with your goals. Alternatively, it could mean that you are angry about a certain aspect of your life - and the anger is blaming you and now this is “acting out” in your dream. It could be that, there is someone or something in your waking life you are trying to avoid. Try to ask yourself if there are any problems that have entered your life or have created disturbances.

What does it denote to dream about being chased by police? Dreaming about the police can show you the “control” side of your personality. The police in the dream could represent power, authority, rules or the law. It could be reminding you that you need to control reckless behavior or make sure that, your desires are under check.  If in your dream, the police are chasing you using a police car, it could be a suggestion that, your consciousness is guilty or you have a fear of being caught for something you did and you know that it is wrong.  It could also symbolize your unwillingness or your inability to accept the consequences of something which you have already done. On the other hand, it could be regarding the refusal to accept rules and limitations which have been placed by other people. 

If there was no police car, but just a police chasing you, then this is an indicator that, you are going to be in conflict with someone in the coming days. Your words are what is going to cause you to be in conflict with the person and this is someone who is very close to you. If you decide to insult them, it might cause a break up that will be irreconcilable yet this is someone whom you value so much. Alternatively, it could mean that other people are going to cause problems in your life. There is someone who is suffocating you and you are not sure how to go about letting them know. It could a friend or your partner who seems to be into you so much and their needs are really suffocating you. 

What does it denote to dream of being chased and hiding? A dream where you are being chased by individuals who have bad intent towards you and hiding could denote that, your rivals or enemies are gaining power over you. You could have belittled them thinking that they are not your equal. Hiding reveals your tendency to isolate yourself, an aspect of you which could cause your downfall as your enemies ingratiate themselves to your social circle. In the end, your sacrifice depicts your surrender and recognition of the authority that your enemies or rivals have. 

What does it imply to dream about being chased but can't run? When you have a dream where you are being chased but cannot run could denote that, your subconscious is experiencing some stress about the many problems which you are going through during your waking life and your brain has given up because it knows, it is unlikely that you will come out of the problems on your own. In your waking life, try to face what it is that you are running from, that which is attacking you and making you feel that you are being chased by life. If you concentrate, you might find out which problem to prioritize. Dreams are set up so you cannot hurt or be hurt by someone. Alternatively, the dream of being frozen in one spot is an indicator that, you lack self-confidence or it could be that, you are in a state of REM paralysis while still having a dream about being chased. It could be a case of lucid dreaming. 

What does it mean to dream of being chased by a madman? According to old dream books, dreaming about madness is a negative omen which foretells of serious illness and troubles which will make you lose property in the coming days. A madman chasing you could imply that you are going to be let down by your friends and they will also hurt you because they will betray your trust in them.

 Alternatively, according to the London Press paper on madness in dreams published in 1903, this is a dream trying to warn you of possible danger. This dream could be the about the danger and the fate of others. Think about the danger and stress this madman is causing in your dream – can this be reflected in your waking life? Try and take the appropriate measures to think deeply about your family and friends. 

What does it mean to dream about being stalked? Being chased by someone is a way of your unconscious mind is trying to communicate about an issue in your waking life which you maybe trying to avoid. According to dream psychologist Sigmund Freud, you will need to identify the chaser who is stalking you. Here is a question - is a situation in your life which you think is unconquerable and you are trying to run away from? It could be a metaphor of a form of insecurity.

Alternatively, being stalked in a dream is an indicator that, some issue or difficulty is present in your life and you are not ready to confront it. The dream is trying to let you know that, these problems are not going to away due to the fact that you are ignoring them. Alternatively, if in real life, you are aware that someone is stalking you, then it could be that the “fear” per say – is being carried into your dream.  

In case you happen to be the stalker in the dream, then it is a representation of your shadow and the negative part of yourself. It can at the same time, be symbolic of a bad habit which you are unable to break away from. 

What does it denote to dream about being chased by soldiers? Dreams about soldiers are an indicator of conflict, power, and violence. There is a possibility that you are going to run into some kind of inevitability and force and thus, at the moment you should stop debating your future, and concentrate on your present. I know it is easy for us to all be so consumed by what is happening. Seeing yourself in a war could be a sign that is how you are feeling in life. At the moment, you could be suffering from a conflict of your beliefs and values and you have come to a conclusion that, you are going to defend yourself. The soldiers chasing you are really weighing you down and it could be a way of you preparing for an impending interpersonal or personal conflict. This dream of soldiers trying to catch you could imply that you are stressed by the many things happening in your life and thus, it is §time to go out and enjoy life’s beauty because that is the only way you will rejuvenate yourself. By the time you come back,  you will have answers to whatever was stressing you and then move your life forward.

What does it mean to dream about being chased by the government? A dream where you see the government or the FBI chasing you is an indicator of an established authority in your waking life which you respect. It is not uncommon to see the government plotting or chasing you like something out of the born identity movie. If you can see a person or a situation in a dream (which always takes power or control of you in life). It could be someone imposes themselves on you and you don’t feel in control. It could be that you feel someone’s assertiveness and you don’t have a chance to assert yourself. It could be a teacher, a parent or someone who is in charge of life. 

Alternatively, the dream could denote the rules by which you govern your life. For example, there maybe exterior influences that you feel influenced by or governed by, or your inner forces that govern your well being. To dream of being hunted by the FBI or secret services can indicate that your health is under attack and you are worried. This dream is all about wide influences and not from one individual in your life.

I will say, that this dream indicates there is a feeling that there is no escape from the situation governing your life. If you are surrounded by several obstacles in your life which are making it impossible to progress then you may dream of being chased by secret agents. The message of this dream is to not fall along the way but you need to be strong enough so that, at the end of the day, you achieve your goals no matter what force is trying to control your destiny.

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