Feces dream meanings

Dreaming About Feces

Feces dreams come with many questions for you: how would it feel to stop worrying about getting to work every day, paying your bills, or saving for retirement? Imagine living your life on your own terms. Imagine being able to have financial freedom or to have the freedom to travel the globe. Feces in dreams is about money. The key spiritual message at play here is: Power is at the core of money.

We all know how money has the power to either create or destroy. All my old dream books carry one message: Feces in your dream spiritually is about money and you. We know that we can use money as a gift, or use it as a weapon. If you have found that money has played a role in your life recently then this dream normally happens. Feces is dirty, but in older dream books it is about money. Now, we both know that many people place a great deal of importance on money, but money is not the only thing they care about. In order to live a fulfilling life, we need money as a tool, a power source, as well as a way to serve others. 

I’m sure you know some people that have been so obsessed with money that they lose their health, their family, and their friends. For it, some will even sacrifice their well-being, relationships, dignity, and morality. There is some level of illusion in it for all of us. Money today is not made of gold or paper. It's just a few numbers in bank computers, it is intangible -- not real just virtual like our world right now.

I’m here to let you know that money is not what we want in the end --- Is it?

What you really need is to be able to do what you love. And, it is my belief this is why the feces dream has come to you. It’s time to get your money in order, life in order, and relationships in order. I’m going to share now what this exciting dream really means.

Here are some quick ancient meanings of the dream of feces:

  • Seen feces on a toilet wall = a new start.
  • Eaten feces = trouble in the family.
  • Seen child's feces = childhood dreams.
  • Change a nappy = care for children in waking life.
  • Dreaming about poop on the floor = not fearing the future.
  • Dreaming of cleaning poo = happiness.
  • Dreaming of an overflowing toilet that contains poo = problems with others.
  • To dream of poop everywhere = not listening to others.
  • The dream of feces wiped on the walls = hope for the future.
  • To dream of an extremely dirty toilet that was covered in poop = new beginnings.
  • To not be able to step on the floor of a toilet covered in feces = be brave is the message.
  • The spiritual connections of feces in dreams = what are you hiding?
  • Dreaming of animal feces = others need you.
  • To dream of runny feces = difficult times.
  • Dream of a baby's feces = poor focus.
  • To see poop or feces on your hands = unable to understand others well.
  • To see poop that is white in color = worried about the future.
  • A white pile of feces = social events may go wrong.
  • To see duck poop in the dream = refreshing times in life
  • To see small pellets of poop = you can start again.
  • To dream of feces in your home = someone will turn to you for advice.
  • To dream of dog feces = good time with friends.
  • To dream of seeing a man poop in a dream = a male will come to you for advice.
  • To see women poop in a dream = a female will come to you for advice
  • To find poop/feces in a toilet not flushed = positive approach to life.
  • Avoiding feces in the dream = trying to hide from things in life.
  • Walking in feces in a dream = difficulty relating to others.
  • Seeing feces on your face in the dream = people worried about you.
  • Being unable to stop pooping in a dream = cannot understand what is blocking you in life.
  • Seeing a real mess of poop in the dream = worry.
  • You were embarrassed about the smell of feces in your dream = hiding something in life.
  • You could smell feces in a dream = focus after trouble.
  • You emptied your bowels into a dream = difficulty meeting goals.
  • You were wiping feces off someone in a dream = worrying times but you will succeed.
  • You were wiping feces on someone in the dream = great luck.
  • Cleaning a flooded bathroom in a dream = talking to others in waking life.
  • You were constipated in the dream = something is blocked in life.
  • You were unable to poop in a dream = same as above (something blocked)
  • You could see faces in a hotel = visitors at home.
  • You were pooping in someone else bathroom = first impressions will be good.
  • Your poop had an object inside it = romance in life but will be blocked for a while.
  • You pooped something odd in the dream = blocked romance.
  • You cannot stop pooping yourself in the dream = unable to remove blocks in life.
  • You clean up multiple people's poop in the dream = this means to move forward in life.
  • You are trying to clean poop off a carpet or rug in the dream = new start / move forward.
  • There are large quantities of feces featured in your dream = blockages in life.
  • The family was featured in a dream of feces = care of your family.
  • You see a toilet at work = work will go smoothly after a problem
  • You are unable to use the toilet = problem with family.
  • Others are watching you taking a poop = good luck.

What does the feces dream mean according to dream psychology?

We really need to look at your dream from psychology as well --- this will provide further interpretation. I'm not sure if you are aware but many dream psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud from the 1930s agreed dreams can be useful if they offer a degree of insight. Freud, in fact, has related feces to personal development and one’s personality. Freud believed that you had this dream because it is time to face some issues in waking life, which really mirrors the spiritual meaning of money and making sure that you do what you love.

As I have already mentioned Freud believed that the dream of feces is about internal development. Carl Jung believed that dreaming of feces can be a reflection of your internal digestive system. It is not uncommon for our digestive system in our astral sleep world to be dissimilar to that of our waking digestive system. What was he trying to say? Basically, if you're constipated in the waking world then dreaming of feces can be associated with being blocked emotionally. In fact, in Chinese medicine to dream of feces represents that we are going through a period of emotional problems.

In our Western world, we see our body and the mind as separate, other cultures believe it is interconnected. For example, in ancient Asia, there are many spiritual theories of the dream of feces. These mainly relate to how we act emotionally in life. To put this in a better context, it may mean that if you are disgusted by the feces presented in your dream, it could represent a situation or emotion you feel displeased with in waking life. Let's get back to the spiritual meaning of feces. If we look at the spiritual meaning of dreaming of feces, then everything that comes from the body it's filled with spiritual power. In our modern world, we don't tend to think of our bodies are spiritual beings.

Is the dream of feces GOOD or BAD?

Surprisingly, the dream of poop is good, it is about YOU. It is about growth. Yes, it's also common. Anything that comes from our bodies, such as feces, urine, or even sick is considered disgusting. But in a spiritual context when we go to the toilet remarkable things are occurring in our bodies. This is an amazing process that takes place when we go to the toilet. The waste that human beings produce when we go to the toilet gives us strength and growth and life. Therefore, if we process this further, the dream of feces could just be a reflection that we spiritually need to remove emotions or problems in life. Always remember past options can never be forgotten or raised. It indicates spiritually, we should not ignore the emotions we have inside. It is for this reason that I can conclude that the dream of feces is positive. My advice, from this dream, is to think about how you are feeling deep down - are you trying to get rid of the rubbish in life? Try to take more of an interest in how you connect emotionally with other people. We don't need a dream psychologist in order to uncover what poop meant in your dream.

What is the general dream meaning of feces?

I have already explained this dream is about money. The details and symbols in your dream are important and I am excited to share these with you. I know, it is a rather embarrassing dream especially as it is something so peculiar. Over the years thousands of users have sent me dreams of feces and with it comes a sense of social awkwardness. As this is one of our most popular pages I would say that dreaming of feces is extremely frequent. Perhaps you are here to learn a bit more about your dream and I'm sure that with the detailed meaning that I have outlined, your dream will be covered. Now, there is no easy way to commence this interpretation, because everybody's dream is different. It may be hard for you to get your head around. Scroll down to find your dream meaning!

To go to the toilet in public in your dream, though it could be embarrassing means that someone will be asking you for money. To dream of a child's feces implies that you are trying to rid yourself of responsibility. One popular dream is to see the toilet clogged up with feces so that the poop is overflowing or coming over the sides of the toilet. This is a popular dream, it indicates financial problems in real life. If urine is overflowing in the restroom it suggests you need to connect with your inner self - seeing such a sight can be somewhat worrying. It also indicates you need “privacy” in life. If the poop is splattered over walls, it shows that there is a fear of losing financial responsibility and money benefits in the future. In order to grow as a person, you need to try harder in your work situation. Normally, poop in the spirit world is associated with possession, satisfaction, pity, money/financial matters, or perhaps extreme capabilities.

To dream that you're playing with the feces symbolizes your own anxiety and stress in waking life. If you eat your own feces in your dream then this means that you are not willing to listen to other people. They may give you some sound advice. This dream is rather worrying I know but to dream of being sick and feces coming out of your mouth means you have an excess of money problems and need a spell to conduct fiscal protection according to ancient spiritual dream books. Feces in a dream (spiritually) is a sign of wealth and financial luck. Seeing it on a wall suggests an unexpected benefit coming your way due to someone else’s neglect. This could involve a large amount of money. Regardless of wherever you were going to the toilet or someone else in your dream, the feces of everyday life, tends to evoke in all of us. Therefore, this tends to become a little bit surprising to the dreamer. Even shock! To dream, a person chasing you with fecal matter signifies that people are going to judge you incorrectly. To dream of washing yourself in a bath or shower that contains feces means that your ideas are soiled. Although, most dreams about feces are undesirable and repugnant most meanings relate to success with money. You'll want to acknowledge any money worries when you have a dream of this kind, look at specific feelings that others have of you. Check out the other dream meanings of feces by scrolling down further.

What is the general meaning of a dream of feces?

Reoccurring dreams of a dirty toilet or if you are exposed to a dirty bathroom can indicate there may be material problems. The bathroom itself is connected to your income and financial gain. Poop/feces is associated with how you earn money, therefore, to see a dirty toilet indicates that there is going to be some issue in regards to money and this dream can also signify greed. If you're in a bathroom or on the toilet and other people can see you then this suggests you will receive blessings. To see toilets that are unsanitary, dirty or blood on the floor or nasty creatures on the floor suggests you are worried about keeping your money. A dirty bathroom is connected to financial gain or lack of it, and the feeling of being private in waking life.

On a simple front, dreaming of poop and urine can simply be the “urge” to go in real life. If you do want to go, or you wake up “bursting” for the toilet then this dream should not really be taken in its literal sense of interpretation - it is common to want to go to the toilet during the dream state, simply because we are dreaming for a considerable amount of hours dreaming. If however, the dream is somewhat vivid and disturbing upon wakening then it is important to understand the meaning in a deeper context. The type of poop in the dream is also important. You could see diarrhea, cat poo, dog poop, human feces. All these tiny aspects need to be taken into full consideration. Due to our connection to domestic animals such as a dog or a cat and dream of animal feces can be associated with being crossed by somebody who is perceived as a friend in waking life. It is also true to say that this dream is connected to our own financial making decision this is because the bathroom is private! Maybe you shouldn’t broadcast your financial affairs too much! If you dream of the smell of poop in a dream this is rather negative, it can signify that there will be support in regards to an addiction or problem with losing money through gambling.

What does dreaming of public restroom mean?

A public toilet or bathroom may indicate that the dream is connected to your professional or social life or has associations with “making it in life” while the toilet in a house indicates the problem might be internal. Normally a bathroom in a home is connected to your residence or family associations. A public toilet suggests the worry that you feel about others having power.

Dreaming of feces in a toilet:

Feces emerging from a toilet in a dream may signify an issue that's fixing of that there is a problem with others that you do not wish to have any further involvement in. There are many problems that will come to light if the poop was overflowing in a dream and this suggests scenarios or social gatherings you're careful to prevent. To dream of a bathroom or property covered in feces may signify difficult life scenarios where you're having a "shitty" outcome. To see the feces floating in the toilet in a dream suggests a dangerous issue that is out of control.

What does dreaming of feces on your hands mean?

To dream of feces seen on your hands in a dream - signifies a problem you believe is "on your hands." It can suggest coping with problems. Perhaps you are not getting the promotion at work that you deserve, it can suggest possible legal troubles or dating trouble. It really boils down to having a problem that you cannot seem to resolve. This dream can also suggest, especially if you wash your hands in the dream that work will not turn out as anticipated.

What does it mean to dream about poop on the floor?

Negatively, feces on the floor in a dream may signify issues which will become more difficult as life moves on. It can foretell reckless behavior that will aggravate an issue. This issue needs resolving in order to focus on cleaning up someone's mess. To wash or clean the poop from the floor in a dream reflects facets of your inner personality which are unnecessary or unwanted. This could be a poor diet or not enough time cleaning your home. You can make a change!

What does dreaming of cleaning poo mean?

As above, the dream of “cleaning” poop indicates it's time to clean up the mess in your life. Something in your life is useless to you or that you would like to eliminate this completely. It’s likely that there are people/situations which you've relied on for being there for you but when problems start they are not people you can rely on. Take care of your life and to do everything you can to clean up the mess.

What does dreaming of eating poop mean?

To dream of eating feces signifies issues or undesirable problems in life. You or somebody else is accepting "crap" in their life. Be mindful. Try to calm down and keep working hard as this dream can indicate stress. To dream of eating human excrement can be associated with a situation in waking life that is worrying you. Fundamentally, eating poop in a dream could be a “wake up call” to fix yourself mentally or emotionally. You might be dealing with a difficult, filthy, messy, poisonous or crappy problem in real life. It can also indicate plenty of anxiety over money and job prospects.

Dreaming of an overflowing toilet that contains poo

This is quite a frightening dream and it is common. In my opening statement, I mentioned that the general meaning of an overflowing toilet means a lack of control. It can often be suggested that seeing toilets overflowing or not being able to walk on the toilet floor because there are feces and urine flowing indicates that there is a problem in life you are finding it difficult to resolve. Commonly, this dream normally occurs when we are feeling anxious and stressed out in life. The toilet in a dream which is overflowing is generally a public toilet. This indicates that you are feeling threatened by other people. To see your own bathroom in your home overflowing with poo suggests that there are characteristics within yourself that you need to resolve. It could be that you’re working too hard in not paying enough attention to your house or diet. Ultimately, this dream suggests that you need to take care of yourself better.

What does it mean when you cannot find a toilet in a dream?

If in your dream you cannot locate a toilet and you really need to go it signifies your inability to relax. It can also suggest that you need to express your own ideas or emotions to other people. To go to the toilet by accident in a dream (on the floor or in your pants) indicates you could be scared to show your true feelings in a relationship. Alternately, it suggests you should awaken and physically “go to the toilet.” If you need the toilet at night it is not uncommon to dream of not finding the toilet as you need to wake up and go! To have “you” time in waking life is important. You may be reluctant to socialize with others if you are running to find a toilet but cannot find one.

What does it mean if the toilet is filthy in the dream?

A filthy bathroom in dreams may be an indication you're repressing a lot of negative emotions. It can also be associated with coping with a great deal of negative energy or family in waking life. You might be scared to tell others the way you truly feel or to allow others how you are feeling. This carries the same meaning of a dirty toilet as mentioned above.To dream of poop/feces in your mouth: Horrifically, this dream indicates unwanted relationships. There is nothing worse than actually thinking of eating poop, and this could turn into a nightmare interestingly, Freud believed that this type of dream suggests that you will be feeling uncomfortable in life with a person or situation. Try not to let other people take the lead.

What does it mean to dream of poop everywhere?

The poop in a dream suggests “problems” but what happens if you see poop everywhere in a dream? The poop itself represents all forms of problems and anxieties in life. Do you feel comfortable with your life? It can suggest that you feel rather insecure and vulnerable. To not be able to stand on the floor because it is covered in poop suggests that we will overcome all difficulties and also put your trust in others. The dream of poop everywhere can also imply that you are blocked spiritually. We try different things in life but you still seem to be delayed.

What does a dream of feces wiped on the walls mean?

We have all been into the school toilet where poop or feces is wiped on the walls. Alternatively, there have been occasions when feces have been wiped on the walls of jails. What does it mean when you see poop wiped on the walls? The walls in your dream represent possible barriers in life, the fact that the feces is wiped on the walls can suggest that you cannot move on in life because of these barriers. The most important thing to do now is trying to recognize what those barriers are and then you can pave the way to your own success.

What does an extremely dirty toilet that was covered in poop in dreams mean?

We’ve kind of covered this in the above meanings, but sometimes in dreams, we can see toilet which is covered in poop. This can be quite an unsettling dream and indicates that perhaps your freedom in life is being challenged. This could be the fact that you have started a business and finding it very competitive, alternatively, started a relationship you’re finding it very difficult to communicate with your partner stop the toilet itself represents you. The poop on the toilet represents a crappy situation in life.

To not be able to step on the floor of a toilet covered in feces

To reiterate, any type of feces on the floor is associated with stress and problems in daily life. A floor in the dream represents your starting point. For this to be covered in feces implies that there are many things blocking you. You will find great value in opening your eyes to see the truth and recognizing what could possibly be yours. Whether this is to gain deeper knowledge, explore a deeper intimacy with your partner or have a more “fulfilling” sexual relationship with somebody. I need to turn this dream around, if you’re not able to step on the floor you’re not able to start in a situation in life. Try to have a realistic attitude and start planning what you really want out of life.

You see yourself pooping on the toilet in a dream

Dreaming of seeing yourself having a poop in a dream denotes a difficult situation or trouble in life. In dreams, we often subconsciously think about the difficulty we have in the waking world. To see yourself having a poop on a toilet is connected to difficult situations in life. Unable to poop in the toilet: If you visit a toilet in a dream and you are unable to poop, then this indicates that you are not focused on your immediate goals. In ancient dream dictionaries, the toilet represents our “waste” in life. To not be able to poop in dreams indicates that there is a problem in waking life that needs your attention. It can also suggest that someone in waking life is taking your valuable time.

An outside toilet in a dream

An outside toilet was common in olden times, and if you are dreaming of seeing a toilet outside, or you visit a public toilet which is positioned outside, for example in a street suggests that there will be some difficult and emotional problems related to family life. If the toilet is a portacabin or temporary toilet and you visit this in your dream it suggests that you’re finding it difficult to communicate with others. If the toilet outside is dirty in the dream this can suggest this that you need friends it indicates that through social contact and also networking will find an increased sense of happiness and security in life.

Not being able to find the toilet roll in a dream

To not be able to find the toilet roll indicates that there may be a relationship issue. There is an abundance of harmony and peace in life and you will become more laid-back as you move forward. Try to understand other people better and make the way for new plans. If the toilet roll is lost something in life is “lost.” If the toilet roll is white in your dream this is a positive omen. It suggests after a rough period of time there will be prosperity. If you can see the toilet roll you dream you cannot unroll it then this indicates you need to keep your head above the water.

To dream of toilet paper in a dream

To dream of using toilet paper might suggest you have to clean up a cluttered mess. If the toilet paper is white then this indicates it is time to free yourself from any pastoral fear. It can suggest the need to accept situations for what they are. If the toilet paper is difficult to remove or roll off then problems are likely. If you are unable to use the toilet paper in your dream and this signifies mutual cooperation with others can solve your current problems. This is a “cleanup dream” indicating you have the tools to clean up a dirty job. Toilet paper might also indicate that you're time poor. If no toilet paper is available (see meaning above) is an indicator that you're lacking the talents and motivation or that you need in waking life in order to win.

Toilet seat in a dream&

If the toilet featured in your dream had a toilet seat then this can indicate that despite the fact that there was a difficult situation you will overcome any challenges. The toilet seat being down in a dream suggests that you are feeling quite restricted in life. It can imply that is hard work to get out of a situation of illusion. If the toilet seat is broken or not normal in a dream then need to focus to find your own clarity. If you sit on the toilet seat in a dream then this could suggest that despite the fact that this is a negative dream you will overcome any deep and emotional problems. If the toilet seat is up in the dream then this omen is associated with an issue or difficulty in life that you are finding it hard to resolve. To be locked in a toilet in a dream indicates that you feel trapped in life.

Dreaming of animal feces

If you see an animal pooping, stepping on dogs poop, cats or horses poop then this indicates a situation that has got out of control. Animals in our dreams are associated with possible disillusionment from the past. You need to clear your mind in order to move forward. If you step in animal poo, especially dogs poo then this suggests that you're blinding yourself to the truth of the matter. To eat animal poo in the dream indicates that you are going to be ready to leap into action in order to resolve the problem in life.

Seeing the toilet sink in a dream

The toilet sink is often used to going to the toilet to clean ourselves, this is associated with “cleaning up” your life. When in your dream the toilet sink does not work (blocked, no water or soap) then this suggests you possibly need greater resources or support in life. If the sink was blocked it can suggest a challenge in life. You might be washing off negative thoughts, situations or conflicts if you are “washing” your hands in the dream at the toilet sink. It might also imply a need to relax so you can ensure self-renewal or contentment.

To dream of runny feces

Runny feces is not the nicest extreme to have! Diarrhoea in a dream generally means that there may be health concerns or diet problems going forward. The most important thing after having such a dream is that you look after yourself. If you suddenly had diarrhea in the dream state then this means you can change something for the better. To see runny feces on a toilet in a dream (where the poop is not yours) represents facing up to a challenge. Diarrhoea can also suggest a loss of life. To clean up runny feces indicates that despite any challenges you will overcome all the difficulties that you will face! To see someone poorly or in the hospital and they poop themselves indicates you need to care for others better.

Dream of a baby's feces

A baby indicates the innocence that we feel inside ourselves. The baby can also signify our inner child. Babies are generally associated with bottles and dirty nappies, of course, we love babies as well! The baby’s poop in a dream is associated with all elements of your own behavior in life. It is connected to your own character. To change a dirty nappy in a dream suggests a new beginning - a fresh start. Should you see your own baby poop in the dream, it means that you want to be more cautious and you should be less worried about yourself. For the poop to be green from the baby's nappy suggests some issues in the future. This could simply be adjusting to a new situation or a new job.

If a baby has diarrhea in the dream state, then this means emotional distress. If the child's individuality is unrecognizable from the dream (you do not know the baby), then someone will be accountable or guilty of gossip - but will come across as being innocent and legitimate. If you discover a baby in your dream who has had a poop this implies that you have the capability to work on your own abilities in life. If you're pregnant (in real life) then this dream may signify your fears of not providing your baby with sufficient care. To see a heavy, soiled poopy nappy in the dream suggests you will rely on others that will assist you in reaching a goal at work. Additionally, it is possible that you will prevent taking on a responsibility.

To dream of dirty nappies indicates that you're reliant on others in life for emotional care. You're lacking some aspects of life that have to be fulfilled. To see a dead baby who pooped in your dream can be worrying, it signifies that a problem does not exist, but you think it does. A normal poop from a baby indicates that your life is going to be blessed with intimate relationships.If the baby is toilet training in a dream this can suggest someone will betray your confidence. To dream of a very large baby taking a poo on the toilet or in a potty indicates that you're reluctant to allow other people to view your emotions and feelings. To dream that you're cleaning the poop with wet wipes or water suggests that you have many burdening duties. Any dream that features a baby and poop is connected to your subconscious mind. The dream might be representative of your desire to seek relaxation in life. To see yourself or an “adult” pooping on a potty indicates that you are acting immature or someone around you is.

To see poop that is white in color or a white pile of feces

Feces can come in many different colors, depending on who actually went to the toilet. A pale white poop is associated with peace and tranquillity after a difficult time in life. In order to ascertain what this really means we need to just quickly look at what white poop means. Generally, white poop is a result of a lack of bile. This is the fluid that generally produced from the liver and also the gallbladder. To dream of a white stool has a completely different meaning. Normally, poop is brown which includes the bile. To have clay-colored poop indicates a need to take a break. In the dream, a white poo suggests that you need to watch your health. If we look at ancient dream dictionaries white poop can indicate an obstruction of life. This is probably due to the medical term of “a bile duct obstruction.” If you see a pile of white poop in a dream it suggests that a situation will turn out for the best. You do, however, hold an illusion which is unrealistic. Maybe you are projecting your talents onto others and they are not listening to you? Take a break and consider whether you need to have more time to focus on your own progress in life.

To dream of feces in your home

Feces in your home takes on particular significance when interpreting your dreams. To see feces on the front lawn of a home indicates you are showing the entire world a problem. The backyard/ garden indicates that you are concealing a hidden problem. What you find on the interior of our home in the dream reflects associated, compartmentalized elements of your “inner self.” Negative news is in store if your whole house was covered in feces. The size, style, condition, and manifestation of the feces in your home is important in order to understand this dream. You'll have to consider both the feelings evoked by seeing feces in your home (in the dream itself) and how this connects to your waking-life house. Is it the same?

The feces in your living room represents an unconscious reflection of your own emotions. If you see your home in the dream and it is not your home in real life this can signify a feeling of opening up yourself to higher levels of spiritual connection. If the home in your dream is larger and more grand then this denotes improper grandiosity, based on your ambitions in real life. Conversely, if poop is covered everywhere in your home this might be a symbolic representation of your securities. If the poop is in your bathroom in your dreams we’ve already covered that meaning above, but it does indicate that you may have forgotten to take stock of the results of an important task in life. If you dream about a particular house from a previous time in your life (such as your childhood house) and you see feces inside then this may refer to events in your current environment linked to your family. In addition to development in life itself!

School and feces

Even though you are an adult it is common to find that you are back at school in one's dream and that you dream of the “school toilets.” Often, many people see themselves having a poop at school or wiped on walls, to dream of feces connected to going back to school or in a school is associated with your own development in waking life. School children pooping in a dream suggests you must learn an important lesson in life.

To dream of dog feces

As a guideline, a dog poo in the dream is connected to our friends in life. To dream of dog poop suggests your own inner power that is inactive, especially with regards to relationships with friends. Now, to step in dog poop in your dream indicates a real problem with friends. For the dog poop to be posted through a letterbox in a dream indicates a new start in life. Dog poop is an indication that you will need to be more cautious with your social contacts - consider things more and be more respectful towards other people. Try to think about the outcome of a problem with a friend. To dream about a dog pooping out something unusual (such as a person, object, fruit or anything else which seems crazy) may reflect feelings of discontentment or problems in life. It might also be associated with your feelings or feeling somewhat frightened in life, what are you worried about?

To dream of pooping something weird (such as a person, large poop, object, building) in a dream

We sometimes have dreams of pooping out something really strange! But what does this mean? When an individual tries to poop something that is unusual it indicates fighting against what you believe in life. If you found yourself trying to poop something odd in the bathroom this indicates a particular enemy is attacking your own solitude. If you cannot poop in a dream but want to it suggests that a problem will end satisfactorily. To poop out an animal is an indication of humiliation and shame. Are you being too sensitive? Another meaning is if you dream and locate a massive poop or this is sprinkled all around the floor or bathroom in a dream it indicates that you are struggling with a relationship. To poop out a building indicates a possible new job.

To dream of seeing a man poop in a dream

It can be rather worrying to dream of seeing a man poop in a dream! Especially if you don’t know his identity! A man in a dream can indicate a new meaning in life. The man is connected to our masculine traits in waking life. Nonetheless, this dream portrays each component of our personality: like our vision, traits and masculine qualities. By seeing poop of another man indicates our urges or anxieties in life or areas where we try to ensure we find the truth, for example, the love we have for another man or woman is intimately our own. To see the poop of a man indicates that this dream can spell problems in a relationship - with a male. We might discover that someone’s behavior is hard to tolerate. To observe another man having a poop in a toilet means we need to understand our relationships with others.

Dreams can unconsciously guide our life, they are associated with decisions that we make in life. Thus the male can suggest our own hidden urges sexually. For a woman to dream of a man pooping can suggest the concept of searching for a different partner in waking life. To see a drug dealer or someone taking drugs in a dirty toilet suggests that you need to overcome an addiction to something.

To see women poop in a dream

Seeing women poop in a dream is connected to hidden issues and problems with a “female” in the waking world. Sometimes dreams of seeing your wife, lover or partner having a poo in the dream implies that you are possibly trying to express something in life. Subsequently, to dream of a “female” relative on the toilet suggests that you have to take action. The truth is a lot of women have dreams about feces sometimes from worry, but often because it means there is an issue or problem in life. To see elderly women pooping in a dream suggests that you need care and attention in a relationship - you will make it succeed! If you dream of women on a potty it indicates unexpressed emotions.

To find poop/feces in a toilet unflushed

A dirty toilet dream we have covered above, but the main aspect of this dream is that poop is in the toilet and not flushed. Maybe in the dream, you went to the toilet but did not flush the chain?  Flushing the “waste” away indicates a new meaning in life. The toilet itself is connected to seeing how you feel about given other people information about your life it can mean that somebody is doing some investigation work on you. The fact that the toilet cannot be flushed in a dream indicates a problem will be very difficult to solve. For the toilet to break indicates a problem will soon be resolved.

Avoiding feces in the dream

Feces our human waste, therefore, it is only natural to try and avoid them in the dream you may dream that you need the toilet going to the toilet and is disgusting, therefore you fail to go to the toilet and remain constipated this is just an example of a dream. Avoidance of feces indicates that you are trying to divert away from facing up to a problem. That is generally connected to work and money because the toilet is associated with a financial gain in ancient dream dictionaries.

Walking in feces in a dream

This is not a great dream to have! Are you dreaming that you step on human feces on the floor? This could be either animal poop or worse human excrement! So what does this mean? Walking in poop is having the ability to do something in life but you're performing to the best of your ability. Dreaming of constipation or unable to poop: It is rather uncomfortable to encounter constipation in real life if you are searching for a toilet in a dream and are unable to find the toilet or end up with constipation and this indicates a breakdown of a relationship in life the relationship could be symbolic friendship but all is not lost.

What does it mean to see a toilet at work in a dream?

It is not surprising that dreaming of a toilet at work is connected to work situations. As we have detailed above feces are associated with stress, difficulty, and a situation that normally goes wrong. A situation in waking life will soon be moving away into choppy waters of difficulty. It is also linked to a readiness to progress in life. The toilet is really a “barrier” dream. Try to understand what is stopping you from the promotion, moving jobs alternatively asking for more money.

What does it mean if you are unable to flush the toilet in your dream?

To dream of not being able to remove the feces is connected to not dealing with a situation in waking life. It indicates there are many things that are bothering you in your dream. If we analyze a Freud based theory the feces in one's dream represents the process of moving forward in life - creatively! The dream might be associated with being prevented in achieving what you would like in your life. The toilet itself is connected with what you feel is blocking you in life.

What does it mean if restrooms are occupied in a dream?

If you are dreaming are unable to go to the toilet because the people are occupying the restrooms then this suggests that you are going to find it difficult to overcome any problems life. It can also be connected to your diet. Many diets come and go and this dream indicates that you need to analyze your diet and think of ways that you can reach incredible success in order to make yourself strong again - it is so easy to lose heart when you are on a diet and sometimes the results do not match the effort. To be unable to find the restroom is a symbolic sign of your health and diet. The restroom is featured in a dream of feces it indicates that there may be possibilities to improve your health.

What does it mean to be unable to stop pooping in a dream?

To see yourself unable to stop pooping in a dream (for whatever reason) illustrates that you’re going to have sudden luck in life. According to old ancient dream dictionaries. The poop that does not “stop” to come out is associated with working hard and regeneration in life. If you meet or see someone else who is unable to stop pooping this indicates that you are going to meet a reliable person in the future. This person is comprehensive in their approach to life and ambitious. There may be an objective that they wish you to reach. This dream is associated with luck - which is a rare positive “feces” dream.

What does it mean to be embarrassed about the smell of feces in your dream?

There is nothing worse than stepping out of the restroom and being embarrassed about the smell or mess left in real life! What happens when this occurs in your dreams? From the above dream interpretation, we have already learned that feces represents not only a difficult situation, possible material problems and also privacy. This dream is focused on “privacy” because it is surrounding how you feel about the smell of your own feces. If you are embarrassed it suggests a difficult conversation with a loved one.

You see feces everywhere in the dream

To dream that feces is all over the place in your dream, in a city, home or on a mode of transport indicates that a situation in waking life will result in an extremely surprising feeling of overcoming problems. The dream itself is negative in nature and is associated with one's negative approaches in life. Large poop / Horse like kidney shaped poop in a dream: To dream of feces, especially in ecological places in the dream state indicates that you may encounter considerable grief in life from a religious perspective. Large types of poop like horses poop or you have a massive/ large poop in the dream is the volume and amount of problems you will encounter in the future. The dream is not positive in nature and can suggest some material problems. What does it mean to see duck poop in the dream? If you’re walking by the lake and the grass is covered in duck poo in the dream this can suggest that you are nearing completion. Implies new adventure but also the need to stick with the tried and tested. If the duck who is in your shoes and the dream this indicates need to persevere with projects.

What are the biblical connections of feces?

Let us now consider the religious meaning of dreaming of feces. When we go to the toilet wherein the process of removing the wasteful products in our body. The toilet itself indicates that we are removing part of ourselves for the greater good. Obviously food results in growing but also emanating any waste products that we do not need. If we turn to the Bible and look at Leviticus 15:7 this states the following: “Or if the man with the discharge spits on one who is clean, he too shall wash his clothes and bathe in water and be unclean until evening.” This indicates that in the bible we need to clean ourselves. The Bible itself refers to “dung” rather than feces. For example Zephaniah 1:17 “I will bring distress on mankind so that they shall walk like the blind because they have sinned against the Lord; their blood shall be poured out like dust, and their flesh like dung.

What is the spiritual dream interpretation of poop?

Spiritually you just need to look within. Fecal matter in dreams may involve associated with waste in life. So what is fecal matter? If we look and analyze the ingredients of fecal matter it consists of mucus, undigested fats, meat proteins, toxin, chloride, water, cells, and bicarbonate, it is a wonderful process that helps our bodywork. The whole point of the “feces dream” is that it is connected to privacy. The dream itself shows that there might be a violation in real life. It is important for you to be strong to regain your own inner strength. If you are using a dirty toilet then you may seek professional help in order to regain your strength. This dream is connected to a bad feeling with others and can indicate that you are trying to rid yourself of a negative situation in your daily existence. It further highlights the need to be free of worry in the future. Now, to get rid of the actual fecal matter in your dream indicates that you will be unwilling to give back the emotions that are required from another. You've got an inclination to hold onto feelings from within and also maintain your emotions in order to protect yourself.

Fundamentally, this dream can also include a need to work on your goals. Then again, the moment your core mindset is focused on this goal you normally change the goalposts. After this, you may well be able to see why this particular symbol may show itself in a person's dream - when money matters are important. Even though feces featured in your dream can easily portend a cash windfall, it may generate some other worries with regard to your inner self. The connection between feces and also dirt can indicate that you might be embarrassed about a few things in your daily life. This dream symbol may possibly mean you have unfavorable thoughts or statements to make to others. And if repetitive, or if your dream is irregular, this can mean that people around you need support. To see your rectum in a dream indicates that you need to deliver something in life with the mass movement.

Positive changes are afoot if

The feces were immediately cleaned. The feces were on the wall of an enemy.

Author: My name is Flo, during the last 20 years I have written and researched dreams, I have found no suitable interpretation of the dream of feces. What has been missing from the dream interpretations I have read is the merging of both the psychological and spiritual meanings of such a dream. I am going to try to provide settled answers to this dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of feces

Disgusted. Shocked. Confused. Worry. Problems.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012