Naked or Nude

Naked or Nude

Naked Dream Meaning

Let’s pretend no clothes existed in the world. How would that make you feel? Vulnerable, content, worried, or embarrassed. Here’s my question: are you comfortable? Do you realize that this dream is about the need to look into yourself to find out if you are able to be bolder in your life rather than hide behind others? Remember --- we are naked when we are born. The naked dream for you --- is a new start. A rebirth. A new YOU! If you see yourself become naked suddenly in the dream it can suggest you will get a surprise. I’m delighted that you had the dream of being naked or nude.

I’m going to say some things to you that hopefully impact you. I love the fact you had a dream of being naked or seeing someone nude (no matter how embarrassed you might have been in the dream). There is a spiritual message I want to share with you:  You can't have a good life unless you have good clothes. Having nice clothes doesn't make you a bad person, but it does make you more likely to succeed. Dressing for success is essential. You can't just look good; you have to feel good as well. When you feel good, you're more confident, and when you're more confident, you're more likely to succeed.

So, it is my view the dream of being nude is about dressing for success. Invest in yourself. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Remember that it's not just about the clothes; it's about the attitude too. Don't be ashamed of your success. Show the world you're ready to take on anything. Take pride in who you are and what you've accomplished. Maintain a forward motion at all times. The journey of life is up to you, so make the most of it. Being nude your dreams are alive by dressing for success.

What does being naked in a dream mean?

The dream meaning in my view is not about the exposure of your naked skin ---its more about how you feel about your true self. If you are suddenly naked in the dream it can indicate that you need to ride through the waves of life. If you are partly naked in your dream is about feeling good about yourself. I am sure that you agree that with all nudity dreams there is an element of exposure and vulnerability. I don’t want to dwell on the embarrassment, or shame in the dream, there is no hiding behind the clothes in the dream state. As I have already outlined the dream of being naked is a symbol that may also represent a need for self-acceptance or a desire to dress better or do things more for yourself.

Is this dream good or bad?

I believe from my research this dream is good. If you are worried it can just be that you are concerned about HOW people see you in real life. The skin in a dream shows the feeling of being above others, if you are happy with the circumstances in the dream then this is positive and shows that you can really have anything that you wish. The key message of this dream is to make sure that your personality is able to come out and that you can improve and impress people in the future. To see yourself naked in a group of friends it can mean that a problem may arise around friendships. If everyone is naked then it is a positive omen and a sign of joy, happiness, and friendship.

Your unconscious mind is encouraging you to drop your fears and the message is to stop being defenseless. The Freud school of dream interpretation believes that dreaming of being naked is linked with sexuality and also self-image. It is important to recognize that to some degree we have a desire to be seen as what or who we really are. If you are walking down the street and you find yourself naked and seen by other people then there is something about your personality that you need to feel if you are going to be successful in the future.

Possible dreams about being naked

  • Finding that you are suddenly naked in a public place = a secret will be revealed and dress for success
  • You encounter an extremely embarrassing situation where you have no clothes on = Being more defenseless, but you got this! Remember you can succeed.
  • You feel rather shocked by your sudden nakedness or alternatively, you are semi-naked in the public realm = Melt away those worries things are likely to turn out fine.
  • You may also find in your dream that other people are naked or that you are swimming in the sea naked = emotions out of control - get them in check!
  • You find is that you are naked and that you are trying to cover your body up = don't hide your ambition!
  • If you are being undressed or find yourself suddenly naked and that you are happy to be naked suggests that you regard social conventions as artificial and you are making ways to become more confident = positive dream.
  • If you don't feel comfortable about being naked this shows that you are worried about being seen as foolish and not good enough = hidden problems.

What is the general dream interpretation of being naked?

I have already covered quite a bit already. I now want to share some interesting naked dream meanings from the olden days. It is important to also remember that historic dream interpretation is always interesting. In relation to overall nudity historically dreaming of this suggests that it is important to recognize that this is a reflection of the personality. Another historic interpretation of this dream is that you are likely to attend an event and that these are unwise engagements - avoid large social gatherings over the next two weeks. Historically the ancient dream interpreters stated that this dream means that you are likely to be tempted to abandon your duties and it is important that you must be aware of deceitful friends. If you have been feeling guilty about a situation in your daily life then this dream signifies that you are becoming too self-conscious. If you find yourself suddenly naked in a public place and people recognize you when you are feeling uncomfortable about the situation around you. 

If you are in love then this dream foretells that you are likely to find difficulties in getting married and that your love affair must be your main priority over the next six months. If you are already married this dream can signify infidelity in a partner which will bring out great misery. The other meaning of this dream is that it shows that you may encounter some disobedient children in the future. If you are blushing or embarrassed in your dream and your confidence is being affected, then this dream represents that it is important that you to avoid some type of social event. The key message here is that there is no hiding. It is time to become who you really are. It is important to recognize that this dream is often connected to how you feel inside about yourself and that you need to make sure that you have personal growth in the future.

Recognition of what part of your body is exposed generally indicates a number of additional meanings, for example, if your whole body is exposed then it is time to look at plans of how to improve your self-going forward. Look at the dream dictionary for different interpretations in connection with your body. The clothes in your dream can also give you some type of indication as to the dream interpretation. If you are wearing or taking off ragged clothes - this indicates that you are feeling rundown. Clothing is generally your mask - in that you are trying to hide from something in your waking life. Symbolically, when your clothes are withdrawn this ensures that your real characteristics shine through to reveal you're true nature. If you see yourself in a public arena where everybody can visualize your body and criticize you this means that you now have no sense of protection.

To dream that you discover that you are semi-naked in a public space and you are trying to hide then denotes that you have some desire to make sure that you abandon a relationship in your life. If you are under the age of 30 and you are happy in your body and are content with being naked in your dream then this shows that you are likely to win in all situations relating to your career. If you are swimming and you are naked in clear water then this dream indicates that you are likely to encounter a minor illness in the future. This dream is extremely common as spiritually it enables you to recognize your own characteristics. If you are alone in your dream and you were wandering around naked then this signifies that you simply need some type of freedom of expression in the future. It is important to recognize that being nude is also associated with innocence. If you are feeling confident with your self-image and are not afraid of being naked in public then this is a positive omen.

If you dream of appearing in a strip show or if you are at a strip club then this dream can suggest that you have anxiety over lack of communication. Nudity also indicates a fresh new start and a new beginning. It can also represent that you're going to close the door on the material world. Nakedness can also represent a wish-fulfillment fantasy. If you see others in your dream you are naked then this meaning indicates that you are feeling some sort of embarrassment at being exposed to others in a work situation. If you dream that you are encountering a sexual encounter then this is generally a positive dream. But only if this encounter is enjoyable. If you are a student then this dream indicates that a wish is likely to happen in the future connected to your studies. If you dream of other people that are naked and you have an uncomfortable experience in this situation then you are likely to be tempted by falling off a defined path in your life - what is important to you? Follow it through. If you dream that you are nude and you encounter pleasure within your dream then this indicates that contentment will soon enter your life.

If you are being dressed by another in your dream and it is a pleasurable experience this suggests that you are likely to shed all your inhibitions and enjoy life again. If the people in your dream are undressing you and are critical then it indicates that your attitude toward others needs to be reconsidered. If you are harboring any guilt about a situation unconsciously then it is time to come clean. The reactions of other people can also be significant in regard to the interpretation of this dream. If nobody appears to notice you and you are just standing in a public place naked then this indicates that you have been feeling too subconscious of late.

If the onlookers are pointing at you then this betrays a fear of being found out in regard to the situation in your career. If you are looking into a mirror and you see yourself naked then this symbolizes a sensation of freedom - in that you want to leave your physical body to move forward in your life. If you dream of a naked baby then this indicates that you want to walk forward in your life in order to resolve any issues or problems you have had in your childhood. If you find yourself running and you are naked then this indicates that people are likely to gossip about you in the future. You will find that you may have some strange obstacles that you need to overcome before you can have your fortune in life.

What is the historic dream interpretation in the 1930s?

Dreaming of being outdoors when nude generally indicates that you are likely to say something very silly in the future. The key meaning of this dream is to think before you speak! The underlying belief in this dream is that if your dream presents others who are clothed and you are not generally indicating that you are trying to pretend to be somebody else. This dream means shame which attends such a dream it is not so much shame of being naked - so much as a shame of being found out in regard to your personality. The key meaning is that you need to stop pretending in life. If you are a man and you dream of being naked then this indicates that a secret is likely to come out in the future.

Ancient meanings of nude and naked dreams (pre-1930s)

A dream in which you see yourself naked in a crowd and you do not feel any shame indicates you need to be franker in life. Such dreams of nakedness are all about restoring your self-confidence and it is clear that your personality will not go unnoticed. Seeing a naked woman generally indicates the death of someone while a naked man being public distress. Another common meaning of the 1800s is that there are likely to be offers of money or some type of financial luck or improvement in the forthcoming future. If you are dreaming of others being semi-naked your dream then it can suggest a deception within a close circle of friends or family relations. A 19th-century poem about the in-dream interpretation of nudity is as follows: This omen’s no good, with scandal propensity, And argues a habit to end the intense, to see women naked sad whimsies obtrudes, Which clothes not your back, nor affords you sound foods, Tho’ still some old women pertinaciously prate you, That some unexpected high honors await you.

In your dream you may have:

Encountered the sensation of complete embarrassment and that you are trying drastically to hide yourself or your nakedness from others. No matter where you are in your dream you cannot seem to escape being looked upon by others when you are naked. Your dream features the feeling of being different from other people around you. You are feeling happy that you are naked. Being involved in some type of sexual encounter. The feeling that others cannot see you even though you are naked. Stripped off your clothes. Felt helpless. The embarrassment of being uncomfortable in front of others and not of a sexual nature.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • You are honest with others.
  • You are able to fully communicate with other people that are featured in your dream and the fact that you are naked does not have any effect on your communication skills.
  • You feel relieved that you are naked and that this is a natural occurrence in your dream.
  • Everybody else in your dream is also naked.
  • You avoid other people in your dream and your nakedness is unnoticed.
  • You have an enjoyable sexual encounter whilst being naked.
  • The overall dream ends positively and you glad that you are naked in your dream. People in your dream do not take advantage of your nakedness and they actually congratulate and enjoy your company.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of being nude or naked:

Embarrassed. Vulnerable. Inability to communicate with others. Feeling like you want to run away from everybody else in your dream. The feeling that you are likely to be exposed against your will. Relieved. Natural and content. Worried. Scared. Angry. Insecure. Confused. Stupid. Fearful. Patronized. Unable to move. Unable to accept the situation. Strong. Able to face others with confidence.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012