A crocodile in a dream

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A crocodile in a dream foretells deceit. It is associated with hidden enemies and changes in life.

There are many different descriptions that we can use in order to describe the dream interpretation of the crocodile. These are wisdom, deceit, strength, control and also power. As a crocodile is adaptable in the wild the dream is connected to being flexible in life. Is there something threatening your lifestyle? This dream can have many meanings.

Crocodiles can appear quite frequently in dreams and also be recurring in nature. The oldest crocodile was aged 115 years old, and the first crocodiles used to run on their hind legs rather than the front like they do today. The general dream meaning denotes a range of meanings depending on the context of the dream. Sometimes in cultures the crocodile is eaten and killed, even hunted. It is believed that when a crocodile eats its prey, the spirit of the animal is within the crocodile which makes it stronger. Thus, the crocodile holds the spirit of many animals. This includes leaves and plants that are eaten. As a spiritual totem animal and a guide the crocodile normally appears when protection is required in daily life. It is important to try to be assertive with other people. To see crocodile fighting denotes conflict in life. To see someone else trying to fight a crocodile denotes good luck.

Detailed meaning:

The dream indicates that somebody close to you is being dishonest. As the crocodile lives on both water and land and is amphibious they indicate the emotions (water) and the physical (earth). Consequently, the dream can also be connected to our subconscious mind due to the fact that we are having a dream of this cold-blooded reptile. It has been argued that the crocodile can also signify hidden wisdom.

The actual details of the dream are equally important, here we have provided a mystical meaning and also the Freud meaning of seeing the crocodile is psychological in nature, he believed that this dream manifests due to our own characteristics of being aggressive in life. The dream of a large crocodile can also represent the need to review our emotions, especially towards others. Do we trust our own instincts?

How do you know it was a crocodile in the dream and not an alligator?

The crocodile in the dream state is more aggressive than the alligator, if you are being attacked in a dream the interpretation we will connect with the dream is associated with the crocodile. Why? Because an alligator rarely attacks and is more likely to be less threatening. To see the crocodile in water that is murky can suggest that you cannot see what you need to in life. If you “are” the crocodile in a dream this dream indicates you need to break free from routine and focus on how you can progress in life. Let's for now, define the difference between a crocodile and an alligator. You may not be able to tell the difference in a dream, but generally, the alligator has a U shaped snout and the crocodile has what is known as a V-shaped nose. You can identify the difference in the dream if you see its mouth and teeth exposed in the dream state. For crocodiles, they flash a toothy type grin.

As both crocodiles and alligators have advanced senses of sight and hearing it can also suggest that you sometimes the need to observe others better. As crocodiles get bigger when they get older it can indicate wisdom. Surprisingly, crocodiles do not age like we do. They also denote power with age and experience. Is this, therefore, a symbol of patience? As a reptile, they are cold blooded so could also suggest a cold-hearted female figure in your life.

Killing the crocodile in a dream spells good luck, you will have to be representative of yourself in matters involving dishonesty. It is not uncommon to have such dreams when we are in a bad mood, depressed, being aggressive towards others or generally having what is known as a snappy attitude. The dream can also denote success in life. Crocodiles normally appear when you are encountering a deception from a friend. To be bitten by a crocodile in the dream indicates that you will be seduced by an opportunity in life. We have all heard the saying of crocodile tears, it can indicate that somebody is being false or that you have a friend that is not necessarily telling you the truth and life. Crocodiles can also indicate a fear of the unknown, many people fear death and the crocodile can suggest hidden aspects. If you are being pursued by a crocodile in a dream this can indicate how destructive other people can be. To see the crocodile in water is associated with your own emotions and life. It definitely represents destructive emotions. It can also signify that other people are not being truthful with you.

Obviously, we are all aware that a crocodile is extremely dangerous and they can grow to the crazy length such as 20 feet. They are extremely aggressive and can eat not only humans but also hippos both crocodiles and alligators are dangerous predators and if seen in a dream indicates a somebody should not be trusted in waking life. Ironically, the presence of a crocodile in a dream is somewhat positive. if you come face-to-face with a crocodile in the dream this indicates that you have the passion and energy in order to fulfill your goals. If you look at the crocodile from afar this can indicate that your goal is within reach. The meaning of the crocodile in your dream is also associated with how you interact with the crocodile. If you see the crocodile lying and doing nothing during the dream it indicates that somebody is going to affect your contentment in life. If the crocodile tries to attack you or chases you in the dream then this indicates you are going to have a great amount of success in the future. To see the crocodile pursuing you and ultimately biting you in the dream this in ancient dream dictionaries signifies that you’re going to have a minor disappointment in financial affairs. To see a dead crocodile in a dream indicates that you will be successful. A green crocodile seen in a dream illustrates deception by those that are close to you. If you step on a crocodile this indicates that you are going to encounter some minor troubles. The crocodile also indicates feeling worried, judged by others and be careful of who you mix with in life. You need to review your own emotions in life. This dream can also be connected to your inner hopes. So what does a crocodile mean from a spiritual perspective? To see a dead or floating crocodile in a dream can also be associated with having success in waking life. To have a positive dream about crocodiles indicates clear, positive progress in life.

  • A crocodile is attacking you in the dream: Being attacked by the crocodile has been connected with good luck. It indicates after a stormy period in your life is over and calm and peace will now be yours. It also indicates you need to expand your interests in a new recreational sport. You have a powerful gift and talent which you do not yet know. In ancient dream dictionaries being attacked by a crocodile is positive and denotes good luck. If you are swallowed by crocodile then this indicates that you are going to increase your spirituality leaps and bounds. You may feel sorry for yourself in the future. Overall though the dream is positive. If the crocodile snaps at you during your dream this indicates that you need to be more attentive to others. You may be feeling threatened or intimidated by somebody in waking life. For the crocodile to bite your leg in a dream indicates a new start in life.
  • You dream that a crocodile is chasing you: A crocodile chasing you in a dream represents freedom of emotion. The chasing element in the dream is a reference to the trust you have in others. To be chased by a crocodile your dream illustrates that you need to overcome obstacles in life. It can also signify an element of insecurity. If you are pursued and you are trying to escape the runaway crocodile then indicates concerns in life. As this symbolism represents not only deception but also dishonesty it can signify that you are trying to run away from a problem or situation in waking life. It can signify that you are unable to face up to realities.
  • To see a crocodile's tail in a dream: To see the crocodile tail in a dream indicates that there is somebody that is talking behind your back - the crocodile usually attacks using their tail one clean swipe. Crocodiles commonly swipe its prey and therefore this indicates that you are likely to be attacked by somebody close to you in a verbal context. If you are actually attacked by the crocodile's tail in the dream then this refers to good luck.
  • Large parties of crocodiles in dreams: To see multiple crocodiles in a dream indicates that any decisions or actions you are about to take should be reviewed it could suggest that it is time to work on a project that you’ve been thinking of for some time. Traditionally, most dream dictionaries especially those from the 1930s identify that multiple crocodiles seen in the dream indicate influences that are deceitful. Try to seek support from your family or friends and do not isolate yourself is the key message of the dream.
  • Two crocodiles in a dream: To see two crocodiles in a dream suggests that there are two people that are going to be deceiving you. The good news is that if you kill these crocodiles you will have success.
  • Seeing a crocodile on the banks of the river in a dream: The banks of the river in a dream indicate your emotions. To see a number of crocodiles sat on the banks of the river means that you will gain answers in order to progress in life. The water element in the dream indicates your emotions. Perhaps dreams about a relationship and you feel that you are being used in some way. Don’t forget the meaning of crocodile is deceit and dishonesty. Perhaps the crocodile sitting on the bank has something to do with you trying to move ahead in life.
  • Seeing a crocodile in a cage in a dream: To see a cage in a dream indicates entrapment. As we have already concluded the crocodile can also represent treachery in some way shape or form. The cage itself can indicate that there might be gossip somebody is trying to affect your positive reputation in life. The cage is seen as a protective symbolism in dreams. Try not to get too engrossed in your own life and try and see what happens around you.
  • Dreaming of a crocodile eating someone: This can be a rather disconcerting dream. Most of the crocodile dreams are harmless but sometimes it has been reported that we see crocodiles eating human beings or animals in the dream state. This dream urges us to think about those people around us it could possibly mean deceit but also that you are the architect of your own path in life. Try not to be fearful of the future. Be honest with yourself and your own desires.
  • You see a baby crocodile in the dream: A baby crocodile in a dream indicates our innocence in life. Perhaps you have triggered a fear of obtaining your goals in life. The baby crocodile also signifies immaturity in children. It can suggest that somebody is acting in a rather immature way. Generally, to dream of a baby crocodile means that there are family members that are acting childish and it is time to break free. The crocodile aspect of the dream means that they are being deceitful, dishonest and perhaps gossiping! Many dream dictionaries have described the crocodile as the “great mother.” this is because they are generally connected to the aggression and protective nature found in dreams. Despite the fact they are cold-blooded reptiles crocodiles are caring mothers. The crocodile can also signify that you are fertile. As the female crocodile is excellent at breeding and looking after the eggs. When the baby crocodiles are ready to hatch they signal to each other, after the baby crocodiles are born they communicate by making a sign and their mother runs to them. Thus, there is an interaction between the mother and baby crocodile which is a dream context translated to being a great mother.
  • You kill the crocodile with a knife in the dream: Killing a crocodile is positive. It indicates that you are going to have the freedom to make the decisions that will give you prosperity and material well-being in life. It can also reveal that situation will work in your favor in the future. Try to assess your gifts and talents in life and plan accordingly on how to best use your skill base.
  • Crocodile is trying to get into a door in order to attack you in the dream: If a crocodile is trying to attack you and you manage to shut the door on a crocodile, this indicates that you have protection around you. The crocodile implies an individual who is going to deceive you and if you are able to shut the door, kill or attack the crocodile yourself it indicates that you will overcome any dishonesty in your life.
  • Other crocodile dream interpretations from a variety of cultures: If we review an Islamic interpretation of the crocodile, it is equal to the western interpretation. Due to the water featured in the dream, it is connected to the unconscious mind. Can also signify that emotions are pressed and the ability for courage and to see different situations from other people’s perspectives. Here is a summary of Islamic meanings of the crocodile.

The hindu meaning of a crocodile in a dream is as associated with gaining creative power over others. The symbol is associated with how we control others and often is associated with the doors opening for the dreamer.

The biblical meaning of crocodiles:

Crocodile and alligator normally appear in many different biblical contexts. There are many people that worship the crocodile such as the Australian aborigines. There are many accounts of worshiping the saltwater crocodile, the aborigines used to hunt the crocodile in order to kill and eat the reptile. Surprisingly, some aborigines believed that they were sacred and believed that they were an animal totem. As the aborigines normally hunted for their food they were generally thrown large rocks in the water’s edge in order to see a crocodile would attack. A believe the crocodile was a keeper of fire.

Crocodiles and spiritual connections:

Spiritually, the crocodile indicates that a period of life has finished. Studying many spiritual books about crocodiles, in research in writing this dream meaning denotes that the crocodile contains the hidden spiritual knowledge that you need in order to move through life. If we look back at the Egyptians they worshiped a god who had a crocodile shaped head. These Egyptians worshiped “the god of the nile” This god represented fertility. The name of the god was Sobek, who had aggressive tendencies. In terms of a deity he was associated with protection. So what does this mean in your dream? It denotes it is not uncommon to find the same traits in your own waking life. It is from this, that we can conclude the crocodile not only denotes deceit but also protection from deceit.

In your dream you may have:

Seen a crocodile in the dream. You were chased by a crocodile in the dream. Been attacked by the crocodile in the dream. Seen the crocodile open its jaws. Been bitten by a crocodile in a dream. Seen many baby crocodiles in the dream. Seen multiple crocodiles in the dream. Been attacked by an crocodile . Seen a crocodile in a zoo. Tamed a crocodile. Seen a crocodile in murky water in a dream. Seen others fighting with a crocodile.

Positive changes are afoot if:

The dream improved your perception of life. It was not scary.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of alligator or crocodile:

Scared. Worried. Confused. Upset. Surprised. Tired. Weak. Terrified. Afraid. Concerned. Anxious.

  • The crocodile is associated with being a person that steals, they are dishonest and a thief.
  • To see a crocodile coming out of the water in a dream indicates that someone will steal from you.
  • The dream indicates stealing and authority.
  • The crocodile on land in a dream indicates great luck.
  • To eat a crocodile in a dream suggests you will overcome enemies.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012