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Dream meanings Apartment


Dreaming of an apartment, Congo or flat indicates the basic requires for your life: shelter, warmness, eating, feeling safe. The meaning of this dream is associated with your finances.

The apartment represents your life quality, items you have produced during your life and the way that you feel about your achievements. The apartment represents your basic life-style the actual ideals, requirements, ambitions you've built up so far.


This dream indicates that you have an idea about the type of change you need to impose. The height of the apartment shows your potential. To dream of a high-rise apartment describes your economic or perhaps monetary situation, the higher you are, the more money you can obtain. To see a huge and extravagant apartment implies that you will be wealthy and prosperity will be yours. To dream of a derelict apartment indicates that misfortune may follow. If you happen to be inside a nice looking apartment then your life is on the right course and your finance will certainly increase.

In your dream you may haveā€¦

  • Lived in an apartment.
  • Searched to buy an apartment.
  • Found yourself in an apartment that was not quite right.
  • Moved into an apartment.
  • Seen a deserted apartment.
  • Had a swimming pool that was in the apartment.
  • Been sunbathing on a apartment balcony.
  • Lived in a skyscraper.
  • Been in a penthouse.
  • Seen a derelict or scary apartment.
  • Hid in a apartment.
  • Being attacked in an apartment.
  • Looked at the view of a city from the apartment.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You are happy in the apartment.
  • The apartment has many rooms in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning...

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The dream indicates the area of your life that is changing. To dream of an unpleasant apartment suggests monetary or psychological uncertainty with your life. Therefore, your concerns must be understood before taking any action. To see a swimming pool in the apartment is associated with your emotions.

The main challenge is to understand what the apartment symbol means, and what it is trying to communicate. The skyscraper might be synonymous with self-confidence but tends to easily be symbolic of the self confidence inside us. High rise buildings are incredibly challenging symbols to understand in a dream and generally indicate that things are going to be content in the future - the higher you find yourself the better things in life will be. To search to buy an apartment indicates that you need to explore a new perspective.

The apartment reveals how positive or negative you're feeling regarding something in life. They may also connect to difficulties with self-confidence along with giving yourself permission to change.

To dream of looking at a view from an apartment indicates that there is much you have to accomplish and you need focus in order to progress yourself. This dream indicates peace, happiness and faithfulness. There are may different types of views but if the view from the apartment was a city this is a powerful omen, which indicates success in business. To see the moon and stars is the symbol of prosperity. The moon is a reminder that you have the year to make a success of project's.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of apartment...

A sense of excitement. Free. Worried. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Happy.

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