Tepee and what it means

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A tepee can appear in dreams and is rather spiritual in nature.

What does it mean if you were living in a tepee in your dream?

A tepee represents a conical tent made of cloth, canvas or skin on a frame of poles. The tepee was used by American Indians and represents the connection between the metaphysical and physical realm. To live in a tepee in a dream meant living in harmony and balance. However, to dream of living in tepee means that you have lost your balance. In essence, your life has been a mess, but soon everything will come together thankfully. This I believe will be thanks to your persistence and calm but positive attitude. Alternatively, to live in a tepee in your dream represents your ability to adapt to changes. There’s no situation or circumstance that can beat you. Spiritually speaking, this dream can indicate that you’re that type of person who can’t sit in one place. Constant movement is what makes you feel alive.

What does it mean if you created a tepee in the dream state?

The Tepee represents a home. It represents a place where you can sleep over and remain protected from the weather and everything that’s out there during the night. As the Tepee signifies a home this will allow you to experience a life very close to the earth.

To dream of building a tepee means you’re looking for a place under the mighty sky. Building a tepee in your dream it also represents your disconnection with your actual home or a poor connection with your family. In dreams like these, it is often connected to feeling guilty for not wanting to fulfill someone else's wishes, but you shouldn’t because it’s your life after all. And remember – home is not just a building – it’s a feeling. And if you don’t feel like home inside the place you call home, then you should look for a new home for your heart.

What does it say if you saw a tribe living in a tepee in a dream?

To see a tribe living in a tepee in your dream reveals your need for deeper connection with people. It could imply a feeling of being tired of the superficial connection with everyone, and you wish to experience more love, more passion, more honesty, more sharing secrets, and more emotions, more of everything really. I know we want more from life but the tepee in this sense is telling you that sometimes material things are not enough in life. Now, this dream also predicts someone special coming into your life soon. The advice though is to not raise your expectations at the beginning. Try to allow a new relationship to develop on its own. Who knows? Maybe through the next six months, you will experience everything you ever wished for. This dream also denotes your admiration for Native Americans and their culture and their way of life.

What’s the dream interpretation of Indians sitting inside their tepee?

To see Indians sitting inside a tepee is an unusual dream that delivers a core message. If you had such dream, it means that you should allow your intuition to take over and show you the path in life. Your dream represents the instinctual and primitive aspect of yourself. Take more actions and risks in waking life. Don’t live in fear and self-doubt. Always walk toward the unknown. It can mean that you also need to practice some solitude. If you are always around people then take some time out. Retreat and solitude will help you “get to know yourself better.” To dream of setting up a tepee with an Indian indicates your personal power. Your dream reveals that you’re an honest, dedicated and wise person. Show the world what you can do.

What does it mean if you were an Indian and lived in a teepee?

To see yourself as an ancient Indian living in a tepee in your dream has a special meaning. The interpretation of your dream is associated with your wish to live a simpler and more meaningful life. It can imply that you feel like you’re wasting your time doing the wrong things and you’re always surrounded by the wrong people. You want to give life a greater purpose.

This dream can indicate that you will be tested by your physical and mental strength but you don’t have the courage to make the first step. Take the first step today and do something you haven’t done by now. Or do the things you postponed for so long. In essence, find your own path to walk. And remember, the only way to get the things you want in life, is by letting go of what you already own and make space for something new. I will leave you with this all-important question - what do you want out of your life?

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2018