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A yearning for salad in a dream indicates your body's need for vitamin supplements, given by the range of components inside the salad.

Pay attention to the greens as well as the nutritional qualities of the salad. Also dreaming of meals means any desire to have nourishment in general. Eat good food and occasionally have a small treat. The salad symbolizes vitality, but also sexual needs.

In your dream you may have

  • You are making a salad.
  • You are eating a salad.
  • A lovely looking salad.
  • You enjoy a salad.
  • You do not like a salad.
  • You prepare a salad for someone.
  • A bowl full of salad.

Positive things will happen if

  • This was a very positive dream and you felt good during and after it.
  • You had a learning experience from this dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of eating a salad has a similar meaning to dreaming of food in general; the salad represents the basic human need for food. In the case of the salad, the color is important as well. The dream of the salad could also suggest that you are lacking some kind of nutrients and this dream is the body’s way to bring your attention of how you can replenish the particular nutrient, in this case, by eating a salad.

It is important to pay attention to the ingredients of the salad in your dream. If you do not like the salad in the dream, try discovering if you do not like it as a whole or you rather dislike one of the ingredients. In general, a dream of a salad is more of a feminine symbol and it appears more often in the dream worlds of women. If a man dreams of salad, this means he believes that he can get any woman he wants in the waking life.

Preparing a salad for someone in your dream indicates that a special aspect of your character needs your attention at the moment. Having fresh salad in a dream can portend the end of an important friendship in your life. However, many of the salad ingredients are an omen of joy and an easy life ahead. As food, the salad also represents your return to nature and your root values.

Seeing a salad in your dream indicates that you will soon not have to worry not only about your own health, but also the health of others. It means that you are aware of the possibility of losing your vitality, and you want to focus on taking care of this issue, mainly generated by an unhealthy, inadequate life you have been living lately. A change in lifestyle is required, and methods of using your whole energy for your own benefit would be helpful at this point.

Picking a lettuce means you will receive a gift soon. If you eat the lettuce after you pick it up, this portends good health, good mood, and joy ahead. If you dream of a field planted with lettuce that you plan using for a salad, this means that your work is not going well and your profit has decreased, and this does not bring joy.

Preparing a salad and eating it suggests not only that luck will finally enter your life, but also that you should focus more on your household and spend more time with your loved ones, as this will bring you well-being. Seeing a salad in a dream is an omen of a better income. If you dream of a bowl full of salad, then this dream is very simple to interpret. If the bowl is full of salad, it represents that you can transfer your fears and your vulnerability in life to a positive situation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of salad

Surprised. Amazed. Curious. Happy. Enjoying. Feeling good. Joyful. Having fun. Content. Hungry. Pleasant. Yummy. Healthy.

By Florance Saul
Nov 18, 2012