Dream Of Airplane Landing

Landing - of an aircraft

Landing An Airplane Dream Meaning

Aircraft symbolize a portion of your life's journey.

They are used to travel to places that are far away. Landing of an aircraft is symbolic of an event, individuals, or emotions that are either in the past or are physically apart from you. If you are flying on an aircraft and are about to land, this means that you will become wiser in your life's journey. An aircraft featured in your dream is believed to represent a spiritual journey.

In your dream you may have…

  • Witnessed a plane landing.
  • Traveled on an aircraft and landed.
  • Landed an aircraft.
  • Seen an aircraft landing.
  • Witnessed a hijacking of the aircraft and a consequent landing.
  • Jumped out of an aircraft while it was landing.
  • Had a dream involving landing military aircraft.
  • Felt frightened during landing. When you woke up it was a relief!

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • A change of status is indicated if you dream of flying high in the sky.
  • A good landing portends a good outcome ahead.
  • Overall the dream is positive.

Detailed dream interpretation

Landing of an aircraft and being unsuccessful signifies that your life is seriously out of control. If you dream of actually crashing while landing, then this dream suggests a failed mission in your life. If you specifically dream of air turbulence forcing you to land, then this is a time for new beginnings. This dream represents the value that you have put on your services or talents. You may get a surprise in the future.

Having a bad landing in an aircraft it means that you will have difficulty with accepting a proposal in the forthcoming future. To see a commercial airline landing on the surface of water indicates your own self image. The message is that you should not be concerned about how other people view you. Often if something spiritual needs to be communicated it is important to do this face-to-face.

To dream of the aircraft being hijacked and having to land can indicate that you need to resolve an outstanding problem. To dream of landing in your dream denotes the importance of having independence and freedom. It may suggest that you need to move towards gaining this independence in your waking life.

Disturbing dreams in which you are crashing while landing or witnessing a bloody aircraft crash scene is associated with issues and feelings that have been buried in the unconscious mind, but are still powerful and disturbing. The more powerful, vivid and disturbing this dream is, the greater the necessity to interpret and obtain therapy in order to put the past behind you. If you find yourself trapped inside an airplane this indicates the need to escape from a situation in waking life.

To dream of arriving and landing in a new country, following a flight means you could also experience / or be involved in worthwhile community events. If you encounter any other person or stranger connected to an aircraft, then this dream shows that sometimes you are living your life without sometimes considering other people's feelings.

To dream of an airport with many landing aircraft signifies that changes are afoot and that you will have many decisions to make. If the airport is busy this indicates you have many friends who can help you. To fall out of the sky in a landing aircraft means that a situation of the heart must come to an end. A commercial airplane landing on a runway represents successful paths through life. When part of your life changes it is common to dream of jumping out of an aircraft, this is a symbolic sign that times need to move forward for the better. To dream of landing military aircraft indicates the need for discipline in a situation related to your family or close friends.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of landing – of an aircraft.

Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Relaxed. Scared. Angry. Insecure. Confused. Alone. Abandoned. Controlled. Enlightened. Scared. Self-conscious.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013