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To dine alone or with your family means you will be forgiving someone or receiving forgiveness from someone. To dine with a number of people (more than two) denotes petty bickering and quarrelling.

This is the ancient interpretation of this dream. To dream about having a dinner is rather rare. It can just mean that you are hungry. The interpretations/meanings can vary from whether you’re having dinner alone, or with someone this will vary depending whom you’re having dinner with (family/relatives, colleagues, friends, etc.) Also, the setting as to where the dinner takes place can also mean many things.

Primarily, dreaming of having a roast dinner, regardless of whether you’re alone or with someone and the setting, pertains to the seriousness of life with inspirational attributes. While there are some dreams where it is said to believe that the dinner serves as a warning, to enjoy the food in one’s dream means a happy life.


Dreaming of having a dinner, may include the following…

  • You’re having dinner alone.
  • Having dinner with someone whom you’ve been interacting with regularly – a friend, a colleague, etc.
  • Having dinner with your family.
  • If you’re a girl, or if you consider yourself as a young woman and dream of having dinner with your lover.
  • Having a dinner with someone you don’t know and will be meeting for the first time.
  • Family Dinners.
  • Having dinner in the hospital, restaurant, at home, etc.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Having dinner alone.
  • The dream was positive.

Detailed dream interpretation...


Detailed meaning of eating dinner in one’s dream…

If you’re having dinner alone, this could mean that you need some reassessment about your life’s motivations, goals, priorities, directions, and ambitions which boils down to understanding the necessities of your life. Having dinner alone is also a symbol of independence - a family member passed away or loss of a family tie.

To eat dinner means you may need nourishment. Lack of social relationships and or skills is something that should be considered if you had a bad meal in the dream.

While having dinner with the people you always see (such as members of your family) often represent your close circle of friends, is all about nurturing relationships in the future. Relationships problems while eating a dinner can lead to quarrels in waking life. For a young women who are dreaming of having dinner with their lover is a positive sign. It means the bond is stronger.

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