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Hello, generally, almonds are positive in dreams, and they are associated with riches and goodness. Lucky you!

My name is Flo and I am from England. For twenty years my life has been devoted to learning about dreams from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Now, what is the true meaning of this dream? The almond has always been associated with peace, and is a sacred symbol throughout the world. Ok, it is also worthwhile to look at your dream in terms of your anxiety. This dream is quite easy to interpret, in that if you are seeing almonds then you need to look towards the future with optimism. To eat an almond from a tree indicates that your life will become peaceful. The environment in your dream is important. Lying under an almond tree in bloom denotes great times ahead.

Detailed dream interpretation

Hey, there is great news for you! Almonds foretell that you are going to travel abroad soon. Pack your bags! This also means that you are over some difficult times. It is important to try to face your pain, and emerge bigger and better from your difficulties. If you dream of eating almonds, then you will have future enjoyment in your life. Maybe you can travel to distant lands. If in your dream the almond was not pleasant to taste, then you are likely to go on a difficult spiritual journey.

Did you dream of eating fresh almonds? Well... this denotes a journey and positive, enjoyable times ahead. Dreaming of cooking with almonds signifies your own feminine nature. To eat from an almond tree is a symbol of being grounded, and it refers to your ability to move on in a difficult situation in your life. Dreaming of cracking open an almond marks a time during which your life is going to move towards a better, more positive. If in your dream you see a lovely almond tree, or you were picking fresh almonds it means that things are going to be transparent in the future.

Eating almonds in your dream suggests huge turmoil generated by an obligation able to kill you. Almonds can refer to sadness, and that you may encounter some troubles. If you dream about another person eating almonds, this is a sign of sorrow and difficulties. The modern interpretation of this dream says that the one who dreams of almonds will enjoy a peaceful and successful life.

If in your dream you see almonds, some anger will overwhelm your soul. Generally speaking, dreams displaying nuts portend spiritual restlessness. An almond tree could be the omen of restlessness and love. If the almond tree is in bloom, the wishes of your heart will come true. Seeing a large almond tree in your dream warns you to choose your friends carefully. Cooking with almonds denotes happiness. In the Arab tradition, the almond dream means that you will have to deal with a man who mistreats his family, including those who come to his feasts and are his guests. If a female dreams of eating almonds, she will enjoy good health and lots of money. In fact, this is also the modern interpretation of this dream. Here I have detailed some 1930s dream dictionary meanings:

  • To see almonds denotes happiness.
  • Wedding bliss is in your near future.
  • Something is being preserved if you see an almond tree.
  • Great times are in store if you cooked with almonds.
  • There is a situation that you need to see through if you dream of others eating almonds.
  • Fresh almonds mean that you need to share space with someone to try to get to know them, but the dream can also denote happiness.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen an almond tree.
  • Seen an almond tree in bloom.
  • Eaten almonds.
  • Eaten bad tasting almonds.
  • Eaten fresh almonds.
  • Cooked with almonds.
  • Cracked open almonds.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You experience feelings of excitement in relation to seeing or eating the almonds.
  • You understand something differently

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of almonds

Hungry. Grasping. Loving. Enjoying. Feeling good. At ease. Relaxed. Happy. Joyful.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012