Geese dream meanings

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In the Eastern tradition, the goose is the symbol of a beautiful woman. In ancient Persia, the goose appeared in dreams predicting the appreciation of others, honor, and admiration.

For the Italians, a goose beating its wings means luck.

A big and fat goose predicts career achievements in business. Gagging geese foretell a success, or at least that you will get rid of trouble. Dreams of feeding geese represent the importance of family. If you dream a flock of geese in your own yard then it is a sign of trouble as the dream portends unpleasant events.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a white goose.
  • Seen a large or fat goose.
  • Roasted a goose.
  • Heard a goose.
  • Seen a goose beating its wings.
  • Seen a goose with goslings.
  • Had a goose around your house.
  • Encountered a running goose.
  • Fed the geese.
  • Found a goose in an unlikely place.
  • Been surrounded by geese.
  • Plucked a goose.
  • Seen a goose fighting with another goose.
  • Hit a goose.
  • Eaten goose.
  • Hurt or killed a goose.
  • Seen a flying goose.
  • Seen a flock of geese.
  • Seen only the goose feather.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The geese are pleasant and not intrusive.
  • The geese are well-fed.
  • The geese appear on a farm (rather than at a home).
  • The geese in the dream are friendly and approachable.

Detailed dream interpretation

A person that dreams of a goose clearly has a great love for the garden and home. This bird's influence signals that you need to be cautious. The goose often appears in dreams of a single woman, widow or somebody who has a significant material prosperity, but is alone. The goose generally represents the need to watch over others, and can often indicate the need of healing. In addition the dream can seem complex. The magnificent presence of a goose suggests that it is time to relax and take a vacation.

Dreaming of a goose is a sign that you should avoid eating in excess because you could gain some weight. A goose means you will enjoy honor, praise, favors and silly compliments. A goose beating its wings means luck. If the goose has goslings, the more goslings the more love or lovers you will have in your waking life. Finding a goose symbolizes gain in business.

If in your dream you are surrounded by geese, this represents sexual desires. Feeding the geese means you will start a family. A fat goose tells that you will receive new proposals.

A white goose predicts a winter with snow, and that you will upset your enemies. If the white goose is big, this means with prudence you will avert the enemies from your way. A large goose represents a promotion at work. Hearing a goose in your dream means empty words. If you see a goose around your house, this indicates misfortune and it is a sign of discontent. If the goose is running, this represents future visitors.

Plucking a goose in your dream means dissatisfaction. Roasting it is a sign of joy and parties. Eating it foretells gains and benefits in business. Killing or beating a goose in general refers to inheritance. Getting ready to kill a goose tells that the inheritance is coming your way very soon. Hurting a goose tells that your family is doing well. A goose fighting with another goose symbolizes a jealous and quarrelsome woman. Guarding a goose means good times with your family.

Simply seeing a goose in your dream means you could attend a gathering of ladies. A goose standing in one foot suggests useless toil. Seeing a flying goose means shifting weather, distant trip, or a trip without good results. A flock of geese in flight also foretells a faraway trip, and that your plans will have to wait some more to come into existence. A goose feather announces joy and pleasure.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of geese

Loving. Happy. Content. Joyful. Hungry. Surprised.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012