Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

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A magical carpet normally rises up in the air.

In dreams, this omen denotes success on a grand scale. This dream signifies an achievement that will be attained -- way beyond one's expectations. This dream connotes hardships, persistence and accomplishment leading towards a better self and a life of excellence. In stories the magic carpet (or the so-called flying carpet) is a legendary carpet used for transportation. It instantly brings a person to their destination, and it is considered the fastest mode of transportation.

You may have dreamed of

  • Personally riding a magic carpet.
  • Seeing a magic carpet.
  • Finding or losing a magic carpet.
  • Searching for a magic carpet.

Positive changes may happen

  • By riding a magic carpet.
  • Seeking and finding a magic carpet.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream of a magic carpet symbolizes your desire to go away or escape from turmoil and indifference's brought by a situation or relationship in waking life. Dreaming of a magical carpet signifies strong desires to protect oneself from any form of difficulties or issues. Magic carpets are known for being made out of expensive materials, and considering its characteristics it symbolizes luxury and provides comfort. It may also be associated with the dreamer’s desire to experience comfort in life, protect oneself from physical desires, influence and negative thoughts of others. In this case, if you happen to dream of a carpet that is magical and goes up in the air - great things are coming your way. This signifies that you wish to employ any means to avoid a situation - in order to meet your desires. Another meaning is to find ways to confront a problem and resort to a quick resolution.

Having a dream of a magic carpet means you may go out your way, do unusual and extraordinary things to come up with answers to your problems. Do not confine yourself in the perceived capability of your being. Look within, for there may be an inner strength that still needs to be unveiled in order to approach problems with a new perspective. New things will come in life that are far beyond your expectations. A dream such as this urges you to believe in the magical effect of having persistence and being determined. It is the power of mind that should drive you to attain your goals.

A magic carpet does not have a steering wheel yet the people on it are able to reach their destination fast. This suggests that a self-driven motivation is required for you to reach your ultimate goal. Our mind is powerful. It can make you work hard and earn fruitfully. It can also input sudden laxity and laziness in you which means you achieve nothing. The dreamer is the master of the magic carpet. He commands and leads it where to go. Likewise, the dreamer of the magic carpet ought to learn that he/she should lead himself or herself and push beyond limits in order to amazingly attain success.

To dream that you are actually riding a magic carpet means that you are able to manage conflicts or turmoil in life that to some would seems to be nearly impossible to resolve. It means that you have a desire to overcome issues, you are able to surpass your expectations far more than your original thought. If the dreamer is currently facing a difficult situation that needs to be resolved this is a great dream to have. In summary, the dreamer will resolve a problem, move forward, exert more effort and everything will be content.

Feelings that you have when you dream of a Magic Carpet

Fascinated with the possibility of achieving more than expected. Fulfilled with the accomplishment or the possibility of having your dreams achieved. Joyous and enthusiastic.

By Flo Saul
Mar 17, 2013