Falling Building

Falling Building dream meaning

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Dreaming of a falling building is similar to dreams of falling. It can feel extremely vivid.

Often people fall just before going to sleep, this is associated with the sensation of actually falling. The terror attack of the twin towers in America on 9/11, the falling tower illustrated on the major arcana cards are all influences on the subconscious mind, that can affect the dreamer's state. For this dream meaning, we are going to review a “falling building” from a psychological perspective the aftermath of a building falling from the sky in the dream state. Freud believed that the dream is associated with problems in life. He believed that the falling dream indicates that there are problems that surround others. Alternatively, to see a building falling on you is a dream suggesting that worry and conflict seem to be entering your waking life.

A falling building in a dream can imprint’s a frightening image in one's mind that could take a while to recover. This falling from a building sometimes appears so vivid - that you actually start to believe it has happened. If the dream is broken and you realize that it was just a dream that the dream is positive. Still, the aftermath of such dreams is frightening for a long time. So, in this dream it falling from a building is an adverse experience. You could also see yourself falling in an elevator in a building. Both dreams suggest that you are going through difficult times in a situation. When you are scared or watching yourself falling from a building in a dream, it means deep inside you fear new beginnings. Your subconscious mind is sometimes traumatized when you wake you up from this dream.

After getting back into the real world, you abruptly start searching for answers. Do you go through some questions like: why I was seeing a building falling in my dream? Is this dream connected to something that will happen? What should I do now? Eventually, you will observe that to dream of a falling building is a wake-up call to situations that happen in the waking world. Below are a list of situations and interpretations that you may have uncovered in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation of a falling building

Falling buildings might occur due to several reasons but in dreams, they all carry almost equal meaning that there is events that you cannot control. The scenario differs with respect to different situations in which a falling building was dreamt. Interpreting different situations in the dream holds different meanings. Seeing a building collapsing on its own foretells that you are mis-balancing in your life. Moreover, it also interprets that you are losing control over yourself. Losing control could be the consequence of insecurity of losing someone or anxiety that is deep inside you.

To see the twin towers is a flashback of what went wrong and it is a dream where you try to overcome troubles in waking life. Losing hope and faith in waking life is predicted if you see the building swaying and you are inside. To be in a tall building that is swaying means you are losing control in waking life. If you see a building collapsing and you are underneath it this represents a bad time in your life and you have to be strong. To deal and conquer difficulties will take time. To see someone push you from the top a building represents that you are going to experience emotional failures, especially from the one you are most concerned about.

Feelings that you could experience during a dreaming about falling

Anxiety, serenity, loss, insecure, failure, scared, tension, surprise, and calamity.

Your dream

  • Been pushed from the building.
  • Falling from a building.
  • Seen a falling building.
  • Seeing someone else is falling from a high building.
  • You find yourself in the actual falling building.
  • Seen a falling building in a city.
  • Seen the twin towers falling.
  • People calling for help from a falling building.
  • People jumping off from a falling building.
  • Buildings collapsing into one another.
  • Dreaming about falling a building you are just about to visit.
  • Disaster and havoc due to the falling building.
  • Into the darkness.
  • Misfortune and troubles in life.
  • Ditch or failure in love.
  • Dissatisfaction in dealing with personal things.
  • Lose self-control.
  • Unbalanced life and business.
  • Broken family relations and your value in them.
  • Bad luck and misfortune.
  • Ignorance shown by others.
  • Anxiety and anger of being ignored.
  • Afraid of losing someone.
  • Afraid of losing a designation
  • Insecure about life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013