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Oh wow... what a dream. A dream that involves an advocate can indicate that you are in a tough situation in real life.

I am going to define what this is first of all! An advocate is generally somebody who is connected to the law legal systems an advocate could be somebody such as a barrister, solicitor or lawyer. To dream of yourself being an advocate and passing the bar exam indicates new possibilities that are going to wait for you. If you need an advocate in your dream this can indicate you need to hard in order to succeed in life. Now, these dreams appear when perhaps you got a business idea that you need to fulfill. If you dream of a legal professional and he or she provides advice to you and your dream this suggests you need to seek advice from others. Oh, I forgot to even say hello! My name is Flo, from England if you don't know me already. Yes, I have spent decades looking at the spiritual meaning of dreams and I love doing this. I am also a psychic. Many times I have had dreams of an advocate, decoding these dreams can be difficult in life. It is important to try to understand what they do mean!

So let's turn to the experts! According to dream psychologists, people who dream that they are an advocate or experiencing a legal situation in the dream suggests difficulties in waking life. It is possible that the dreamer will have issues with the law in real life. This is not normally predicted a possibility. However, if you dream that you’re an advocate, it could also mean that you are very self-confident and ignore other people’s advice or feelings and don’t care about things, except for yourself. Start listening to people and stop hiding your feelings. To sign papers with an advocate suggests feeling emotional in life.

Another meaning of a dream that involves an advocate (from an old dream book) is that you want something in life. However, you are confident that you will gain something in life, but you’re still concerned. Think about the side effects of your actions that you need to take in order to make it happen. If realizing your goals requires you to take some illegal action. You may end up having problems with the law. We know that going the short way seems easier, however, if it can ruin your goals – it’s not worth it. Chose the longer and harder way instead and enjoy the fruits of your work later.

Advocate dream meaning

Were you talking to an advocate in your dream? This could mean that you’re scared of your future and you are still in doubt whether to take action or wait for things to get in line and create your bright future. One must take action if you dream of visiting an advocate. You have to work hard in order to get what you want and in your future. Stop being passive and learn how to raise up in life - improve your status in society and get a better job is the key message in this dream.

If you dream of being accused of a crime and an advocate defends you in court, it could mean that you will be extremely anxious and stressed in the near future. However, everything will work out well in the end because your hard work is going to pay off. It could also imply that you will experience some bad news if you went to jail.

Here are some other cool, ancient meanings I found when decoding this dream in my dusty library

  • You were an advocate: Dreaming that you are an advocate means that you will soon be absorbed by your work and all your hard work will bring a major success.
  • You talked to an advocate: This could mean that you should consider changing your attitude in order to change your life and your future.
  • You encountered law problems: An important decision related to your work is waiting for you and you’re going to have to choose the right path in life.

In the dream

  • You were an advocate in the dream.
  • Others were advocates.
  • You supported someone in your dream - in their defense.
  • You were in court in a dream.
  • You acted as an advocate for someone.
  • Someone acted as an advocate for you in the dream.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of advocate

Satisfaction. Doubt. Stress. Power. Guilt. Anxiety.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017