Dream about A Mad Mother

Dream about A Mad Mother

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A dream featuring a mad mother could be a symbol of struggle in your love, especially in regard to your attempts to express yourself to others. The dream of a mad mother needs to be analyzed in regards to one’s deeper desires.

If the mad mother dies then this means that there is an aspect of life that will produce difficulties. Madness in a dream indicates experiencing a threat, and this reflects feeling’s in the waking world. Perhaps denying something that is important to you. Particularly when the dream, shows your own mother being mad, this could signify tension in the family, and potentially a loss ahead. Usually, the dream that involves your own mad mother could have a double meaning, both positive and negative.

Detailed dream interpretation:

The dream about a mad mother is a sign of good luck if the dream has a positive outcome. In fact, in several circumstances, dreaming of being a mad mother can symbolize that you are angry with someone in real life, and it is important to try and find a solution to that anger. If you have a dream of seeing your own mother being mad could show your need to overcome stress and stop worrying about situations that have yet not happened.

Dreaming that you are a child and your mother is sick can have multiple meanings. If your dream contains an illness such as cancer or that your mother is sick in hospital is associated with a feeling of guilt that you may experience in waking life. To dream your mad mother is in a mental hospital reflects that you feel you will distress. For a mad mother to die indicates failure. A mad mother being violent is associated with good fortune. Seeing your dead mother in a dream can suggest that competition between people will lead to a new phase in life. To dream that your mother died is considered extremely good luck, it is a sign you will enjoy a healthy life.

However, in general, a dream about tension, arguments, and anger has opposite meanings in the real life. This means a dream about a mad mother or a mother that dies in the dream state is positive, even if it is connected to weaknesses in your life. It could refer to the fact that you will overcome weaknesses or that in reality, they are strengths.

The dream that you are a mad mother is negative, pointing to potential difficulties in relationships. It is possible to also have to deal with a sudden death in the waking world. A mad mother in a dream can also be the symbol of your power of concentration. If the mad mother in your dream experiences tears of anger, this means malicious gossip about you from people close to you. If somebody makes your mother mad in the dream and you witness it, you will be successful at work. If you make someone else’s mother mad, this refers to the emotional despair of disappointment in life. Seeing your own mother being mad and feeling scared of her in your dream could suggest some health problems for her in the real life. In general, madness or anger is a sign of digestive issues. If you are a mother and you see yourself mad at your children, this could suggest you might fall in love in the real life. If a mad mother is mad for no reason, this suggests happiness will come to you from a person of the opposite sex.

To dream that you are a mother means that you will enjoy the help of an unknown person in waking life. If the person is a stranger, you will receive unexpected good news. To see more than one mad mother indicates a peaceful and friendly existence. If you see a mad mother that is upset at a particular person, this indicates that in real life you will enjoy collaboration, and possibly the help from someone.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mad mother:

Anxiety. Denied. Inadequate. Discontent. Worried. Grieving. Upset. Scared. Unpleasant. Angry. Mad. Anxious. Strange. Insecure. Furious. Tired. Confused. Overwhelmed. In a bad mood. Offended. Insecure.


  • You see your mother being mad.
  • You see someone else’s mother being mad.
  • You argue with your mad mother.
  • A mad mother is violent to you.
  • You are scared of your mad mother.
  • Your mother appears mad in a dream, while she is never mad in life.
  • You are a mad mother.
  • You are a child and your mother is mad at you.
  • You make a mother mad.
  • You see someone talking to your mother mad.
  • You are a mother and you are mad at your children.


  • You avoid the argument with your mad mother in the dream.
  • You are fighting with your mother and made her mad in real life.
  • Despite the madness in the dream, the dream ends well.
  • You pay attention to your madness in the waking life.

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017