Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Age can crop up many times in a dream. Many of you have contacted me specifically about how age has featured in your dreams. I am here to help you! To dream you are a specific age can have a deep meaning.

Seeing yourself old in a dream? Dream of being younger? Dream of a specific age in a dream. I am going to cover all these possibilities. I remember a few weeks ago I had a dream of my grandparent who celebrated birthday parties but lied constantly about her age. In my dream, she was much younger and this led me to try to understand why I was dreaming of a younger version of somebody.

Age can be interpreted as just a number. However, in dreams, it's an important number. Age really determines who we are, whether we vote or even buy beer. There is also a social age expectation. In life we are expected to have children, maybe marry and retire. Most people feel that there are much younger than their actual age and this can sometimes reflect on our dreams. Many people spend time and money to try to conceal the signs of getting older. There are many changes that we encounter in life and if you dream of a specific age this can mean you are interacting with amazing and interesting people.

Dreaming of age symbolizes aging concerns and past mistakes coming back to haunt us in older dream books. However, dreaming of age has several meanings, depending on the dream state.

Seeing a younger version of a person you know

Seeing a younger version of a person that you know in waking life means that you might just be worried about them. In my view, to dream that someone you know is younger in a dream (for example a grandmother) is often associated with your own sense of purpose in life, as well as your relationship with that particular person.

Dreams of being a child again

Dreaming of being a child indicates that you may feel you are being attacked by those around you. The dream is connected to our inner needs and wants.

Dreams of an old mother/grandmother

To see your mother or grandmother young in a dream can suggest your relationship with her in real life. If she is alive this can mean that in time you will need to think about how you need to focus in life.

Dreams of your age changing

To experience yourself changing ages in your dream indicates that you may be worried about becoming old. Yes, it is often associated with ones concern of aging.

Are you scared of getting old? To see yourself young in a dream can be a sign that aging is an unavoidable part of life.

Someone, you know changing ages: Changing ages in a dream could also indicate you are in need of spiritual awakening. Normally, to see yourself old and young in the same dream means you may soon experience enlightenment.

Dreams of remembering your age

It is strange because in dreams we sometimes remember our age! If you did not remember your age in your dream, it denotes you are feeling confused and you feel like time is running too fast.

If other people knew your age in your dream and were pointing your specific age “you are 5 years old” for example, it indicates your fear of aging. It can suggest that you are scared that people will find out your real age. However, you shouldn’t. Age is just a number. The youth of the soul is all that matter and yours is still young.

People are asking your age

If others wondered how old are you in your dream, it also implies to your fear of aging. And, you may find that you are dwelling on age for a while.

To dream of an older man

An older man featured in a dream is just a sign that you have someone “older” looking out for you. I do feel this dream is connected to our own inner spirit and how we focus on what we want in life.

To dream of an older women

This dream is quite thought-provoking. It can suggest that you are thinking about your age and that you are embarking on a journey in life - if you are a women of course. A middle-aged women can suggest you are not yet on your destined journey. There are many benefits to getting older in a dream and this dream could just be a reflection of that. To dream of an adult that you do not know experience different ages in a dream can indicate that you want to show people that you anything in life is possible.

Younger in your dream than you’re in real life

It foretells your wish to go back to the past. However, you don’t have to because the past will soon come to you. Old mistakes will come to haunt you and the only way to win the battle is to forgive yourself. It’s time you stop blaming yourself for the past and let it go.

Celebrating your birthday in your dream

This is a great dream, it reveals a happy event coming soon. This dream can indicate that you may experience real happiness and a special wish. You just have to recognize the chance you’ve been given and take it. However, your dream could also indicate you are in need of a celebration. Don’t hesitate on making a home party to celebrate life with your friends and family.

In the dream you are over 100 years old in your dream state

Getting to 100 years old is a great age to reach. To see yourself very old in a dream can indicate that you feel life is slipping you away. Make sure that you focus on your goals in life.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of your age

Trying to live everyday to the fullest. Scared. Worry. Shame. Confused. Frustrated. Depression. Sadness. Awareness.

By Florance Saul
Apr 10, 2019