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Beads within your dream generally mean that you need to go back to nature in order to gain the answers to your spiritual questions about your own development. Beads are associated with stones of the Earth.

Encountering any bead within your dream symbolizes magnificent spiritual connections. In the oriental tradition, a necklace made of beads is a good sign, as for a married woman it foretells the birth of a boy, while for a young, single girl this is the herald of marriage coming her way. Beads also signify work and creativity.

In your dream you may have

  • Made a necklace of beads.
  • Seen a necklace made of beads.
  • Counted or sorted through beads.
  • Broken a necklace and seen scattered beads.
  • Held some beads in your palm.
  • Dropped beads on the floor.
  • Worn a necklace with beads.
  • Gave someone a necklace with beads.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The bead was natural and earthy.
  • The beads were used in a creative endeavor.
  • You enjoyed the experience with the beads.
  • You wore a beautiful piece of beaded jewelry.

Detailed dream interpretation

This dream is associated with magical powers due to the fact that beads are normally naturally sourced. It indicates that you always strive for perfection, which is a positive trait. If you are counting beads in your dream or you are making a necklace from them, this generally represents the skills and talents of your creativity. The key message of this dream is to explore your creativity more and more. If beads have broken or a necklace is snapped, this indicates there might be some difficulties getting others to hear your viewpoint. Positively, this dream is an omen of spiritual development.

To dream that you have some beads in your palm is a sign that you will receive unexpected money. If you count the beads it means that you will find peace. If you drop some beads on the floor, you could suffer a disappointment, and you might get upset because of some insignificant problems.

Beads in general are the sign of financial worries. Having beads in your dream can mean sadness and concerns. Wearing beads is also a sign of troubles and tears in your waking life. If you dream of counting rosary beads, it means that you will find life easier and more peaceful soon. Counting beads in your dream is also a sign that you will have a good time with a friend. It is said that you will probably make peace with a friend that you had disagreed with or fought with quite badly. Beads can refer to a secret revealed.

A necklace of beads also means reconciliations. Having a necklace of beads in your dream can foretell a trip. To dream of giving someone a necklace with beads indicates that you will have to apologize for something you said or did. If in your dream you wear a necklace, this is a sign that you will have important social encounters very soon. This is also a premonitory dream of jealousy and strife.

To dream of any beautiful jewelry made of beads is a sign of a better understanding with community members. If you dream about buying beautiful beads it means that you must take care and protect your private life. Seeing cheap and gaudy beads in your dream indicates that you may have a minor illness. Generally, any kind of beads in your dream is a good omen, especially for people in love.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of beads

Impressed. Happy. Relaxed. Enjoying. Content. Feeling good. Creative.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012