Three Feathers

Three Feathers

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

We mentioned before that a certain thing appearing on your dream 3 times is a sign of abundance and fertility, but the case is different with feather.

Three feathers is a sign that you don’t have enough courage and you are seeking the help of others. Perhaps you are facing a great challenge or your life and you are having second thought if you can do it or not.

Dreams concerning 3 feathers

  • Dreaming of 3 feathers.
  • Dreaming about 3 feathers plucked out of a bird.
  • Giving someone 3 feathers.
  • Seeing 3 feathers on a pillow.
  • Seeing 3 feathers on the wind.

Quick interpretation of dreams concerning 3 feathers

  • You are experiencing a level of anxiety whether your current state or ability can cope up with your changing environment.
  • It basically means that you wanted to find the courage to help you on your trials
  • You want to ask for their help.
  • You want to feel comfortable and remove the worries in your heart.
  • You want all your worries to fly in the wind.

Detailed explanation

Dreaming about 3 feathers is a sign that you think you do not have the ability to be a hero of yourself. You do not think that you possess the quality that can help you attain your goals and ambitions. Instances like this can result to lack of knowledge and training. If you think you do not have enough capacity to attain a certain goal, then work hard and continue improving yourself further. Enroll on a short course and gather knowledge as much as you can.

When you come across a dream about 3 feathers being plucked out of a bird, it is definitely a reminder that you are seeking for the strength of others, but you are hesitating to ask for it. I understand you, since asking for someone’s favor when it comes to attaining you goal can be a double edge sword. He wouldn’t lend you a help if he won’t benefit from it. So if you are really hesitating on asking for his help, then continue doing what you do best. As I’ve said, improve on your crafts and skills, no matter how slow the progress maybe, time will come that you will get there.

When you see 3 feathers being blown by the wind on your dreams, it is simply your wish that you want all your worries to be gone with the wind. You basically want them to disappear and you are hoping that your life would be back to normal. Here’s the thing, troubles cannot be evaded, and it has to be resolved. Problems make us stronger and wiser, I do agree that it is sometimes scary to face, but solving them is a must for us to achieve a carefree life. Bigger problems will soon present itself to us. If we cannot endure a problem as simple as this, then how will we be able to surpass the future challenges? Seek the help of your support group if you want to make sure that they will be there to protect you no matter what. But having said that, one must know when to fight his own battle.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream the three feathers

Cowardice, nervousness, apprehension, hesitation.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013