Cannibalism in dreams meanings

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Cannibalism in your dreams can be absolutely terrifying whether you are eaten or you are the one doing the eating! Of course, this dream does not mean you want to physically harm anyone else or that you are going to be physically harmed. However, it may illustrate the emotional toll you sometimes take on other people.

The most important thing is to remain calm after this kind of nightmare, and clearly decide what it is your dream is trying to show you.

In your dream you may have

  • Become a cannibal.
  • Been eaten by someone!
  • Seen someone eat another person.
  • Been chased by a cannibal.
  • Been afraid of cannibalism.
  • Been tricked into eating people, or only discovered you were eating human meat after the fact.
  • Been forced into cannibalism.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You successfully escaped a cannibal.
  • You felt guilty in your dream for any cannibalistic acts.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream about cannibalism can be saying any of several things about your relationships with other people. By actually physically consuming another person in your dream, you come about as close to that person as humanly possible. If you find yourself eating another person in your dream, don’t panic!

You want to be closer to other people and you are not sure how to go about doing it. Your social skills can use improvement; try becoming a better listener so that more people feel they can come to you with their problems. By changing little things that won’t affect who you are as a person, you can extend your number of friends and make others feel comfortable around you.

If you have a dream that you eat a specific person that you recognize, you are probably having certain issues with this specific person. You either feel like you are too close to this person or you are afraid you are not close enough. Either way, your subconscious is trying to show you that you need to be honest with this other person in order to work on your relationship.

A cannibalism dream can also show your lack of individuality. You rely on other people to identify who you are. You want to be like other people, so you become close to those whose qualities you would like to have. Usually this would be a good thing, but your dream is worried that you are not holding on to the things that make you an individual. Try to keep a healthy balance between the qualities that make you unique and the good qualities you collect from others.

If you were eaten by another person in your dream, then you feel like you have been suffocated by other people or other responsibilities in your life. Too many people expect too much of you. You are overwhelmed by your responsibilities and you feel like you have to please too many people at once. Tell the people close to you that school, work, and personal time are important to you and that you may need to spend some time apart. If they do not respect this, then they might not be true friends.

If the cannibal in your dream is somebody you know, then you may be having mixed feelings about this person. You may feel like there is something they are not telling you that you need to know. Try getting a little closer to this person to stop your dreams from cannibalizing your loved ones.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Relationships with other people.
  • Work, home, or school life.
  • Feeling powerless.
  • Finding your own strengths in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of cannibalism

Fear. Anger. Loathing. Confusion. Desire. Sickness. Nauseated.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012