Crying in dreams

What does it mean when crying is in your dream?

Dreams of crying can seem to be entirely negative. However, crying dreams may reveal feelings you did not even know existed, and this is a positive thing. Sometimes, a dream can cause us to feel so sad that it makes us cry. This can be quite cathartic. It often indicates that you are trying to release deeply suppressed emotions. Are you crying? Take a look at all the characters involved in this dream. These characters are often the key to understanding what's going on deep down. What are you crying over?

What does it mean when you cry in your dream?

Crying in a dream can happen to us all. Have you experienced an emotionally disturbed dream and found yourself waking up crying? One should be able to admit their feelings without fear of judgment, but this is tough to do in the waking world. If you experience a dream about crying, it is time to examine your emotions and figure out what it is you need to address. It is not uncommon to wake up after crying in a dream. If you were unable to stop yourself from crying in the dream it shows that you are feeling helpless and sad about something. Most likely, you have not searched inside of yourself or found the true source of this sadness. The dream is asking you to address any issues you are having rather than bottling them all up. If you were able to stop crying, or you only cried for a brief period of time in the dream, then it is a positive sign of your ability to express your emotions in a healthy way. I will first go over some quick meanings but scroll right down the page for specific dream interpretations.

  • Been crying = this dream is all about control and releasing our own emotions way it is not uncommon to have dreams of crying when quite stressed.
  • Seen a stranger crying = This dream can involve possible disillusionment that a new starting on the horizon.
  • Seen a loved one crying = You will need to think about others.
  • Seen an enemy crying = An enemy crying in a dream is a way of showing revenge it is natural to feel angry against somebody that has done you wrong and this is a way of the subconscious surface.
  • What does it mean to see yourself crying in a dream due to a negative event that you experienced in waking life? In life we sometimes experience injustice. Normally this is regard to being immoral, in that we cannot be responsible for how other people feel or the way they treated us. I’ve often had dreams myself where I have been asleep and cried over a situation in waking life. This type of dream is rather common. You may still be upset and confused about the particular incident that you experienced in waking life. This is the subconscious mind telling you that what happened was an injustice if you believe in karma what comes around goes around and this dream is a powerful signal that you need to override any hurt in your current life.
  • Been unable to stop crying = to not be able to stop crying and even wake-up in tears is a direct association with our own self-confident power. The message here is to try to think more positively and remember that nobody can approach things the way you do or succeed like you do.
  • Cried for a very brief period of time = To cry for a short time in a dream indicates that you will be content and happy in life.
  • Tried to comfort someone who was crying = Could represent an enemy who hidden or a secret person is dishonest with you, additionally if you knew this person it can just illustrate you need someone's help.
  • Cried over the loss of something or someone = this is a common dream of anxiety, especially if this person is still alive it can just be a dream of the fact you are worried.
  • Cried over something that seemed silly or meaningless = this indicates a time of great movement.
  • Been unsure as to what you were crying about = unsure about your emotions.
  • Seen an animal crying = worried in life about others.
  • Seen an inanimate object crying = things are not what they seem.
  • Saw several people (or animals or objects) crying. = a difficult time is predicted but you will overcome anything. Your strong mind focused on your goals and ambitions in life.
  • Cried fake tears or pretended to cry = don't worry is the message of this dream.

What does it mean to dream about crying?

Many of us have had the experience of an emotionally difficult dream. This is where we feel tense, angry, and it's best to talk it out and get it resolved if possible. As with any suppressed thought, crying can happen after you wake up. If you could see somebody else crying, you may need to look at who this person is, was this person someone you know? or a stranger? If you were unsure who the person was, then it was probably a sign of your desire to comfort other people. You want to reach out and volunteer but are not sure where to begin. If it was a friend who was crying in your dream then someone close to you is struggling and you are wishing you could help. If it was an enemy, you are seeking to hurt this person emotionally. If you were able to comfort someone in the dream, it is a very positive sign, even if the person was a stranger or an enemy. If you were able to figure out what you were crying about, it could help you interpret your dream. If you were crying about something meaningful or relevant to your life, then you are feeling intense concern over something incredibly serious in your life, or you could be replaying a bad experience in the waking world.

If you were crying in the dream regarding something silly and meaningless, then you are bottling up too many little issues. You have to be able to tell people when something is wrong, or else it will keep building and building until you explode into tears. If there was an animal or object (such as a doll) crying, then you are feeling like your emotions are invalid or worthless. You are frustrated because whenever you try to express your emotions to somebody, they belittle you or make you feel like your concerns are pointless or invalid. If the crying was staged or clearly fake, then your subconscious may actually be showing you that you have been overemotional lately. Whether it is happiness or sadness, you have been miscommunicating your feelings by making it seem like you are experiencing something you are not. There are many dreams or nightmares where we awake crying: for example, seeing your lover, mother or father dying in a dream can result in many emotions. This is associated with our subconscious fear of this event actually happening in daily life.

Crying in dreams represents that we are releasing our emotions in waking life. I believe crying can indicate that you will encounter a period of time for social bonding. This is more likely adult encounters but could also be mother-child relationships. Crying when alone in a dream due to someone's death indicates - you need time on your own. In some cultures, crying is seen as being a weak or unmanly activity - in particular, the Muslim culture. If the dream caused you to cry then this is connected to bells or problems then this can indicate that you will encounter mystery in life.

To wake up and still be crying due to a negative experience in the dream can illustrate that you are experiencing minor stresses in life. It is true to say that crying in dreams can be somewhat complex, a variety of emotions in the dream can appear in different ways, especially in a negative light. There are many different reasons why we would cry, it could be for positive reasons such as happiness, joy, and also a possible relief. Alternatively, crying in dreams can be ambiguous due to a nightmare or moving dream visions. As a baby, you used crying as a communication tool. Crying or being happy, it is very much in the early years like black and white. Smiling conveys we are happy and crying displays we are sad. Here I have detailed the undertone of what crying signifies in your dream so scroll down to find your dream.

In waking life, we show some exceptional emotional expressions such as crying, being happy or being angry. I have already mentioned in the opening paragraph that crying gives other people a message, for example in a baby-parent relationship. After two or three months, a child generally develops a full-strength smile and this helps the attachment process and they bond to the mother and father. I’m sure you’ve all read about crying in child development (if you are parents) read up about an attachment theory, I will now focus on the dream itself of crying. It is true to say that crying in a dream can represent our emotional distress, often these dreams occur when you are feeling pent-up anger inside. I spent a long time researching what crying in dreams actually means from a psychological point of view.

Recently, I had a dream about my dear friend who was injured during a dream and ended up waking up crying because of the circumstances that surrounded the dream. Men and women are often don’t differ in their own emotions but they do display certain reactions to crying. Crying in dreams is a very common phenomenon. Obviously, your dream was associated with your own manifestations during the dream state, perhaps you’re here because you are puzzled by the dream and you want to understand why you are still crying about a dream once you awaken? In order to understand this dream, we need to look in turn to the psychology of emotion. I have detailed the sources I have used in this dream interpretation at the bottom. We should not only focus on ancient dream dictionaries but also from a psychological viewpoint. My analysis is from in Private libraries in the UK. I have also implemented Facebook comments at the end of each dream meaning so please feel free to write to me, I promise I will respond.

What does crying in general mean in a dream?

In general, crying in a dream indicates releasing your hidden emotions in waking life. It could just literally be in response to a nightmare and the fact that your emotions have been shaken. Crying in a dream can be associated with the diversity of symbols found in a dream. Most of the time, people have contacted me due to the fact that in the dream they have been crying because of distress. In dreams, it can still be an expression of distress and it is just coming out in our sleep. Crying corresponds to how we psychologically connect with our own emotions. It is often connected to how we feel about a certain matter in life and the dependence or helplessness we feel. If we turn to the language of emotional theory it is connected to our own emotional concerns. There is a focus on feeling helpless in a situation and we find ourselves still upset on waking. It is important to remember what caused you to cry in the dream and interpret that data. The frequency of crying in your dream is equally important, it may be a sign that you have vulnerable conditions in waking life.

Often crying in dreams is a way for us to communicate, the need for self-help and feeling helpless. Crying in your dream can have different meanings depending on how you cry, and this is why it is important to note down all the details of the dream - including the small, insignificant elements that were experienced during the dream state. Think about who you were with or where you were when you were crying in your dream, before analyzing your dream. If you were alone while crying it implies that you are just about to experience great joy in the near future.

What is the basic dream interpretation about crying?

During our waking life, if we cry, it could be due to being either excited, sad, or angry in a situation. There are several reasons that give reason to cry in real life and am sure you are wondering, what does it then mean to dream of crying in your sleep? There is a possibility that many things are about to happen in your life that will cause you to be overwhelmed with positive energy. I believe crying dreams indicate that we are going to share some great times. Also, that we need to connect with those people close to us and even celebrate through gatherings in life. There are many reasons behind your success. Don’t forget the people who have helped you in times of trouble, obstacles, and helped you progress in life.

When you have a dream where you see yourself crying, it is an indicator that, you are releasing negative emotions which could have been caused by an event in your waking life rather than the actions in the sleep. The dream about crying is a way of regaining emotional balance as you let out your frustrations and fears which you can no longer suppress. Even though a crying dream feels depressing and sad I believe they are in fact positive. In my view, these dreams occur often when we need to look forward to new and exciting times in life - which are going to come in the near future. Seeing yourself crying due to happiness or excitement in a dream is a sign that, there are great things to come. This includes positivity and joy which is likely to come your way. Well done! Life is short so make the most of it!

What does it mean to see yourself crying in a dream?

Seeing yourself crying hysterically in your dream is a negative sign according to gypsy dream dictionaries - it denotes that, you are suppressing emotions and feelings and you do not wish to move on. It could mean that you are recalling something about your past or are having problems currently or issues that you need to resolve. After such a dream, you will need to revisit why you were crying in the dream. It is important that you clear any negative event from your past or alternatively revise a problem that is stagnated.

What does it mean to dream of seeing your father crying in a dream?

A dream where you see your father crying denotes there is something extraordinary is going to happen in your life. Fathers, in general, are strong figures and an emblem of a solid foundation, and thus, seeing them cry in some cultures is unheard of and somewhat unusual. In most cases, fathers will do anything humanly possible to hide their emotions from the world. If we turn this on its head it means you are about to embark on an emotional time and feel you need to hide your feelings in life. There is a great change that is about to happen in your life that will impact your current lifestyle. How it impacts you will greatly depend on your current life attitude and situation. You can utilize any degree of change by learning from lessons - and looking on the positive side of life. As you forge forward in life. It is important to focus on the bright side of your life. The father figure in a dream is all about authority so in my view this dream could mean that there will be changes coming in relation to a career. As I have already mentioned transcriptionally crying can be recognized across the world and it is considered not considered “macho” to be seen crying. In Turkey, crying over love songs even if you are a man is considered fine.

What does it mean to cry due to death in a dream?

To cry because of a death in a dream can indicate grief in life itself. To attend a funeral and to cry indicates an event that is depressing and dark. Before you place judgment on this dream remember that it doesn’t imply that you are going to be hurt or die. In my research to cry due to a death in a dream is positive. This dream denotes that you are going to receive a promotion from your current boss or you are going to develop a brilliant business idea that if implemented, will yield a profit. If you cried in a dream because you witnessed a relative dying (Mother, father, child, aunt or uncle) indicates that you are worried about a loved one.

What does it mean to be depressed and crying in your dream?

Periods of ego frustration are often followed by periods of depression. Are you feeling depressed after you have been denied something or unable to achieve a goal or vision in your life? These are some of the options you should consider when you dream about crying and depression. Depression is often treated as a disease, and prescribed medication can be used to treat it. However, depression is a natural part of the human psyche that forces attention inward to solve problems and answer existential queries. Clinical depression is a serious illness, and I am not saying this is what you have. It could be you are worried about something in life - this is what I mean by depression. Sometimes, side effects of depression may show up in dreams. This is a way to explore why you feel depressed, and what you can do about it. Even if you don't want to cry, the dream can indicate you are releasing something in life. 

What does it mean to cry loudly in a dream?

To find yourself crying loudly when you sleep is an indicator that there is a period of positive situations which are about to happen in life. You could receive a business proposition or a promotion at your place of work which would likely change your current status. If you are crying loudly and others hear you “crying” then this is linked to your romantic approach to life. If you are single and you cry loudly this indicates that you may meet someone who could be your soul mate. Take note of how loud you cry in the dream; the louder, the luckier you will become. I have taken this from my older dream dictionaries.

What does it mean to cry about someone leaving you?

When you dream that you are crying because someone is leaving you, then there is a possibility that you are going to be depressed or sad shortly. It could be caused by a business gone sour or an issue in your private life. After such a dream, you will need to stay calm and brush aside any negative thoughts in your waking life by trying to focus on the positives in your life. You will need to gather strength and move on from all the negativity that is shadowing your life.

What does it signify to see your mother crying in a dream?

A dream where your mother is crying carries with it negativity. This dream is an indicator that the future on the surface may look bleak, full of sadness and mystery. But, because the mother in the dream is our “carer” it can suggest that you are taken care of. It is a dream which carries with it a warning for you to be prepared to take on the stress and pressure that is awaiting you shortly but through this, you will succeed. A mother crying in real life is heartbreaking, and it is even worse when you experience it in your dream. Take the dream seriously and be prepared for a bit of upheaval in order to gain success in the end.

What does it mean to cry when you are happy in a dream?

Crying when you feel happy in your dream, foretells of receiving consolation or a gift – according to ancient dream dictionaries. And it is a sign that you are going to be happy and joyful in your family setting. The good news is that this dream indicates that you will be free from worries, and you are likely going to be successful at your place of work or business. There is a likelihood that you are going to encounter surprises, unexpected luck, or you could just enjoy life in the future.

What does it mean to cry hysterically in a dream?

To see yourself hysterically cry in a dream indicates that you have been very disturbed by your dream. In our sleep, it can indicate the horror of your nervous system and how your behavior has been expressed. Sometimes when we cry hysterically we can sometimes laugh. I have witnessed this on the news when someone is interviewed about witnessing a death, they actually laugh and cry hysterically. It is just the brains' way of saying they cannot face a certain situation because they witnessed a horror. It is no different in dreams. If you witnessed something terrible you could either wake up hysterically crying or laughing, this is just natural.

A dream where you are crying hysterically spiritually could denote that, you have a fear of losing face in your waking life. It is a dream which you will likely result in a tough challenge that could end in embarrassment or failure. The hysterical crying is a reaction to the threat or knowledge that may lead to someone's credibility being tarnished. It could also point to a liberating moment that you will soon encounter. There is a likelihood that you have been holding onto self-doubt, a lot of stress, and negative emotions and you are about to experience an event in your life that will enable you to release negativity which will allow your body to relax.

Is crying good or bad in a dream?

My answer is that I honestly think that this dream is good, it is about releasing emotions. Crying is an emotional expression and cleansing experience accepted universally. When you cry in your dream, it is important to look at the various dream details and symbols that are presented to you. If you watch someone else crying it can mean your plans may not work out perfectly but things will turn out well in the end. And if you see someone else crying it can indicate that you are releasing an emotion about another. You need to ask the question: was this person in your dream a stranger or someone you know? What was your reaction to the cry, did you comfort them? Were you comforted in the dream? if you were the one crying? Were you able to feel yourself crying? All the answers will help define this dream. 

Why is a crying dream positive?

Crying in the dream is positive as it is believed that, the eyes are the window to the soul when you cry, your soul’s window is cleansed. After the crying, you will be able to feel cleansed and lubricated so that you can see more clearly and easily. Emotions are represented by water, and thus tears express your deepest emotions which are being released out of your body. Just like in real life, crying is an involuntary expression of feelings that are deep, the same applies to crying in your sleep.

Most people who experience crying in their sleep claim a sensation of release and it feels so vivid like in actual real life you are crying. Crying in a dream is an indicator that you are in some expression of grief or mourning. If the crying in your dream is because of someone’s actions, it could be associated with a character trait that is within you or an emotional process in life - which is very powerful. If that is the case, then it could represent a good dream. If the character that is crying is someone you know in my view this indicates that you will have a deeper understanding of this particular person who is undergoing a drift. If it is a loss, then you will experience tears of sadness. To experience tears of joy which will enable you to move to the other side of a challenging transition. Just as in real life, crying in your dream is healthy and is a positive and strong way of processing grief and facilitating transformation and transition.

What does it mean to wake up crying?

If you wake up crying it means that your consciousness is trying to give you a message. There is something that will happen in life that will upset you. The level of discomfort you feel when you cry then wake in a dream will give you some idea of how intense or hurt you are feeling in your life.

What does it mean to see yourself crying while wearing black funeral garments in your dream?

A dream where you see yourself wearing black clothes and crying at a funeral - due to a person's dies in a dream denotes the fact that you will receive a career boost in the near future and that things will work out well for you. Often, when we grieve in waking life it is not uncommon to have a dream of reliving what we feel in the real world.

What does it mean to cry because of negative things in a dream?

This dream indicates that you are feeling dissociated from a situation in life. This could have been an important situation or something that is urgent. This dream indicates the sudden onset of feeling somewhat carefree. When you dream of encountering disturbing news or that you are upset during a dream we can carry this feeling with us in our daily life. I know myself if I have experienced an upsetting dream it is hard for me to overcome and sometimes I often think about the dream throughout the day. In old folklore to dream of anything negative indicates that there will be scandals or quarrels which are going to occur shortly. One amusing dream dictionary read “to cry in a dream is connected to drunkards and your dream may lead to disastrous outcomes or unpleasant consequences.” Of course in our modern world, negative dreams are common and in my view, crying is just your own emotions that reflect how you are currently feeling.

What does it mean to dream that you are crying because you miss someone?

When you dream that you are crying because you are missing someone or that you lose someone in a dream to death or they are taken away from you is connected to feeling that a private or business matter in life will need to be reviewed. After such a dream, you will need to stay calm and forget the negative aspects. This dream carries a message to stay focused on positive people and events.

What happens in your brain when you cry?

Crying itself is the most expressive way we reach out to others. Tears have for many expressed our deepest fears, pains, joys, and emotions. In life, we sometimes feel cheated, violated vulnerable, and even angry. Whatever the feeling this can transfer to our dreams, the reason being that deep inside we experience intense feelings and at times this is the reason why we cry in our dream. When we cry it sets off a chain reaction in our body which, when triggered, it becomes hard to control. First, you will feel an intense emotion, and the brain is signaled to start the process. Many emotional theorists use what is known in the psychological world as “the fight or flight response.” this is basically the fact that your own adrenalin kicks into your bloodstream and produces a kind of sudden panic feeling.

This feeling can indicate that you will then be emotionally triggered and will invoke a few tears. Normally, this type of “crying” is when a high degree of stress has been encountered. The heart then starts to pump faster, and you may automatically feel a lump in your throat created by the autonomic nervous which jumpstarts the sympathetic nervous system. To prepare you, the “flight or fight response” will try to stop you from crying which affects your glottis. Your throat will swell up and feel tight and full. The body is now prepared to prevent any tears or nasal secretion from getting into your lungs. With the flight or fight system fully prepared by the brain, you will experience other symptoms related to sadness such as; your lips may start to quiver, your heart might beat faster, and your voice will become shaky.

It is now time for the tears to start flowing. So what is happening in your brain? The brain tells the hypothalamus to produce acetylcholine, which binds receptors in the brain that sends a signal to the lachrymal glands which are located beneath the rim of your eyes. Immediately the gland is stimulated, it starts to produce tears. Once the tears fill up at the reservoirs at the corners of your eyes (which fills up pretty fast), you will start to drip tears from your eyes in a stream down to your face. They will also start flooding your nasal cavity and come out through your nose. When you cry, it releases endorphins known as leucine enkephalins which are pain relievers, and the act of crying automatically boosts your mood and that is why, after crying, you might have felt before you cried out.

What does it mean to cry in your dream because you miss someone who is far away?

This dream, in essence, can mean that you will feel robbed. It could be that you look back on past opportunities and realize that someone was stood in your way. This is why the view of tears has presented itself in your dream. Often, these dreams are all about frustration. Missing someone can provoke the feeling of turmoil inside us. Crying is a way for you to relieve any pain that you feel. Sometimes, people who dream of missing someone or something in a dream can have the same feelings about that person in real life.

At times, in dreams we sometimes miss someone or we have someone we love taken from us. To see yourself crying because you are missing someone can rarely indicate that you are likely to encounter a period of grief or loss of something that is important to you. I will also say before I move onto another dream about crying, that in my experience to dream of missing your child, for instance, can just be an anxiety dream. It is important that you do not let your feelings become ignored or neglected.

What does it mean to dream of seeing tears down your cheeks from crying?

When you are dreaming of seeing tears on your cheeks and wiping them away could signify that you are being comforted or are receiving consolation from other people. Seeing another crying can imply that someone will need you. This is likely to happen in the near future.

What does it mean to dream of a friend crying?

Seeing or hearing a friend or someone else crying in your dream from my research is a good omen. In folklore, especially gypsy dream dictionaries denote that you will soon encounter luck in your life. When this kind of dream strikes, you know you can count on your friend. This person may require your support going forward. After such a dream, this could be an opportune time to improve this relationship or embark on that business venture that you have been yearning. It is a great time to relax and take some time off and enjoy your achievements in life.

What does weeping in a dream mean?

Most of us have limited skills for supporting and managing other people’s emotions and this dream can indicate that you are unintentionally dragged into someone else’s drama. A dream where you weep or cry intensely (as I have previously described) could denote that, there are existing violent or extreme emotions and feelings that you might be hiding and which could cause you to behave differently in waking life. Weeping in dreams is all about releasing emotions.

What does it mean to dream of crying while on the bed?

When you dream that you are crying while laying or sitting on your bed, then this is a sign that you need to release any sorrow, unhappiness, and emptiness in your life and move on with determination. The bed in dreams is a representation of our comfort zone and to see yourself distressed on your bed or crying can illustrate that you should not take things the wrong way. It is important to create a positive environment for those around you and of course, ensure that comfort is given to others.

What does it mean to others crying uncontrollably?

A dream in which you see others crying uncontrollably can indicate a person who feels compassion for you. Strangely, this is a positive dream which indicates that you will experience a great deal of happiness being with your family or friends, which could result in strong bonding, pleasure, and companionship. If you are married or planning to marry then you should be ready for a great deal of happiness in your partnership.

What does it mean to hear or see a baby crying in a dream?

In the media, there has been much written about crying babies, and various systems have cropped up - that offers a way to listen and help fussy crying babies. Sigmund Freud believed that our dreams are images and visions from daily life. Thus, if you could hear a baby cry out in real life it may have transferred into your dreams. Babies often stop crying when you pick them up and they just need holding. This is the same message in your dream. You need to be held and comforted by others right now. A baby can represent the care, trust, and above all the unconditional love that we need to feel in life. The intensity of our love in life can often be associated with how we stretch and grow in life. A baby's cry is like a foreign language and when you are a parent you need to think about why that baby is crying and how to settle them. To see a baby crying and the mother crying can indicate that you will have a priceless gift in the future.

When you dream that you hear or see a baby crying it indicates our maturity in life. In old folklore to dream of a baby or just to hear the sound; is a negative omen. It is an indicator that you are going to face some problems in your business or private life, this spiritual meaning comes with the advice to tread carefully after encountering such a dream.

What does it mean to dream of a wife or husband crying?

Dreaming of seeing your partner crying could be overwhelming as it is common knowledge that, nobody wants their loved ones in distress. It could suggest that you are going to encounter minor misunderstandings and failures in the near future. There are challenges that are going to come your way, and this dream is a warning that you shouldn’t let them overpower you, try to look for a way to defeat them. These challenges could be linked to your personal or private life, thus the need to stay cool and careful in all your life situations.

What does it mean to see a deceased baby crying in your dream?

A baby crying that is in the afterlife denotes major health problems, according to the spiritual meaning. Alternatively, it could imply that you are going to encounter an unexpected tragedy or event. No-one likes to even think of a deceased baby but in dreams, it can be a symbolic representation of situations that are beyond your control. At times, babies in dreams represent new beginnings and hope, thus there could be some internal conflict between your need to hold onto old memories and your desire to move on with them. Seeing such a distressing image in your dream can indicate that your mind is allowing you to tackle a tragic event and use this to gain healing.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a child crying in a dream?

At times, dreaming of a crying child can be your child within. As adults, we shed our tears sometimes because we cannot find the vocabulary to let out our pain or anger. It is simply an expression. A dream of a child crying can be a painful scene, but such dreams give us a clue to our own emotions. A crying girl in your dream is a sign of a negative event about to happen in your life which could be related to a relationship, this is a traditional dream meaning. A boy crying in your dream could be connected to your own masculine personality. On the other hand, it could be an indication that someone new is coming into your life who could comfort and help you overcome difficult situations that you are encountering.

What does it mean to see someone crying in your dream?

If you unexpectedly bump into a crying person in your dream and you are puzzled or you try to comfort them it is an indicator that you are going to be involved with “comforting” someone who is close to you. You will need to be somewhat focused on helping this person for some time. If the person in the dream was a stranger it denotes that you may encounter aggressive acts by others. We build ourselves up to control our emotions and this dream can indicate emotional acts in the future. A dream where someone is crying is a sign that you are going to be embarrassed or uncomfortable due to something that you did or said in the past. There is a possibility that you will be exposed and this will make you feel humiliated by the words and actions that you did in the past. So, take heed and think before you speak. Such a dream prepares you in the event of it happening; you should be able to keep your head high and give a counter reason why you did or said what you said in the past. You will need to be careful when around people who are acting demeaning as they might be engineering trouble to you. Their goal is to harm and makes you an enemy. You will need to avoid people that can hurt you.

What could it mean to see a famous statue weeping in your dream?

A weeping statue in dreams is connected to how we feel about others in life and that someone is acting “cold” towards us. There have been many claims, mainly from Christians where statues have cried oil, blood, or even liquids. In reality, many of these experiences have been a hoax but there was one recorded by the Vatican of the Lady Of Akita which was supposed to have wept in Japan. The most common statue in dreams was that the Virgin Mary has wept.

Seeing yourself standing at the feet of a famous statue is an indicator that you are dependant on someone or submissive to their power and will. You could be discontented with the way things are in your life or you have a growing need to be free or rid yourself of the influence of someone. This dream occurs when you are trying to figure out a situation by making a comparison with what those around you are going through. To see “tears” coming from the statue can indicate someone is acting cold towards you.

What does it mean to console someone crying in a dream?

A dream where you console or comfort someone who is crying could mean that you need to show a spirit of sympathy. You are someone who is very sensitive to the needs of other people. It could be that someone around you has had a tough time in the recent past and you are now trying to reflect this in your dream.

What does it mean when you are hugging someone and crying?

When you are represented in a dream where you are hugging someone and crying together, it is an indicator that you are going to have a celebration in which you will receive gifts. Dreams about hugs and embraces to immediate family members for consolation purposes normally represent a happy and joyful occasion or event that you are likely to be a part of.

What does it mean to see someone crying in a house?

Seeing a person in a house crying is an indicator of long-awaited news, which is about to happen. The crying is an indication that this news will not be good and can lead to unfortunate circumstances. If you have been anticipating a response from someone concerning something, then the response will not be what you have been expecting.

What does it mean to see yourself crying at the scene of a dead body in your dream?

When you dream that you see yourself crying over a dead body - in the mortuary or at the scene of a dead body it represents nostalgia. You could be longing for someone or something from your past or that you need to focus on improving your waking life. This could trigger the need which you want to re-live. On the other hand, it could be that you want to reclaim an aspect of your character or your life which you have lost control of.

What does it mean to dream of seeing an animal crying in a dream?

If you see an animal crying in a dream we need to turn to the spiritual meaning, it denotes you will encounter strong tough competition. Alternatively, it could mean that you are going to be involved in a complicated and lengthy legal action in the near future. If the animal was a pet in a dream such as a dog or a cat then this dream can indicate that against all odds you will succeed.

What does it mean to dream of saying goodbye to an ex-lover when crying?

When you dream of a specific person in your life, it could symbolize that you have been thinking about them. A dream where you visualize an ex-lover about to leave you is a prediction of taking a great risk in life to make gains. It could refer to a new opportunity or relationship which, though scary, could open you up to new experiences and offer you opportunities to grow and become a better person.

What does it mean to dream of crying with someone?

Dreaming of crying with someone else simultaneously is an indication that you are going to find a reason to celebrate something in your life. In folklore, it predicts great times ahead. It could be something as simple as a baby shower or an engagement with a soul mate. Whatever it is, it is going to make you happy and excited to be celebrating in life. When this “positive” event happens, make sure you enjoy each moment as it will remain memorable. To both be crying in a dream also indicates the release of emotions.

What does it mean to cry because of a lost wife in your dream?

When you have a dream about losing your wife or that you get divorced it could denote that you are having disagreements with her in real life. The dream may have occurred because you may feel the frustration in the relationship. Understanding the value of this relationship is important and can indicate that you need to release any negative feelings in regard to the relationship. It can simply mean that your initial attempts to express your emotions to her have been awkward or problematic.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a friend crying?

A dream where you see a friend crying in your arms could denote troubles and misfortunes which could result in inconveniences to both of you. It could be caused by things like indifference, insincerity or even lack of compassion. If you realize that the mistakes originated in the dream due to your negligence or actions, or trusting nature.

What does it mean to dream of a daughter crying?

Deciphering and understanding a dream of your daughter crying can be a priceless gift to the relationship you have with her waking life. Obviously, your daughter is unique and can be a representation of bringing the best out in ourselves. In parenting, we all sometimes worry about our children. It is only natural, what I’m trying to say here is that part of being a parent is the connection with our children. In our modern world, we generally don’t like to see our children crying, however, if we turn to the 1930s many mothers did leave the children to cry in between feeds.

I can provide you with the reassurance that this dream is probably just a focus on your daily responsiveness, compassion, and love. I will roll this dream into a reminder of how important your daughter is to your life. When you dream that you are seeing your daughter crying or if your daughter has a meltdown or tantrum, it could be a reflection of your frustration and exasperation which is associated with things that haven’t gone the way you wanted them to. Alternatively, you could be disappointed because you lack the support of other members of your family.

What does it mean to cry with family at a hospital in your dream?

A dream where you visit someone in the hospital is a sign of discovering of unpleasant and harmful news in the near future. This is especially true if you cry about a person you know. This particular crying dream is an indicator that, someone close may become extremely distraught and upset by a pending health issue. All is not lost and this could just be a minor problem such as cutting a finger. So, don’t worry but watch out for a minor health complaint.

What does it mean to see a female in your dream crying?

A dream where you see a woman crying is a sign of upcoming events in your life. If you are in a relationship, your partner might. The actions will come as a surprise to you as you least expect it. You may feel worried, isolated, or even just exhausted with life. Seeing a female cry indicates that somebody is going to demand some answers from you. It can also be a dream of comfort. To dream of a female close to you in distress is a wake-up call where you need to understand what is harming her in real life and approach the situation with great tenderness.

What does it mean to dream of a grandmother crying?

One thing is for sure, the grandmother represented in your dream illustrates that a situation might occur “out of the blue” this dream signals that you are attentive to others that you might encounter a big hurdle in your family going forward. It can indicate that you are feeling somewhat discomfort in a family situation. This can cover social gatherings. The advice is that you must remain true to yourself and listen to the resources within. When you have a dream where you see your grandmother crying, it is a sign of the care and love she feels for you. In some dream dictionaries, this dream indicates family conflicts and disagreements. There is a possibility that you will encounter some hidden feelings in the family.

What does it mean to see a dead person crying in a dream?

The relationship that you have in real life with the deceased person in your dreams is important. It could be that you are feeling grief towards the fact that this person has moved into the afterlife. This dream can be viewed that the deceased is a silent companion, even the caring part of your own character. The fact that this person is crying can illustrate you do have the courage to face the hurt inside. In essence, this dream covers your own inner emotions. Even though we think our “feelings” are hidden at times we dream of somebody who is expressing our own secret emotions which are in fact coming to the surface of the mind. Cleansing and moving forward are important tasks that you need to take on board.

Spiritually, if you have a dream where you see a person who has passed on but crying in your dream, it is an indicator that you are going to encounter some disagreements and conflicts. You will be busy for some time. There is a possibility that some of your past disagreements will resurface and you will be forced to face them and handle them one at a time.

What does it mean to see your twin crying in your dream?

If you are a twin, and you see your twin sibling crying in your dream, it could indicate that your twin is experiencing something negative like health problems, sickness, or worry. Seeing your own twin crying in a dream suggests a symbolic expression of the natural partnership that you hold with them. This dream can often illustrate oppression and also the fact that you will find it difficult to move through life on your own. Your own twin featured in your dream can also signify your inner guiding spirit. It is simply a message that you need to follow your own focus, goals, determinations, and independence in waking life. It is a reminder that you need to take precautions and watch out for possible problems in this relationship.

What does it mean to dream of a sister crying in the darkness?

A dream where you see or hear the cry of your sister in darkness could be a projection of your sadness. There are feelings that you are repressing that are making you feel hopeless or worry unnecessarily in real life due to loved ones. Though you look strong on the outward, you could be filled with pain and insecurity in the inner psyche. Alternatively, due to the fact that you have recognized your sister’s voice in your dream, it could mean that empathy is at work as you could be sensing what other people are experiencing. Your subconscious mind is trying to talk to you and reach out and give a hand of help.

What does it mean to cry in your dream due to loneliness?

If you dream that you are crying due to loneliness, then you should be content. Why? Because this dream's meaning is the opposite. This is a positive sign. It could mean that you have been feeling isolated and alone lately and thus your mind is now projecting your feelings in the form of a dream. Because you are not an introvert, you are going to succeed in life. Being lonely in a dream can simply mean you need more interaction in life.

What does it mean to dream of crying to a mother?

If you dream that you are crying and a mother figure comforts you then this can denote that you are in need of acceptance and moral support. There could be a feeling of insecurity and inadequate issues coming from your social skills or relationships in life that make you feel as if you are not good enough and you don’t deserve loyalty and love, and thus, you start needing validation from your loved ones. On the other hand, it could mean that you are feeling rejected and unvalued by those you consider close to you and the tears in your dream are a representation of your frustration and sadness about what you are yearning for in real life.

What makes us cry in life from a psychological viewpoint?

During a dream, it is not uncommon to wake up crying or to be crying tears in the dream state. These types of dreams can fall into two areas: firstly, the dream of crying can be because you feel overjoyed at winning or achieving something in waking life. Alternatively, from a negative viewpoint, you may cry because of the emotions of a negative dream. When a loved one dies, we are overwhelmed by tears because we know we are not going to see them again; the fact that we will never talk and exchange ideas makes us be overwhelmed by grief.

Crying itself has puzzled many clinicians and psychologists - even those who have been known to be experts in their fields of study and specialization which is the field of emotional expression. There are a few people who have proper training in the field of emotional theories. In all the books regarding emotional psychology I no-one can really understand the reason for our tears. The notion is that we all have emotional issues, including tears. Some theorists have discovered that we hold emotions stored inside us, much like a kettle.

These energies like my metaphor are like steam which can cause damage when they have released too abruptly. Crying is part of our emotional package, and whether you hate it or love it, it is here to stay. There is a strong belief that women cry more compared to men. An interesting fact is that a woman cries 50 times a year, compared to just 10 times a year for a man.

What is the science behind how we cry?

I know I have given you an overview of what your dream means but I thought it appropriate to also cover how we cry from a scientific perspective. Scientifically, crying is defined as shedding tears in response to an emotional state which is different from a condition where you shed tears without any attachment to emotions. From the above statement, we can conclude there is more than one type of crying. It is important psychologically to know the science behind the production of tears and how it is connected to the emotional center of the brain. The tear is produced from the lacrimal gland which is in between the eyelid and the eyeball. Immediately when a tear is produced, you blink your eyelids naturally. And, this causes the “tear” to spread across your eye. After this, there are two options. Firstly, for the tears to drain through your nose (and that is why you develop a running nose when you cry) or secondly, to drain off down the lacrimal punctum.

The tears produced by our eyes come under three types: reflex, basal, and psychic. The reflex tears are the ones that help in removing any irritations from our eyes caused by vapors like onions or foreign bodies. Basal tears are what I would call “workers tears” and are the ones that keep your cornea lubricated and nourished. Florid tears or psychic tears are referred to as crying tears these are the ones that produce strong emotions which you experience in anger, stress, and when you are suffering from physical pain or pleasure. They contain a natural painkiller known as leucine enkephalin, and this could be the reason why we normally feel relieved and at peace - after a good cry.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

Grief and mourning. Sadness or depression. Feeling misunderstood or unable to express yourself. Helping other people. Getting through rough times. Knowing when to show emotion. Finding somebody to talk to. Controlling your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of crying:

Sad. Depressed. Misunderstood. Scared. Alone. Comforted. Helpless. Helpful. Emotional. Unsure. This dream foretells illusory pleasures, which are likely to move into gloom and that domestic affairs may also have problems. Sorry, that this dream is so negative! I have had this dream many times. To see other people crying often shows that they will need your help in the future.

Positive changes are afoot if:

You cried for a brief period of time. You were able to determine the source of your crying. You or the people crying were able to stop. You comforted someone else who was crying, even if they did not stop.


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By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012