Dream meanings Bandage

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To see a symbol of a bandage in a dream symbolizes an injury that is felt physically, spiritually, or emotionally in the waking world. A bandage can also express mistakes you make in relationships with other people.

It can be a negative sign, but is also a positive sign of your ability to repair issues in relationships with others.

Seeing yourself in bandages in a dream indicates that you need some relaxation in your life. If you have been feeling sick or uncomfortable in waking life or in a specific situation, then this dream means it is time to get well and relax, since things are finally coming together and getting back to normal.

If a bandage is applied by a doctor, this dream demonstrates that it is time to actually listen to others and let them look after you. Go slower, enjoy your life, and don’t take the people around you for granted. They only want to help you succeed and be well.

In your dream you may have

  • Worn a bandage.
  • Had to apply a bandage in somebody else.
  • Encountered a bandaged knee.
  • Seen somebody else wearing a bandage.
  • Seen a clean white bandage or any other color.
  • Encountered a bandage covered with blood.
  • Seen a mummy in a bandage.
  • Had a doctor remove your bandage.
  • Had a bandage applied to one specific part of the body.
  • Seen bandages completely covering a body.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The bandage effectively covered the wound, since this shows an ability to fix your own problems.
  • The bandage was put over a non-existent wound.
  • You applied the bandage to somebody else.
  • The dream of the bandage was a pleasant experience.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you have a bandage, and the bandage is being removed in your dream, this indicates you may be faced with a lack of intuition in a situation that needs a quick decision. If you dream of a mummy in a bandage, this represents that you will soon enjoy life. This figure usually appears when you are considering a decision that is important to your own spiritual growth.

If the bandages are any color apart from white, then this dream means you need to think before committing yourself to anything important in your waking life. Above all, you need to make sure that you look after your body and your spiritual well-being. A colorful bandage can also represent that you sometimes try to fix things in non-traditional ways.

If you dream a bandage is only applied to one part of your body, then this is a message to consider looking at the detailed information of the dream. To see a person in your dream covered in bandages shows that it is time to help others.

A bandage in your dream could be a sign of grief and anger. If you see a bandage full of blood, this is a warning of danger and problems in your spirituality. It could also show that you are experiencing some issues in your romantic life. A clean, white bandage shows that you need to be cautious and careful before starting any new action or relationship. The white bandage represents the risks you are afraid of taking. Something negative could happen shortly, or you could even have positive gains from a new experience. The secret is to try this new venture without being afraid.

If you are wearing a bandage in your dream, it could be a sign that you might get sick sometime soon. The dream could have a similar meaning if you see another person wearing a bandage. This is an omen of disease, but it will affect other people, not you. Another person wearing a bandage in your dream can also mean theft or fraud.

If you see a knee bandage, this tells you to take things more seriously than ever before in your waking life. A bandage can generally mean health problems and unexpected troubles. It reveals that the one affected is the individual wearing the bandage in the dream. To see a mummy covered in bandages in a dream means a spiritual “wound,” or disappointment in love.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a bandage

In pain. Upset. Anxious. Worried. Troubled. Hopelessness. Complete desperation. Intrigued. Wounding. Not able to understand what is happening. Loss of spirit. Violated. Abandoned. The exhausted force. Physically hurt. Crisis point of your life. Blurred. Crying. Screaming. Subjective anguish. Unable to face the truth in the situation. Trying to escape.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012