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A television is a picture of how one’s sees their present conditions.

A television reveals symbolically, how one will have a tendency to tackle choices in waking life. It is important to think about how options or thoughts are communicated with others.

Strange images on the TV usually represent current problems that are affecting one in waking life. So, the message of this dream is to seriously consider how to successfully communicate with others.

To see yourself on the television, like a documentary showing your life means pre-existing values, current challenges, as well as your most recent responses to others. To dream of watching the news on the television means that one should make small changes but also have confidence to expect positive results.

To watch a sports match on a television is a way that one will clarify the inner feelings that you have which are complicated in waking life. The meaning of a television in your dream has a wide scope which covers inner feelings or inner thoughts of how you perceive external occurrences in life.

In your dream you may have

  • You watched a show on TV because it appeals to you.
  • You kept watching the show on TV but it frustrates you.
  • The images in the television are blurred and you can't see the pictures.
  • Turned the TV off because the programme doesn’t interest you at all.
  • Seen yourself on TV.
  • Seen yourself on TV as a reporter.
  • Watched a sport on TV.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dreamt of watching a television.
  • Experienced good and satisfying feelings.
  • The dream supports your life – you were on the TV.
  • The dream is associated with “you” talking to an audience on TV.
  • You have the power over a situation, thus releasing an inner feeling of individuality.
  • The TV Intensifies your character as an individual person.
  • You have control over your current life.

Detailed dream interpretation

Most people see or watch the television regularly - and interact with it, this can include switching it on or off. Dreaming of a television may seem unimportant because we commonly watch the screen in the evening. But in a deeper sense, it tells us something. So what does it tell us? Often the dream indicates that you feel others are ambivalent about your emotional, psychological or physical health. Most of the time, a dream about the television is connected to a relationship and communication. The way you communicate or connect yourself to others with the dream television set is important.

It can tell if one is shutting someone out (turning off the TV) or an opportunity is missed. For instance, if in waking life you are being harassed by someone based on romance then it can mean that someone does not feel the same way. Turning on a television in one’s dream means that you have a choice to make. You can have what you want if you really want it! Moreover, if you watched a show on TV and you liked it, this signifies that your current life is "on track." Ones desires and wants are represented in the program that was viewed on the television. To be a newsreader in your dream means you have a control over life. If you watched something disturbing that doesn't please you, it can be a subconsious alarm. Your inner soul is warning you to say "no" to an impending situation. This means that one can easily be influenced by someone or by others.

If the images in the television are blurred and you can't actually comprehend the pictures, then this can mean that you have to reassess a problem or an issue in your life because you are seeing the things in a disoriented manner. In other words you view the matter erroneously.

If you dream of being in a movie on a television then this is considered a “trigger event” if you disliked the movie you may dislike a role in your current life. To see other people you know on the television means that you are avoiding something at work or at home. Being a reporter in your dream signifies an inner craving to tell the world something. This dream means that you want to express your feelings to the world, or perhaps someone close to you.

To dream of watching sport on television can alert us that we are overdoing something in waking life. If you dreamed of a large television, you might need to take a break. But if the television is small consider other people, you may need to examine your commitments. Remember, dreams are not just dreams. They try to tell us something.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a television

Irritations, feelings of frustration or unpleasantness, curiosity, joy, pleasure, desire and the need to say something to the world. The television is the source of communication.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013