Loading Bags

Loading Bags

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

When you load a bag, it means you are packaging something inside.

Whatever it is that you are placing in the bag will make it heavy, light, valuable or valueless. If the bag represents our responsibilities in life, then this dream can determine our destiny in life.

Depending on what you were involved in during the waking hours before you slept the "loading a bag" dream indicates problems in life. If you have been involved in something meaningful, then your load will be light and valuable; if you were involved in character assassination or any other negative situation, it would automatically mean that you will need to reform because your life is not on the right path.

A loading a bag symbolizes worries for different reasons. It could be a change of work, acquaintances, marriage, or relationship.

In the dream, you may be

  • Loading bags into a car.
  • Loading bags on the bus or another mode of transport.
  • Loading bags into the car from the supermarket.
  • Unable to lift very heavy bags into the car.
  • Seeing bags break when you load them.
  • Loading bags onto a bicycle.

Detailed dream interpretation

When you dream of loading bags into a car, it means that your worries have been brought about due to the choices you made in the recent past.

You need to choose the best experiences and learn from them. Think about what you encountered while on a journey and make good use of your skill-base. You need to forget about difficulties in life and move on because, the more you think about life and its problems, the more it will derail you and make it impossible for you to progress in your life.

When you see yourself loading bags on the bus or another mode of transport, it means that you will need to travel in order to remove any anxiety you are feeling at the moment. Take a trip to somewhere far and by the time you come back - you will be fresh thinking and free of past failures clouding your judgment.

Loading bags into the car from a supermarket in your dream implies that you will need to go shopping because your current worries in life are too much to bear.

A situation where you dream of being unable to lift very heavy bags into the car symbolizes a scenario that requires a choice in life.

Are you destined to travel soon? To load bags that break suggests there are responsibilities which are weighing you down - making it impossible for you to have the necessary free time to travel in life.

You will have to give some of the responsibilities by delegating these to other people. Find free time for adventure and find refreshment.

If your bags break in your dream, it means that there are areas in your life which are not working as per your expectations thus, making you feel frustrated. The best you can do is to make sure that you get help from those around you. The key message is that "alone" you might not be able to finish the tasks, but with outside help, it will be easier to handle them.

When you load bags onto a bicycle, it means, your responsibilities are not large enough. You only need a short break away in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Responsible, weary, adventurous, refreshed, worried and unable to take the load of life.

By Florance Saul
May 8, 2017