Waking up at 3am spiritual meaning

Biblical meaning of waking up at 3am

Spiritual meaning of waking up at 3am

In order to understand why you are waking up at 3 am or whatever hour in the morning, we need to review the “spiritual side” of life but also the energy that we yield in our bodies and what this means in daily life! When we are asleep we receive messages from the divine and this can be a single of our energy. After all, our bodies are full of energy fields. If we look turn to Zen Buddhism and there is a connection between the dark and the human body, this is being awake and the relationship with spirit.

What is the spiritual meaning of you waking up at 3am?

It has been a long held belief of mine that waking up at 3am can be a turbulent experience. Your left thinking, why? Am I worrying about something? Some people that contact me report feeling something they cannot explain, or that they are not sure what it is. It is typically associated with fear, anxiety, panic, and a sense of being disconnected from the physical world. This can leave us feeling confused and overwhelmed as to what this experience actually means to them.

The spiritual meaning behind waking up at 3am is oftentimes attributed to paranormal activity or activities of unknown origin such as the presence of ghosts or spirits. In some Eastern cultures this time period is referred to as Zhūyèsōng which basically translates roughly into ‘Working hours of the gods'. I am a true believer that waking up at 3am is due to changes in the energy patterns surrounding us during this time period. Many cultures feel (like the Chinese) this ancient tradition believe that different deities make their rounds during these hours.

The ancient tradition of waking up at 3am spiritually can be seen as an opportunity for growth in the journey toward enlightenment, whereas I know it can make us feel frightened, anxious and view the whole “waking up” as an ominous sign. You may be going through some kind of transformation when it comes to your spirituality - something big could be coming your way either internally (like an inner awakening) or externally (like learning new wisdom). 

In a more modern interpretation of this nightly crazinesses, it indicates that our spiritual selves should align with our natural circadian rhythm; essentially awakening us from sleep so that we can listen to our intuition and embrace life lessons, whether good or bad, as well as to gain clarity from heightened states, such as dream-states like lucid dreaming. 

After all, strong intuition comes through clarity, which enables us to access deeper, more powerful energies within ourselves. Therefore, aligning with natural rhythms provides this grounding effect, allowing you to connect with your physical body and spirit without biases getting involved (i.e. idiotic grabbiness, cluelessness & demeaning attitudes). It doesn't matter how difficult things seem anymore, you can take advantage of them all because even small steps will eventually lead to great accomplishments! No matter what happens after you wake up, you can still consider yourself blessed – you have another chance every second throughout your lifetime anyway.

What is the Biblical meaning of waking up at 3 am?

If we also look at the time that Jesus died this was at 3 pm, during the eclipse of the moon (301) as I previously mentioned. Some people believe that it is an hour where God connects with us, especially as this at the time that we are asleep. In witchcraft, the 3 AM is considered a time where the transition between life and death is quite thin. there's also a wide range of references to the number three throughout the Bible, for example, Jesus was in the team for three days before his resurrection, Peter was told three times the passage “before the rooster crows today, you will disown me three times. In fact, I did not think of anything more about it. Then the occasion of waking up at 3 am would get gradually more and more, depending on the stress in my life, the needs of others or mediumship requirements and I started to research, to try to understand the reason why you and I would wake up in the middle of the night - from a spiritual perspective. Then I remembered when I first started on my spiritual journey in life on the other side, when I was ten years old, thirty years ago, I would wake up around 3 am every morning. In fact, all those that are “spiritually aware” tend to wake up in the early hours. So yes, spirit wakes you when you are sound asleep and biblically this is when God is supposed to connect with you.

The night time events of waking can yield us a deeper outlook on life. The inky blackness of the sky is normally a time when we think about all the elements that we need to - job, relationships, health, family, and wealth. Many people, like you, do will wake in the middle of the night and be unable to get back to sleep. Perhaps you are surfing Google or worrying about how to pay the bills. In order to understand the spiritual mean of waking up at 3 o'clock, we need to turn to the Bible.

There is something quite special about the Bible in that there is a sub-number code. This is supposed to relate to our lifestyle, depending upon the numbers within the Bible. The other consideration is that there are three angels, Micheal, Gabriel, and Lucifer and the bible mentions these three angels but of course, we know there are multiple angels - why just 3? It was a very lonely hill outside the walls of Jerusalem. The hill outside Jerusalem was called a Carvery, it was an important meeting place between man and god - its Greek name known as Kranion whose numerical value is 301.

If we look at the time of 3:01 this is when God looked at heaven and said it is finished, and that is when the moon began to eclipse. There are no mistakes in the timing for God, the word the moon in the old Testament is called Gematria which is again 3:01. Within the Bible, we read that God formed the moon and put it into its orbit surrounding the Earth at 3:01, near the hill called Calvary (301) and this is when the moon began to eclipse at 3:01. This was the exact time the priests were killing the lambs and the word Lambs in Hebrew has a numeric value of 301. This is all in connection with you waking up at 3 am. But what does it mean? 

God is trying to speak to you at 3 am

Are you hot at 3 am?

Normally, I wake up around 3 but sometimes 4 and if I wake up at 5 am I normally stay up. Yes, this happens most nights. The thing that struck me was the immense amount of heat that I feel. I wake in a sweat, boiling hot, and have to walk around for a while or even go outside. Now, this has been going on for around twenty years. The most important element that we need to take away from this is the fact that between the hours of 3 am and 5 am in the morning the spiritual reality is at its thinnest. We often hear about this on Halloween night. this is when spirit connects to and provides you with certain clues, ideas and ultimately messages. Yes, it is important you got to listen to any messages that come through during this time. You may not think very much of this the fact that you are hot or sweating might just put down to an illness the heat is the fact you are "communicating" with the above, yes, spiritually you are connecting with a different dimension. In order to understand what these messages are it takes some work and time.

What does it mean to wake up at different times in the night?

Do you feel the world is sleeping, but you are awake? The world is dark and every so often you hear the odd car whizz by. You want to go back to sleep but you can’t. It is true to say that we all wake up a little bit in the night as we are focused on the different sleep cycles. Sometimes we wake when our temperature is too hot, but do we naturally wake up at this time? So you are wondering what on earth it actually means! Well look no further, we will review why you are waking up in these early hours spiritually. Yes, it is not a coincidence. When I was developing my medium skills, something would go wrong with this website I would without fail wake in the night. Immediately, at 3-4 am I would have to write about a certain topic, add more content, or sort out errors or whatever else was needed to keep the site. In fact, my best work was at 3 am in the morning. The spooky and somewhat creepy thing was that I would wake up at 3 am every morning, on the dot, without a doubt. In fact, it got so regular that I would plan it, I would go to sleep at 8-9 pm to wake up at 3 am then back to sleep between 5-6 am. What a hassle I thought. Why could I not just sleep through the night like everyone else?

What is the biblical advice about waking up at 3 am?

We have seen that biblically number 3 is quite an important number, it provides balance but also there is so many different references to 3:00 within the bible. Firstly, rather than just jump up. and try to use your imagination in order to create calmness. You need to work yourself into a phase of visualization, that you feel not only protected but also comfortable. The way that I often deal with these nightly wake-ups is to imagine a temple, a place in nature alternatively a castle. This is a place where both our physical and spiritual paths meet.

You can use anything in your mind when the thinning of the veils between our waking world spiritual world unite. This is a place where the spirit can talk to you under their own terms. The only way to focus on this is to develop your mind and strength. Make sure that you are not disturbed and set the atmosphere in your mind in order to focus on what they want to communicate. Close your eyes and try to relax and focus on your breathing. As you relax try to draw all your energies and create a sense of peace internally. As it is very dark it will be easy to do this. As you breathe deeply you will see a soft and gentle light that will shine with brilliance. Once a spirit has connected with you try to write down any messages or thoughts that you encountered. Once you have received the message then try to go back to sleep.

Now, the other area I want to cover is that it is important to say that at night we have nothing to distract us. We are what is known as “protected” the troubles are not protected. The light cannot hide away our energy or our troubles. Sometimes I used to try to stay awake as long as I could at night so that I was exhausted and could then fall into a sleep and actually sleep past the 3 am time bomb! Now, spiritually, to wake up between the hours of 1 am and 5 am is known as waking up on the “hour of the wolf” which yes, places the creepy werewolf in your mind. This “hour of the wolf” is known as the hour when people pass onto the other side, the sleepless night can be disturbing. So what about research? Research shows that the hours between 3 am and 5 am this is connected to when we are most vulnerable in life. This is when the army or special forces attack others, or alternatively in war, the enemy is least likely to attack. We believe that waking in the night is not natural. Let’s review babies, they often wake in the night for a feed. What about the studies? Dr. Thomas Wehr studied many subjects that awoke in the night. So did cavemen sleep more than we do, did they sleep better for example, and due to our artificial light and the modern world is this why we wake up in the middle of the night?

The study by Dr. Thomas Wehr concluded that our rhythms of sleep have changed. Modern humans sleep on average seven to eight hours a night and this may be due to artificial lighting. This has resulted in us becoming sleep-deprived. He did a study and removed lighting from one group and the other group carried on as normal. What was strange was the difference between the two. Those people that had been subjected to artificial light normally woke up in the night, after approximately four hours of sleep. The study found that the hormone called “prolactin” was high in the bodies of those that did awake in the night. This is the same hormone that keeps the birds sitting on their eggs and helps animals rest.

What does the "witching" hour mean in regards to waking up at 3am?

Let me explain: the phrase “witching hour” is often used to describe an unexplained phenomenon where many people find themselves suddenly waking up around 3am. I also feel that the witching hour has a certain energy associated with it, like some sort of supernatural power that impacts those who experience this. 

I think this phenomenon can be explained by looking at both historical and modern interpretations of the witching hour. Historically, it was believed by various cultures that between 3am and 4am was when supernatural activity such as witches and evil spirits were most active. This would lead to waking up in fear during this time period. As for more contemporary explanations, some theorize that there is a surge in cortisol (the stress hormone) between 3-4 am which makes individuals wake up with increased alertness or sense of unrest throughout their body. 

I suspect another reason why people may wake up at this specific time could be related to subconscious worries about unfinished tasks piling up, causing us restless sleep until we finally get out of bed in order to start tackling them head on! And now you're probably wondering how one might counteract these effects... With enough discipline and focus on setting healthier sleep patterns, restful sleeping should eventually become easier again without being hounded by the witching hour too frequently!

Conclusion of waking up at 3am

So, tomorrow night, make sure you do not check your phone, go on your laptop or iPad and you may have a more sound night's sleep. Removing electronic devices will have an effect on your sleep pattern. Going back into the spiritual side of waking in the night we need to review the ancient Hindu text known as the Mandukya Upanishad. This text basically looked at the consciousness of being asleep and why we awake. It was believed that waking in the night was a transcendent state that makes our spirit fall into the unknown. So, when we sleep we wake up open to spiritual contact.

Do we always need eight hours of interrupted sleep? It’s just not true. So, as I said, if you wake in the middle of the night, get out of bed. Try to uncover the mystery of your life, take some time to meditate, and celebrate your solitude!

By Flo Saul
Oct 27, 2017