Anesthesia and dreams

Anesthesia and dreams

What does anesthesia mean if in dreams?

Anesthesia can occur in different events in the dream state.

General anesthesia can put you in an unresponsive state while undertaking operations. It basically prevents pain so what if you dream of operation in the dream? You could have dreamed of a dental operation or hospital and you had this drug administered. Dreaming of this drug means that you need a situation resolved in waking life. You need to “numb” yourself to your worries in life. Have you recently had Anesthesia?

If so, then one's dreams can be affected. Much research has attempted to understand how we dream while taking anesthesia. The research has shown that we do dream while being under anesthesia but are not likely to remember these dreams. In 2007 research was carried out at Royal Melbourne Hospital, an Australian hospital and showed that dreams had by patients were generally positive. Those patients that were worried about the operation would have negative dreams. 

In your dream

  • You were given general anesthesia in the dream.
  • You were under a sedative in the dream.
  • You undertook an operation in a dream.
  • You encounter paralysis in a dream.
  • You had local anesthesia in the dream.
  • You had an epidural in a dream.
  • You were being prepared for a medical operation.
  • You could see a doctor using anesthesia.
  • You could see an anesthetist in the dream.
  • You were given anesthesia due to a tooth extraction.
  • You were under anesthesia and had strange dreams.

Detailed anesthesia dream meaning: 

Dreaming of anesthesia means that you are unconscious about what’s happening around you. The reason why this is happening is that you are blinded by a previous trauma and negative experience. To encounter anesthesia in dreams can also suggest that you want to get away from something. If you dream that you were given general anesthesia in your dream or for example in an operation it could imply that you need to deal with every problem you face in life recently. You feel tired and you need to take a break from the world.

If you were under a sedative in the dream then you will soon meet someone who will give you support and sound advice. You will be grateful for meeting this person because thanks to their support and kindness, you will feel powerful and strong again. You will feel alive and conscious of everything around you.

If you undertook an operation in a dream it could suggest that you are obsessed with previous difficult experiences. You are afraid that it’s going to repeat and hurt you again. It could also mean that you are ready to do some changes in life. This could be connected to your love life.

If you encounter paralysis in a dream suggests that you avoid certain feelings and you feel bad about that. You are fighting your feelings because you’re afraid you might get hurt. You feel that it’s better to feel nothing than to get hurt. If you had local anesthesia in your dream portends that you need to start avoiding some problems and get them fixed as soon as possible.

To have an epidural in your dream and was undertaking a c-section could forewarn that you feel forced to do something you don’t want to. Your dream is telling you that you should reject everything that your instincts are telling you that it’s bad for your health and soul. If you dreamed that you were being prepared for a medical operation, it suggests that you are ready for that big change in your life.

You are not afraid anymore. Of anything! And your dream is telling you to go for it! If you could see a doctor using anesthesia on you or someone else in the dream then someone is trying to help you, but you constantly turn that person down. Let people get close to you. Let them heal your wounds and allow yourself to feel again.

There’s nothing bad about feelings. People have both good and bad sides. If you could see an anesthetic needle in your dream, it could mean that the solution to the problem that’s bothering you for a long time, is right in front of your eyes. You just have to look better and don’t be afraid to use it to solve your problem.

If you were given anesthesia due to a tooth extraction it could mean that you will soon lose an unimportant person in your life. However, you won’t feel bad because you subconsciously know that the person had a bad influence on you. You were too scared to take anesthesia.

It could suggest that you will finally allow yourself to feel again. You will allow people to get close to you and love you. And you will love them back. You were in an operation and the anesthesia did not work: It could suggest that you are going to end up disappointed in some people you didn’t expect to disappoint you. It will pass. You felt relaxed after receiving anesthesia: You will soon face rejection and discomfort while trying to get close to someone you care about. You don’t need that person in your life, and that’s what your dream is trying to say. 

Feelings that occurred during a dream of anesthesia: 

Fear. Petrified. Scared. Sad. Depressed. Carelessness. Relaxed. Nervous. Powerful. Disappointed.

By Florance Saul
Aug 31, 2017