Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

When one dreams of a porter it means that the dreamer is going to go through a time in their life when trouble or bad luck appears to rule. When one dreams of being a porter, this represents a more humble life style for the dreamer.

When one dreams of hiring a porter this is representative of a certain amount of success which is going to come into your life in all matters relating to finances. When one dreams of firing a porter, this is representative of conflicting work struggles in which others are out to get the dreamer and try to make them lose their job. Seeing a porter in a dream denotes decided bad luck and eventful happenings.

When one dreams of a porter, this represents a shift in one’s life and in the work load which has been overbearing to the dreamer. When one dreams of getting in a fight with a porter, this represents the dreamer’s desire to find sanity through others.

In this dream you may have

  • Gotten a positive message from a porter.
  • Taken on more work with the Porter.
  • Gotten help from the Porter.
  • Dreamed of your partner being the porter.
  • Dreamed of hiring a porter.
  • Dreamed of firing a porter
  • Dreamed of having contented conversations with a Porter.
  • Dreamed of arguing with a porter.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You got a positive message from a porter.
  • You got help from a porter
  • You dreamed of hiring a porter
  • You dreamed of traveling with a porter

Detailed dream meaning

When one is having a peaceful conversation with a porter this means that the dreamer is ready to bring on more work. When one dreams of a porter on vacation, this is representative of the dreamer’s desire to get out of their normal circumstances and try something new. Travel is in the future of the dreamer in this instance. If one’s lover appears to be a porter in the dream, this means that the dreamer is afraid of the romance stifling itself and so a romantic trip needs to happen.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Healing through work
  • Confidence through a new relationship
  • Travel in partnership
  • Travel to new places

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Porter

Opportunity. Excitednes. Comfortability.  Constance. Happiness. Certainty. Clarity. Confidence. Change.

By Florance Saul
Jan 20, 2017