Swimming in the sea

Swimming in the sea

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Water in your dream has an important spiritual message in dreams - especially if you were swimming.

To dream of swimming in the sea, or any other water surface symbolizes your current emotional state. Depending on the purity of the water, your dream can have a positive or a negative interpretation. There are many factors within this dream to consider. For example, if you are swimming and enjoying the experience, then you feel your life is secure, and you feel loved. If the water is crystal blue, then you are beginning to evaluate your life and work towards a better resolution to sort out your existing problems. If the sea is rough or you are having problems swimming, then this dream means that you have not been able to control your emotions in relation to loved ones. It is important to take time to listen to others. To swim in a storm means that problems will come to an end, but it will take time. To swim in a whirlpool means that you feel people are going to want too much from you. My name is Flo, for many years, 20 to be exact I have been studying dreams. I hope to give you the best meaning of what swimming in the sea can mean and the feelings that this dream can create which can have an impact on your daily life. Just scroll down to find out what your dream means!

What do dream psychologists say on dreaming of swimming in the sea?

It is no surprise that Freud believed that water in dreams was connected to our sexual activities. Most of his dream analysis indicates that most dreams contain sexual symbols, these appear in most dreams he has analyzed. Obviously, water symbolizes our emotional state and from a dream psychologist point of view, therefore, if the sea is rough and stormy it can indicate that we are having difficulty emotionally. The actual body of water and the way it’s portrayed in our dream is equally important. Waves in a dream can represent the fluctuations that we feel on an emotional front if you are rescued during swimming in the sea from a dream psychological point of view this can represent happiness. If we turn to the other dream psychologist Carl Jung he believed that every one of our dreams is connected to archetypes. In this sense, the water would be symbolism for how we emotionally communicate with other people. The fact that in your dream you saw the ocean, I believe from the readings I have carried out into many different dream books indicates that this dream is connected to your own emotions and life.

What is the general dream interpretation of swimming in the sea?

In a nutshell, any dream that signifies water is an ancient and universal symbol of your spiritual connection and a signal of what is likely to come in the future. The action of swimming in a dream shows that you are trying to overcome problems in an effective way. Additionally, this dream signifies the potential of a successful life. If you are on the top of the water just drifting and not fighting or swimming against the current, then it shows that you need to be in a fluid situation. If the water supported you in any way, for example, if you were paddling rather than swimming, then things will begin to improve over the next few months. If you experienced a negative event, such as if you were swimming against the current, then you may be feeling worried about the future, and this dream is a symbol of a cleansing period that is required in your life in order to weave out any unsatisfactory problems. If you see yourself swimming in the sea that is murky, it means you need to take care of yourself to prevent a minor illness. To dream of swimming in the sea that is peaceful means that things are going to be calm in the future. If the swimming pool was not clean, then things are going to be slightly taxing in the future. If in your dream you see yourself swimming strokes (breaststroke, front crawl, etc.), this represents very positive times ahead.

If the swimming in the sea is difficult - has any problems, such as contamination or bad conditions, then this dream refers to a difficult problem in the near future. To dream of swimming among rubbish or strange objects suggests that you are feeling annoyed about a friend, and it is time for you to get yourself back on track and take into account your possessions. To swim with animals, such as dolphins or whales, means that times are changing. To find yourself swimming against the tide means that people are going to come to you looking for advice.

What does it mean to drown in the sea during your dream?

This dream can be rather worrying! It implies to your inner issues related to your emotional state. You’re taking things too personally and that’s the reason why you end up hurt most of the time. Don’t take life too seriously. Drowning in the sea can also mean that you are going to find many different opportunities that will enable you to recognize your own ability to make decisions in life. If you see other people drowning in the sea in the dream, it indicates you need to respect and acknowledge people. If you are drowning due to an accident in the sea (perhaps you have fallen into the water boat sinks) it indicates that you have the ability to use your own creative energies to transport any aspects of situations in life.

What does swimming in the sea mean in dreams?

If you were swimming in the sea in your dream, it implies that the water has an important spiritual message to deliver to your subconscious mind. It could imply that lately, you’ve been preoccupied with your past and the mistakes you’ve made. It’s time you let your past go, and forgive yourself. Forgiveness is the only way you can find your inner peace again. Don’t battle with yourself and my advice is to work on improving your life. Swimming in the sea symbolizes your wish to break free and float in life again. If you swam in the sea during night-time this indicates you are a relaxed person. To swim in the sea due to an accident, such as a plane crash or boat sinking indicates that it is time for a major change.

What is the dream interpretation of swimming in deep water?

Countless people swim in deep water all the time. The ocean is probably the deepest water which is a massive 32,000 feet. This is a rather scary thought. The deepest part of the sea is known as the challenger deep which is under the Pacific ocean and the end of Mariana trench, this is 36,200 feet. Now, the sea is deep. Deeper than we can imagine, in fact, we have only discovered 5% of the oceans as human beings. So what does swimming in deep water mean? Swimming in deep water represents our own worries in life. It can suggest that you need to review your own emotions and feelings. For a better overview of this dream please click here to my more detailed meaning of deep water.

What does it mean to swim in a stormy sea in the dream?

If you were swimming in a stormy sea in your dream, it foretells that you won’t be able to handle certain situations. The reason for this is because you can’t control everything in life but that doesn’t mean you should stop fighting for what you want to achieve. Failure is a part of our live’s future successes. To fall into the stormy water in a dream means you will notice your mistakes, and be more careful in the future. Although you will most likely lose a battle with life, a lost battle doesn’t mean a lost war. Keep fighting. Use your past experience and what you’re going to learn to improve your way of doing things in the future.

What does it mean to swim with dolphins in the sea?

If you were swimming in the sea with the dolphins, it denotes you’re an intelligent person who knows how to use your talents and skills to get what you want in life. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on earth, and to see or swim with them in the sea signifies positive emotions and event ahead. Dolphins are a symbol of joy and represent spiritual guidance. If you were swimming in the same direction as the dolphins, it means you’re going in the right path in life. Otherwise, you should reconsider your future actions and plans. Ask yourself – “Are you living the life you always wanted to live? Are you satisfied with the person you’ve become?” Answering “no” means it’s time for a major life change. Listen to your heart and intuition. This will guide you on the right path.

What does it mean to swim with sharks in the sea?

If you were swimming with sharks in the sea in your dream, it denotes you’re spending time with people who are draining you emotionally. You know they have a negative influence on you but still, keep them in your life. Why? Is it because you’re afraid of giving up on the relationships? Or maybe you care about these people too much? No matter which one is it, you need to review your relationships. Holding on to the wrong people is not a positive thing. In fact, it’s better to be alone, than with the wrong people who have a negative influence on your life. Take some time to contemplate on your relationships in waking life! Being alone will come as a rebirth to your spirit and show you a new perspective on life you’re currently not aware of. Your dream also indicates a minor danger. Take care in the next few weeks of gossip or problems with others.

What does it mean to swim in crystal clear sea water?

If you were swimming in a crystal clear sea water it denotes your emotions will finally come clear. If you are uncertain of how you really feel and what in life then don't worry! This is about to change soon. To swim in the great barrier reef or to see marine fish in the dream indicates a happy content existence. Crystal clear seawater is a positive omen it can indicate that there are situations which you will encounter. Through life's lessons, you will discover the situations will result in positive ideas and give you a different perspective on life. The crystal clear water in spiritual terms means that you can achieve twice you think you can.

What does it mean to see a dirty sea water in your dream?

If the water is dirty in which you were swimming it is a negative omen. Unfortunately, dirty or muddy foretells a negative mindset. Don’t let your emotions take over the control of your rational mind. Instead of acting according to your emotions, listen to your mind instead. You’re unable to see clearly what’s right and wrong at the moment, and the only way to solve this emotional mess is by setting up a positive mindset.

  • Waves were splashing you as you were swimming in the sea: It means that your subconscious mind is giving you a warning to progress in your objectives. Stop stalling and get back on track. This is a reminder that you should live your life to the fullest and break free from the monotony that’s been suffocating you recently
  • You listened to the water as you were swimming in the sea: It denotes you’re at peace with yourself. You’ve found your inner peace by doing things you never thought you will do. Although you will be scared to walk into the unknown, you will do it anyway, and you won’t regret your choice. 

During this dream meaning I have researched many sources and also analyzed dream psychologists, in conclusion, the dream of swimming in the sea should be focused on your emotional and mental state. The more turblent the water, the more unstable you are feeling right now.


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Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of swimming

Having fun. Enjoying. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Happy. Jolly. Calmness. Peace. Fear. Free and easy. Comfort. Warmth. Anxious. Determination. Pleased. Joy.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012