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Dreaming of the planet Jupiter has a similar meaning as dreaming of the god, Jupiter.

Jupiter has an energy of luck and fortune and is a great asset when it comes to finances, taking risks, and seeking guidance during times of turmoil. The concise nature of Jupiter lends itself to those that are going on trips and in situations where snap judgments or decisions are necessary.

In this dream you may have

  • Looked through a telescope.
  • Learned about Jupiter.
  • Talked to Jupiter.
  • Sought guidance from Jupiter.
  • Were directed or instructed to do something from Jupiter.
  • Read about the solar system.
  • Saw a painting or artwork of Jupiter.
  • Felt a strong attraction or pull towards Jupiterian energies.
  • Were blessed by Jupiter.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Are given insight or guidance from Jupiter.
  • Lose money.

Detailed dream meaning

Jupiter rules over luck and fortune and when you are in a favorable position under Jupiter then you are bound to have success coming your way. The details of your dream will indicate whether your own luck is positive or negative. Be wary of prophetic images in the dream because often dreams like this are counter intuitive, meaning that the opposite is what is coming into your life. When you win a lot of money or gamble in dream then you would actually want to avoid this action in your waking world. Losing money in a dream is a symbol of being cautious but that there is a positive air around you.

Dreaming of being in the presence of Jupiter indicates that you have luck on your side right now and that you will be blessed with success in your actions. Now is the time to take charge and make a choice about a decision or direction in your life.

Sometimes there will be dreams that are frightening with Jupiter in them – such as being smited by Jupiter or the planet crashing down. Either of these scenarios indicate bad luck around you and this is not a time that you should be taking risks or making choices that are permanent in nature.

Consider areas of your life that you are taking chances or jumping before you have all of the information. Even when you have luck on your side – you want to be sure that you research all options before you. This is a time to take heed to warnings that you see as well. You are not going to be surprised by negative fallouts around you. In fact, things that are going south are going to be things that have been going poorly for quite some time.

Whenever you are directed by a God in a dream it can be a difficult dream to believe especially since the old Gods are no longer represented in a modern world. Their energies are still in existence and they do still talk directly to people. Jupiter is one that you want to pay special attention to because he is not one that likes to be ignored. If you follow his word and advice then you are likely to be rewarded in your life and richly so. Remember that he rules over both luck and opportunity – both of which are good things to have on your side!

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Feeling lucky in life.
  • Being fortunate or blessed in life.
  • Taking charge and direction of your own life.
  • Been responsible.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Jupiter

Awe. Impressed. Concerned. Shocked. Scared. Intimidated. Wary. Small. Direction. Called. Empowered. Lucky. Right. True. Honest. Worried.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012