Emerald Ring Dream Meaning

Emerald Ring Dream Meaning

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Emerald looks beautiful, especially if worn as jewelry on the body.

The emerald is associated with the goddess of Venus which is connected to love. In ancient times this stone has been connected to hope and “success in love.” we can transfer this meaning into the dream interpretation. The emerald in dreams are connected to compassion and love. Emerald also denotes healing, especially from a dream perspective. Apparently the holy grail was made from the stone of emerald and was traced back to Babylon. It is suppose to be powerful and wearing green emeralds in a dream is connected to luck in the dream state.

In your dream

  • Wearing emerald ring.
  • Giving an emerald ring.
  • Emerald engagement ring.
  • Green of the emerald ring.

Detailed dream interpretation

As a stone emerald is associated with material attainment. It denotes wealth and securing material goods and possibly fame in waking life. Wearing emerald on the body in a dream denotes a feeling of importance. Emeralds represent wealth that is inherited. In dreams emeralds represent feeling a lack of success in life. Additionally, to see others wearing emerald suggests that if you see someone struggling you need to help. To see more than one emerald indicates you need to smile in life. To see a pile of green emerald’s in your dream indicates that you need to be happy for people’s happiness. When something great happens in life to someone you know, go ahead and celebrate this success.

The wearing emerald ring is a sign that you have blessings in life. It denotes immortality, youth, hope, faithfulness and the beauty of spring. It could represent a promise or vow which you have made. It could represent your commitment to your marriage or your spouse. If you own an emerald in real life and worn it on the ring finger, it denotes that, the relationship with your love or marriage partner is in danger and it might be ending soon - if featured in a dream. It could be, you are questioning why the relationship ever started in the first place. Alternatively, it could denote that, you are going to start a new business soon which will bring great success to you. If you are a man and you see several emerald rings on your fingers, it is an indication that, you are inspired to have many sexual partners. But if you are a woman and you see several emerald rings on your fingers then you need to look at your subconsciousness because the dream is bringing out your desire to focus on yourself.

Giving an emerald ring to someone in your dream, it is a sign that, your subconsciousness is in need of a serious relationship with sexual contact or needs to improve the existing relationship and this is causing you a lot of agonies. If you receive the ring as a gift, it means that someone has accepted you as a lover and it is going to be fruitful. The emerald engagement ring could symbolize your desire for commitment, love, and security. It could also be a reminder of an upcoming commitment, meeting, event, obligation, or promise that you. It could be that you are referring to your current relationship and having second thoughts about it. Alternatively, an engagement ring of emerald could represent a hostile or battle encounter. A proposal for marriage could mean that you are going to have a new business proposal. If you see a broken engagement ring could represent a broken promise or problems with your relationship; it could be a warning that there is something amiss in your relationship.

Green of the emerald ring in your dream is a sign that, the goddess of love and beauty is protecting you. It is going to protect your love against any unfaithfulness. If you see it glowing, it means that the heart of your loved one is loyal; but if it turns into different lifeless colors apart from the beautiful green color, it means that the heart of your lover has gone astray. If you see yourself wearing a green emerald ring, alternatively, could mean that your memory will be improved and your intelligence will be on a high note thus enabling you to think clearly about your past, your present, and your future.

If you are currently in love and then you dream of emerald jewels worn by the one you love, or they give you the emerald, it means that you are going to meet a rich partner.

If you see yourself in a shop or store buying an emerald ring this denotes that you need to take the initiative in life. If you are unable to find your ring size, it is an indication that, you lack affection for others in life. If the emerald ring falls off from your finger and you loose the emerald ring then this is a negative omen which denotes serious challenges. You have broken a promise in life. Emerald is suppose to bring happiness in life and can suggest success in business. Emeralds are also supposed to be connected to magic, in that they are used in spells to bring in more creativity in life. To see you partner wearing emerald suggests: devotion, love and happiness.

If in your dream you are buying an emerald ring, it means that you need to give encouragement in life and lend a helping hand. Your business, work mates, or career will require your attention if you dream of wearing an emerald necklace.

Finding an emerald ring in your dream is associated to finding love. If you are married it is a sign that, you are going to break up with your partner - there could also be deception and betrayal of each other. If you are unmarried and you find an emerald ring it denotes humiliation and disappointment of your reputation.

A dream where you see your partner wearing an emerald indicates that you are attracted to someone who is far richer than you. Chasing an emerald in your dream is a sign that you are running after something which is unachievable. If you break an emerald ring in a dream, it shows that you are going to invest in a project that cannot be profitable.

A broken emerald ring in the dream is also a sign of health problems. If you lose your emerald ring, it is a sign that, someone is in need of having sexual contact with you. Seeing an emerald ring with a large stone suggests new acquaintances who will bring joy. If the emerald ring has a decorative cracked stone, it denotes that, you are headed for problems in life. You can sort out these problems.

If you are a woman and you see yourself being offered an emerald ring then this means two things depending on if you are single or not. If you are married, you will give birth to a son, if you are unmarried, you are going to get married soon. If the emerald ring is heavy, it could represent material attainment. Alternatively, it could imply that you are going to gain allot in life.

A situation where you see a small emerald in your dream, or it is crumbly and not inside the jewelry, or it is worn on your hand, it depicts that you will be ready to enjoy some fun or even go out for an adventurous journey.

Seeing emerald carefully packed or in a box is a sign that you are going to be joyful and happy. If it is in the form of a necklace, it implies that you are going to face some trouble. If the emerald is in the form of earrings, it denotes disclosure of a secret. An emerald ring is a sign that you are going to receive a proposal for marriage. A bracelet made of emerald is associated with love. You will be in love soon.

If you are a woman and you cannot take off your emerald ring from your finger, it implies that you are feeling that you are not feeling free and this is making you feel depressed. If your ring is forcefully pulled out from your finger in a dream, it means that you will lose your power or whatever the ring represents to you in the dream.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Engaged. In love. Strong. Successful. Worried. Afraid. Estranged. Jilted. Scorned. Failed. Agony. Intelligent.

By Florance Saul
Aug 21, 2017