Dreams Of Monsters

Dreams Of Monsters

Monsters In Dreams - What it means

Monsters have long been covered in films and books.

From mythological creatures to folkloric images. I believe that this dream could determine the breadth of challenges that are faced in daily life. The dream could contain fictional creations of your sub-conscious mind. There is an overwhelming need for opportunities when this dream presents itself, which I will try to explain.

Before we go any further, you are obviously visiting my website because you had a dream about monsters. Sometimes we dream of strange things and it can impact on us the next day. Monsters of course - come under this category.

Why have these dreams?

Dreams of monsters often happen when we are worried or anxious about something in life. The monster is a metaphor that represents unfair treatment. Monsters have long been covered in films and books. From mythological creatures to folkloric images. I believe that this dream could determine the breadth of challenges that are faced in daily life. The dreams could contain fictional creations or monsters that are based on real animals. There is an overwhelming need for opportunities when this dream presents itself. I do feel that this dream can happen when we are stuck in a rut. I’m sure that there are many ways you can get out of this rut and stop obsessing and thinking too deeply into things. It can be easy to ignore people that to engage and generally this dream can mean you are missing out on opportunities in life because something does feel uncomfortable.

What does the monster stand for in a dream?

The monster is a metaphor for possible problems or pain in life. This dream has a warning with it, that you need to be positive… tomorrow is another day! For clarity, the monster in dreams often connect to legends or historical folklore and can sometimes appear in our subconscious mind. Angels, demons, gods, goddesses, dragons, and monsters all appear in our own mythical mind.

Dreaming of monsters may exemplify our own attitudes to people. Remember the monster does not exist, it only lives in our imaginations. Monsters in dreams can leave us feeling unsettled the next day. If monsters appeared in your dream then this can Dream about nonexistent and undefined creatures are common to everyone. You create your own monsters in your dreams through your subconscious experiences and content. In most cases, it represents something you refuse to confront and acknowledge in your real life. They can also be a representation of something you fail to understand. I attempt to be as succinct as possible with each dream meaning below. Try to apply the classification of the monster into the following categories.

  • Fighting a monster in a dream: Fighting a monster in a dream is quite common. Very often fighting a monster during a dream occurs when we are failing to heed some important advice from another. The dream is connected with events in waking life. On a historical level fighting monsters in legends during our sleep connects with the need to be wiser. If the monster was animalistic in any way then this can indicate that you need to monitor how you approach problems in life. Monsters are tightly interwoven into our own culture. Demons, fairies, and vampires in a dream can indicate that your innocence is being challenged.
  • Monster size: The size of the monster will determine the size of the issue you are handling in real life. Dreams about monsters could be a sign to face your issues in real life, even if you don’t like or you fear them. Change what you can and accept those that you have no control over. It could be that there is a part of you which doesn’t want to accept someone for who they are, or you might be angry over something. The need to forgive yourself for someone’s actions can also cause monster dreams.
  • Attacking monster in dreams: Magical, gigantic monsters attacking you during the dream indicates a “battle” is going to be on your hands. It denotes, in Welsh folklore that you should be perfectly obedient to your own goals in life. To overcome the monster in a dream is positive.
  • Serpent or dragon monster: Dreaming of a gigantic serpent or dragon can indicate that you are capable of thinking deeply. In Hindu mythology Ahi was a massive serpent that was so large it drunk the water in the earth. Dreaming of a large snake monster can indicate that you need to release your emotions.
  • Vampire monsters: Vampiric monsters in dreams are connected to the need for safety to occur in life. The dream is focused on protection. It was thought on the African cost that vampires presented in sleeping indicate that you need to abandon a project. The correct technical term is known as an abandon and if you get repetitive dreams of this type of monster (trying to bite you) then it is advised to lay pepper before you sleep.
  • Dreaming of strange creatures: Mythical creatures in a dream can indicate that “not all is as it seems.” The creature could often be connected to your dealings with others in real life. Sometimes the monster in your dream could just be from deep within your subconscious mind. Every dream is connected to our own symbolic subconscious mind. Monsters are strange and this could represent dealing with someone or a situation in life. Strange creatures in dreams often appear when we are feeling worried or scared about something. The strange creatures can represent our own fear even though they are completely harmless. There is a focus here on feeling free, the monster represents a phase of life that is free from worry. If the strange creatures are large then this can indicate you are feeling overwhelmed. I hope this helps.
  • Cannot see the monster: There are times when you dream about a monster which you cannot see, but deep down, you know that it is in the vicinity, trying to haunt you. This kind of dream is revealing to you an issue in your life you are trying to escape from. It could be a message to face a problem that is really bothering you in life and which is now being portrayed in your subconscious as a “monster” so that you can tackle your problems before they destroy you. When people contact me about monster dreams I often ask them to look at the past for pain that needs overcoming.
  • Transformation in life: When undergoing a transformation, it is possible to have dreams about monsters. They are dreams which can reveal the bad and the ugly in your personality. You might be behaving badly with your friends and relatives, treating them unjustly and thus the dream will try to pinpoint out to you some of the bad habits you have or how badly you are behaving and the dire need to change.
  • Anxiety dream: Something happening in your life which you are worried about can make you to dream about a monster. On the other hand, you could be having your own desire for something bad to happen to someone else and thus, make you to have this type of dream. Falling out with someone can often trigger a monster to appear in your dream. The dream could pinpoint a certain problem you are currently facing in your life which is now overwhelming you. This could be “being” out of control over a situation in your life. If the monster is massive, then it could be a sign of being overpowered. If it had large sharp teeth, then it could imply that you fear being attacked. I do feel that not having enough sleep and other physical conditions can cause you to have dreams where you see monsters. Overeating and constipation can affect our dreams. Not being to sleep well due to bad aeration in the room could also trigger the dream.
  • Children dreaming of a monster: It is common for children to have monster dreams than grownups due to the content they watch in cartoons and movies or some underlying issues in their lives. Children often have dreams of monsters and can indicate that they are feeling worried about an aspect of waking life.

What are important aspects when looking at this dream symbol?

When you are trying to decode a dream about a monster, you will need to remember all the details. How did you feel? Were you threatened, chased or beaten by the monster? I do feel there is definitely an important message in this dream. Having fear or feeling threatened during the dream can trigger the monster appearing. In this case, it symbolizes a person in your life whom you consider to be a threat or one who forces you to do something that you don’t like or you know is overwhelming to you. A situation or a person who presents a threat to your desires and wishes become a monster in your dream.

What does imply to have a dream of a monster?

Dreaming about a monster, in general terms could be connected to a person that has caused you pain and results in your own emotions and feelings. When you have a dream of seeing a mythical creature it could represent your own fears which have been caused by something or someone. So generally, dreaming about a monster represents feelings and emotions which you are bottling up inside you and it is time to release these feelings.

What does imply to have a dream concerning running from a monster?

Running away from a monster in your dream could be indicative of going through several events in your life. In the dream world, it means escaping something. After the dream, instead of continuing to run, focus on solving them or seeking help to solve them.

What does it imply to dream about feeling fear?

Dreams about a monster that causes fear could mean the complete opposite. In folklore, dreaming of feeling fear can represent an exciting adventure and it is definitely going to change your perspective. It could be a new adventure or a challenging time for you. After having this dream, you will need to be careful about the things you get involved and take precautions so that you avoid dangerous situations as much as possible.

What could it indicate to dream of people running from a monster?

To see groups of people running away from a monster in your dream could indicate that you are about to experience a situation where you feel like running away. The people could represent your career, there is a focus to protect yourself from adversaries who are out to use your information to make your life stressful.

What does it mean to dream about strange creatures?

Seeing odd looking creatures in the dream can imply that you are going to face some minor problems. This dream can indicate that you could be in some trouble and your inner thoughts are trying to work out what is going on in your life. Trust your intuition. You may need to wait for things to develop and the problem to surface. This is like forwarning you in some respects. That it is time to face “strange” problems and tackle them immediately.

What does it imply to dream about a monster with large teeth?

A dream where you see a monster with large teeth in your dream could be an indication of an issue. Teeth that are scary in dreams indicate our own focus on resolving issues. If the monster was trying to bite you this can imply that through time things will work out well. It will just take some time. Ironically, people having these types of dreams often wake up uneasy. If you were brushing your teeth before bedtime (which most of us do!) then it could just be a reflection of this rather than to associate this with any meaning.

What could it denote to dream about having a relationship with a monster?

To undertake a relationship (sexual or otherwise) implies that you are facing some personal restrictions at the moment. It is a sign that, someone is not giving you the right attention. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you detest rules (is this the case?), thereby confronting the status quo.

What does imply to have a dream concerning monsters attacking?

I have touched on this in the opening section about fighting monsters but monsters attacking you in your dream could be an indicator of simple anxiety. We all get worried at times. I do believe that we get worried more when we age (I know I do). It could be that, in the coming days, someone in your family or a close friend is going to turn to you for advice.

What does it imply to dream about a strange looking animal?

Dreaming about a strange looking animal that is “fictional” indicates your hidden worries. The advice is to express yourself better - but at the same time do not fear. There are times where it is hard to show our true self, in difficult situations. On the other hand, this particular dream could denote that you have hidden desires which you find hard to let others know about. In folklore, many odd-looking animals have appeared. If you have watched anything on TV or played some games relating to strange looking animals then dreaming of such a thing is natural.

What does killing a monster mean in a dream?

If the monster was chasing you or attacking then you may dream you kill a monster. Now, this is good news, it is an indication of becoming victorious over the problems in your life. To stab the monster in a dream indicates overcoming sabotage.

What does it indicate to dream about a monster eating you?

A monster trying to eat you in your dream this could be a representation of great news. After having this particular dream, try to focus on relationships that you have around you. Staying at home most of the time and avoiding social gatherings could cause you to miss out on happy times.

What could it denote to dream about talking to a monster?

Talking to a monster in your fears can indicate your own desires that are presenting themselves in the form of a monster. Maybe you are having feelings towards someone, but you are afraid to let them know about it. On the other hand, this particular dream can denote hearing some bad news from someone in your life. It could be that someone whom you treasure might find themselves in a lot of trouble in the days to come.

What could imply to have a dream concerning a monster in front of you?

Seeing a monster in front of you in the dream could mean there is someone in your life who causes you problems. Standing opposite a monster in a dream can mean that you are worried about how you come across.

What does it imply to dream about a monster killing you?

A dream whereby you see yourself being killed by a monster is all sign of transformation and new beginnings. This is a positive omen. Such a dream means that, in the coming period, you are going to go focus on life challenges and difficulties which will decrease with time. Take the dream as a warning and try to arm yourself so that you are not caught off-guard.

In conclusion, dreaming of a monster represents a difficult situation, a bad habit or an addiction in life. In most dream books monsters are associated with difficult times but through this transformation we all end up happier. No matter what comes into our lives to challenge us we can face it regardless.

By Flo Saul
Sep 9, 2018