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To dream of your own belly is a warning that appearances may be deceptive. The belly is connected to the center point of your body, and therefore the spiritual center of growth.

We rarely acknowledge the spiritual side of our life. This dream suggests that you need to undertake a process of healing, and you may also need to trust your own obscurity in the future. If you dream of a belly, and you happen to be pregnant, then this is a natural dream connected to your new baby. If you dream that your belly is expanding and becoming larger, it shows that you will encounter spirituality in the future.

To dream that you have a belly ache means that you will enjoy good health. If something falls on your belly, it suggests that you might undergo a humiliating experience. To dream that you have a swollen belly means a short disease may be coming your way.


To dream that your belly worries you or that you have indigestion means that you should temper your jealousy towards others. To dream that you have belly ache means a friend will betray some of your secrets.

In your dream you may have...

  • Seen your own belly.
  • Seen somebody else’s belly.
  • Had a pain in your belly.
  • Seen a belly piercing.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You were satisfied by the shape and size of your belly.
  • You felt free and content baring your belly.
  • The belly was natural.
  • The belly you saw was decorated beautifully.

Detailed dream interpretation...

A belly featured in your dream could be a sign of troubles and trials. Having a belly foretells losing your time in court with various trials. A big belly on a man represents trial and strife. A big belly on a woman is a sign of gain in business. A small, thin belly also refers to troubles and possible justice.

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