Gas Chamber

Gas Chamber

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This can be a rather worrying dream!

Seeing yourself or another person in a gas chamber in a dream means that you seriously need to escape or get rid of something in your life, which causes you a lot of disturbances, such as illness, distress, and negative attitudes. This is really harmful to your well being, and therefore you should read between the lines of the dream in order to discover what exactly it refers to.

Your dream

  • You see a gas chamber.
  • You are in a gas chamber.
  • People in a gas chamber.

Positive changes are afoot if

You have a courageous attitude when confronted with difficulties.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you dream of a gas chamber, it refers to a situation in your life that you would very much like to escape and that you feel it suffocates you, overwhelms you, and it destroys your identity. Dreaming of yourself being in a gas chamber is the symbol of your feelings about being cut off something that matters to you in your life. If other people are in the gas chamber, something or someone in your life is advising and encouraging you to renounce some patterns of yours.

If you see a gas chamber in your dream, it means that you can encounter some worrying and injurious situations ahead, and you will probably get scared. You should confront your fear, and prepare to move on with a courageous attitude. A dream displaying a gas chamber could mirror your future in the sense that getting rid of fear both in the dream and reality should be a similar process. Learn from your dream, and try to renounce fear, just the way to did it in your dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a gas chamber

Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Furious. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. Offended. Insecure. Upset. Angry. Scared

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012