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Digging is a symbol of trying to search for something in life. It also means that you have good "intuition" and your ability to pick up feelings "in the air" or being involved in new things is important to you.

Working with the soil in the garden means that it is time to think about what you need in life. It also means that you need to search for something meaningful in your waking life. Dreaming of digging in the dirt with your bare hands symbolizes an immediate need to reveal your inner feelings. You will probably take action quite soon. To see digging tools in a dream can have various meanings, from financial success to criminal thoughts. See below for more information. If you conduct the action of digging you are probably trying to obtain an object in waking life. To dig up a dead body means that you will develop further in your life. To dream that someone is digging a grave suggests an anxiety about being noticed by others. To use your hands to dig means you should take action right away in a situation that has caused you great concern. If you dream a pile of dirt this can indicate money and good luck. If you dream that you are digging in a dry ground this is definitely a good sign. To struggle to dig means that this can represent an actual goal that you are striving to reach. The advice is to keep on going. Digging in a garden or displaying additional gardening activities such as planting flowers symbolizes that you need to examine certain situations in your waking life and decide if you have the ability to help others to develop and grow.

What is the general meaning of digging in a dream?

If you are placing plants in the soil this means you feel that it is about time to make a few important changes in your life. However, you are still unclear as to what these changes may be and what may entail. If you plant roses in your garden suggests that you can benefit from feminine wisdom and knowledge. Planting plants such as herbs or vegetables represent insecurity over possessions. You need to know what will turn out in your favor. It is time to learn to appreciate peace and quiet in your life. If you dream of digging your own grave when you are about to encounter a challenging situation. It is time to search for yourself in order to find inner harmony and meaning in your waking life. Dreaming of digging a grave in a cemetery is a positive omen. Generally, digging a grave predicts a positive event in your life. It can be a long-awaited celebration or party.

The digging hoe in a dream may have a double meaning. If you are holding the hoe, but do not start digging the hoe represents an aggressive attitude toward a specific person or a situation in your immediate surroundings. You must examine this situation since the hoe signifies possible aggressive actions in the near future. If you are using the hoe to dig out the soil this means you will be successful in a financial transaction. If in your dream you are digging for no reason, and you are actually trying to find something in your waking then this dream represents the need to move on a path of enlightenment and spiritual peace through reflection and meditation. To dig a field suggests that you will try to relax but you keep having worries. It is time to slow down and learn to appreciate some peace and quiet in your life.

To use the following tools in the garden:

The spade means that you are searching for something unique. For a garden folk to be featured in your dream indicates that other people will gossip about you. To dream of a rake means that people will bring you riches. The hoe means being on the run, effort, weariness, but also set goals.

What’s the dream interpretation of digging soil?

Soil symbolizes fertility and our potential to grow, spiritually, mentally, and on every other level. It represents a possibility for new beginnings as a product of hard work and labor. To dream of digging soil means you will reach your full potential. You will give your hard and soul to accomplish a certain success in waking life and ensure a safe progress of your career. Let’s turn this on its head and say, “don’t forget to water what you plant after digging.” Pay special attention to small rising goals. Luck will be on your side. Make sure you use it wisely to create the life you always wanted to live. This dream also denotes a somewhat negative mood. Digging is one of the many ways you can tame your negative emotions. When you feel negative in life try to keep positive. This is the only way to feel good again. Set up a positive mind-set. Use your intellectual mind.

What does it mean to dream about digging a grave?

To dream of digging a grave has basically two interpretations. Firstly, yourself or someone else has a guilty conscience or you are trying to focus on your own ambitions. Digging a grave can indicate that you wish to grow and succeed in life. If you are feeling miserable in life then it is time to focus on moving forward with vigor. To see a gravedigger in a cemetery during your dream indicates that there may be problems or issues moving forward. To see somebody digging a grave with a spade indicates that somebody is going to move you to make a decision in a certain situation. Interestingly, after a grave is dug most gravediggers will insert a wooden box into the soil. If you have actually seen this in your dream it can suggest that you were trying to box up your emotions in life.

From a dream psychology perspective digging a grave can mean that you feel you are getting deeper and deeper into a situation they and you are not sure how to move forward. To see others digging graves in a dream try to set goals. All the things you’ve never tried, all the ocean you haven’t dived in yet. What about all the countries you never visited? Or the mountains you never climbed? Maybe create a new wish list and start fulfilling.

What’s the interpretation of digging ground in a dream?

The dream interpretation of digging the ground is related to the dreamer’s hard-working nature and ability to solve problems in the shortest period of time. You always listen to your intuition when it comes to making a move that will contribute your future career progress. To dream of digging the ground with a spade signifies digging into your past in waking life. Why are you going back to the old problems that are already solved? Your dream delivers a message – stop using old solutions to solve your new problems. Each problem is for itself, and you seem to have no problem finding the best solution for everything. Use your abilities to prosper, not your past. Digging the ground with your hands indicates your trying to set goals in life.

What does it signify to dream of digging dirt?

To dream of digging dirt means you’re ‘digging up goals. You are desperately searching for answers to some of your unanswered, complicated questions related to your past. You want to get to the core of your past problems and see what did you did wrong, so you do not repeat the same mistakes. Although it seems like a smart move, digging up your past never brings anything positive in my view. In dream lore, the advice is to focus on your future and follow your intuition. There’s no way to commit new mistakes if you just follow your gut.

What’s the dream interpretation soil?

The soil is a symbol of fertility, new beginnings, spiritual growth and growth of potential. You’re able to accomplish many great things but the fear of failure is always slowing you down. You always predict the worst outcome of your plans, actions, and goals. To realize your dreams, you must think positive and imagine the best possible outcome. I am saying move toward with your goals and the outcome and it will become your reality. Don’t let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game. You’re a great player.

What does it represent to dream of a hole in the ground?

To dig a hole in the ground in your dream represents that you are trying to remove any insecurity and troubles in your waking life. Are you worried about your future? This dream can imply that you are desperately looking for a way out. Are you trying to accomplish something that was very important to you in the past? If so, this will help you define your future goals. The only way to realize your ambitions and aspirations is to focus on what to do, and not on the steps you shouldn’t make. Your dream also represents your determination to find answers to your questions related to other people in your life. In dream books I have read digging a hole indicates you need to focus on others and yourself. There is some key advice here. Love yourself more. Spend more time in your own company. Know yourself.

What does it mean to dream of digging up money?

Money in dreams is a representation of your self-confidence, life values, and self-worth. You believe in yourself and your abilities. To dream of winning a large sum of money and become secure for the rest of your life. Money is also a common symbol of power, sexuality, and stability. To dream of digging up money or treasure indicates your request for power, love, and stability in waking life. It also symbolizes the rediscovery of yourself and refreshing your old beliefs. Digging up money is one of the most common dreams that in old dream lore foretells future luck and prosperity.

What’s the symbolism of shovel or spade in a dream?

The shovel in a dream is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, practical solutions, hard-working nature and physical strength. You seek enlightenment. You thrive to grow spiritually and mentally. You’re also on a quest for a new, better understanding of life and your true self. You seek the truth.

In your dream you may have:

Dug a hole in the ground. Worked in a garden using a hoe to dig around. Been in a cemetery, and you or others were digging graves. Seen piles of dug dirt, either wet or dry. Been holding or using a hoe for digging purposes.

What this means to your life:

Something is missing in your waking life, either a person or some sense of satisfaction. You are searching for a hidden meaning in your waking life. You may be pleasantly surprised sometime soon.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of digging:

Worry. Uncomfortable. Reserved. Quiet. Bored. Tired. Reclusive. Uninterested.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012