Bake House

Bake House

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A bake house is a place where bread is made.

In your dream, you could be in a baking factory alternatively baking bread in the kitchen. It has a similar meaning to a bakery, and it can be used interchangeably. When you dream about a bake house, it means that you are going to achieve in life. There is a sense of caution that is required if you dream of a bake house. It is imperative that you understand that caution will result in success in the long term.

In the dream

  • You enter a bake house.
  • You cook in a bake house.
  • You may experience a fire in a bake house.
  • Someone, you know works in a bake house
  • A stranger is working in a bake house.
  • Flour is found in your dream.
  • In your dream you bake: cookies, cakes, pastries or pies in a bake house/bakery.
  • You dream of a retail bakery.
  • You dream of an old bake house.
  • In your dream, there are mills to grind the grain.
  • The Bake house is in a foreign country.
  • You dream of a baker in the bake house.
  • You dream of a coffeehouse or cake shop.
  • You visit a patisserie.
  • The bread is not edible.
  • The contents in the bake house burn.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

If in your dream you see yourself working in a bake house it means that the time has come for you to be prosperous in life - congratulations. You will become affluent in society. Your hard work is about to be rewarded along with a blessing in abundance.

If the food burns in a bake house this is connected to privacy. It means that somebody is going to let the secret out of the bag very shortly. To cook in a bake house indicates that new possibilities are coming your way. In order to understand the dream on a deeper level, it is important to understand what was being cooked in the dream.

To see flour in the dream suggests hard work is always rewarded with sweet fruits while laziness is rewarded with bitter fruits. You have been hard working, and this is why you are living in comfort and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Your friends and relatives have been on the receiving end of your great fortune, benefiting from your hard work.

In an ancient dream dictionary meanings to dream of a bake house shop or bakery indicates you will come across a special person you have a connection with. One interesting dream meaning from the 1930s outlines the following: "People remain in your shadow and eat leftovers from your high table or work hard to be better than you are at the moment. They have the choice to select what best suits you.”

If you see a friend or relative entering a bake house in your dream, it means that someone you know is soon to be prosperous in their life.

You will be left wondering what has happened. Others are being blessed while you are wallowing in poverty. The best you can do is ask others for guidance on how to achieve your goals on time and reach the top of your profession - as soon a possible. When approach matters like that, you will be able to crown your hard work with success.

To dream of a patisserie suggests you need to open up more to people. Close associates will evaluate your problems and sort them out if you could not eat the bread in your dream.

If you hide something from others, then the results are not successful. The key message of this screen is that you need to make very focused changes in your career path. Possibly consider retraining. To see a chef in the bake house indicates safety. When you receive the knowledge on how to move on the chef indicates that you are the cook of life. It means that you can set the rules.

When a strange person appears to be entering into a bake house in your dream, it automatically means that you will be stable. To see a bake house or bakery on a grand scale such as a factory or retail outlet denotes that you will need to travel away from your comfort zone in order to find a solution to your problem. This will enable you to find your stepping stone and become successful.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Blessings, dedicated, prosperous, disoriented, hardworking, poor, successful

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2017