Dream meaning of drinking absinthe

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Oh, what a lucky dream! Absinthe is an alcoholic drink, which is rather rare to feature in one's dreams but all dreams mean something!

If you discover this drink in your dream it suggests a neglected part of your life that your dreaming mind is trying to encourage you to reclaim. It is telling you that it is not too late to start again, learn a skill and so on. If, however, the absinthe makes you drunk in the dream then it reflects insights you find hard to swallow in waking life; by bringing these insights to your attention, your mind will help you under­stand what is required in life.

Dreams are all meaningful, to pour the absinthe in your dream means that one's life will be challenged. Absinthe as an alcoholic drink that has been banned for a long time in some countries. This means there may be a warning for the dreamer!

Detailed dream interpretation

In your dream you are drinking the liquor commonly known as absinthe, then things will be positive in life. This dream tells the present state of your life when pleasure and joy is your prime consideration. As the anise-flavored spirit is somewhat rare the dream can suggest that what you are going to get is an unexpected surprise. Enjoyment is not abhorrence to delightful humane life. Your dream of being influenced by absinthe symbolizes your aspirations of a "merry" life. There is nothing wrong in happiness as long as you are not wasting any of your resources. It is a warning that one's lavish life will lead you to regret things later in life.

To see yourself drinking absinthe in a dream can serve as a warning. Drinking absinthe, a banned liquor drinking is a violation of existing law. It simply means that drinking what is forbidden gives the idea that you are being selfish. You simply do not care about your environment. You are getting insensitive. This kind of treatment needs to change.

What does it mean to dream of drinking absinthe with a lover?

If you are drinking absinthe with a lover in a dream state, this appears to be submission to something that is illicit. For women, it can mean you are being tempted to give yourself to your lover no matter what it takes. Even if your relationship is not at the right stage. Even if your lover is not the right person for you, your dream tells you that your affair will be consummated. This is really something that needs to be avoided. Do not fall for someone you are not sure will commit to you. To avoid regret in the long run, choose the right man for you. Let him be someone who can stand by you until the end of time.

To see others drinking absinthe in a dream?

If you see other people drinking absinthe is connected to the responsiveness of others. If these people are drunk in the dream it indicates that you cannot trust anyone but yourself!

In your dream, you may have

  • Been under the influence of absinthe.
  • Been drinking absinthe with a lover.
  • Drinking absinthe.
  • Seeing other people drinking absinthe.
  • Getting rather drunk on absinthe

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are drinking absinthe with a lover.
  • People are drinking absinthe.
  • Drinking absinthe with your lover.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of absinthe

Pleasurable, adventurous, excited, conscious, curious, open-minded, happy, feeling that others matter to you.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013