Dream About Red Shoes  

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Dream About Red Shoes

Maybe you had a dream of some designer high heels, the classic red shape or you see women, high heel wearers. High heels were created in 1810 and they became popular. The height of the shoe is also important. So what does this dream mean?

What do red shoes mean in dreams?

Red shoes are ionic shoes that signify passion above all else. We often see red shoes in dreams when our passion is at it’s highest. Red shoes as a dream symbol represent passion, strength, stamina, and inner energy. Seeing yourself in a pair of red shoes also indicates limitations in your life. Additionally, to see others wearing red shoes symbolizes eminence and effort in a relationship. The advice from this dream is that you should consider acting on a project or goal you've been putting off. A red spiritual sign in your life can often cause this dream to happen. The color red is a perceptible color, it is bright, happy and bold - this could be how you feel right now.

I remember having a dream about red shoes when I was younger, and it was one of the most vivid dreams I’d ever had—one that has stuck with me until this day.

In my dream, I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz; though instead of ruby slippers, I wore bright red shoes. My parents were there too, standing by watching as my feet changed direction so that the toes in the red shoes would always point forward on my journey. Dreaming of red shoes in my view means passion, we might face a trial (crazy things happening) in the coming weeks but the red shoes are showing that there is still light at the end of every tunnel and unknown path. In other words: keep going.

Though it may sound strange to say this; seeing a dream about red shoes can represent courage for facing without fear new chapters in life. Spiritually, I’m sure you will agree red indicates passion so wearing red shoes in dreams can suggest that passion will enter your life.

What is the spiritual meaning of red shoes?

If you have seen red shoes in your dreams it can often signify that people have depicted or degraded your passion in life. Often, to dream of red high heels represents being above anyone else, unfortunately, this is about possible possession of abuse or that you are entrenched in a blockage helping you move along in life.  Sparkly (like the wizard of oz) red shoes indicate a prize or gift coming your way. The stereotypes for red shoes are strippers or those that are showing their womanly features. Wearing the red shoes in your dream we can come to some reason to decode, perhaps you see images like Pretty Women's famous thigh-high red boots, stockings, or just plain old red shoes. So here are some dreams about red shoes that you may have encountered.

Is this dream of red shoes good or bad?

I do feel this is a positive dream, it is about life being filled with a lot of passion. If you see red shoes in dreams this can indicate goals in order to accomplish passion. In different dreams, red shoes can be interpreted in different ways. The shade of red is also important in our dreams. A deep red shoe in a dream indicates how we communicate and convey to the people around us. Bright red colors in dreams hold subconscious linkages that influence not only our feelings and actions. A rich hue of red can be associated with our emotions in either a favourable or opposing way. Considering how colors vibrate in spiritual and energetic domains, they all hold important meanings. There are many different types of red, such as crimson, salmon pink, poppy red, carmine, bright red, and madder. I do feel that this dream is about the spirit sending you a symbol of how you can comprehend goals in life. 

What does it mean to dream of wearing red shoes?

As I have already mentioned above red is a bold color that is connected to how we navigate our passions in life. The other concept that I want to mention is that it denotes our own intuitive 'knowings.' We would have experienced all sorts of challenges if we dream of wearing red shoes that are too big. Seeing someone else in red shoes is about closing an opportunity. Have you ever felt an urge to do something, but couldn't explain why? Is something right for you intuitively, or do you know? You were acting on your intuition here. There is no exception to the ability to use intuition - everyone has it. Wearing a pair of red shoes is about your inner knowing, a sign of satisfaction in life.

When I am looking into dream meanings, I tend to focus on the lower levels of the dream energy field. Each of us has a layer of field and colors and objects in our dreams provide a clue to the meaning. To heal the entire field, or all energy bodies, full healing must be done. When we see red in our dreams it is about healing ourselves, red is elegance. 

What does it mean to wear someone else’s red shoes?

We often think about being able to walk in someone else's shoes as our ambition in life. In dreams, we can sometimes see red shoes on someone we know or a complete stranger. The meaning of a dream will be determined by the footwear the person wears. The dream could be related to the relationship you have with other people if you suddenly find yourself wearing the red shoes of someone else. 

What does it mean to dream of red high heels?

Red high heel shoes indicate that you are feeling higher and happy at the moment. I also feel this is an interesting dream. High heels in dreams are about the height of life. High heels is about thinking about how high you can go - goals and how you can focus in life. The ability to come up with new ideas is a right-brain function. Evaluation and development, however, are left-brain tasks. It can sometimes be difficult to tell which brain is being used (for example, when you are composing, writing something, organizing, or taking a photograph). Usually, we get ideas in our right brains but need to use our left brains to develop and create them. Red high heels in dreams are about how we navigate our own objectives, using both parts of our brains.

Conclusion of a Dream of red shoes

Red shoes are associated with focusing on yourself, your passions and how you navigate life. Dreaming of red shoes is about making sure that you trust things in life. I have spoken about red being the color of passion and spiritually this could be a dream that is connected to how we trust in our inner mind and focus in life. The type of red shoe that you could see in the dream will also provide added clues as to the meaning. In a nutshell, it is a positive dream and I hope you decide to follow your passions in life. Blessings Flo x

Positive changes are afoot

Be ready to change your life in some way. Be ready to live abroad for some time. Be more adaptable to life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of shoes

Happy. Fulfilled. Wholeness. Comfortable. Ashamed. Confused. Sadness. Reconciliation. Peace. Joy.


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By Florance Saul
Jul 4, 2022