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Ancient dream dictionaries to denote that small bodies of water like a pond indicate tranquility in your life.

This can be an excess or lack. The dream of a pond is a direct insight into the psyche of your mind. The water in the pond is very important it represents the emotions that you hold. Depending upon the type of water that was found in the pond, one can define what the true meaning is. If the pond was murky then this is generally a negative dream. The clearer the water in the pond more positive the dream is. The water is related to cleansing because water symbolises emotion.

So if you dream that the pond is frozen for example this indicates you feel emotions are on hold.

The pond is a direct reflection of your emotional state at the moment you may feel in one's dream that you can release a tremendous amount of emotion. This is a great progress, no matter how worrying the release maybe extreme but you do not want to keep hold of these emotions.

It can mean that you are undergoing a repressed time in waking life. So, key message is: these emotions need to be released.

In this dream you may

  • See a pond.
  • Walk by a pond.
  • See a pond shrink.
  • See a dry pond.
  • Watch ducks in a pond.
  • Push someone or be pushed into a pond.
  • Swim or wade in a pond.
  • See a disgusting or dirty pond.
  • See a pond with a fence around it.
  • See your reflection in a small pool of water.
  • Drowned in a pond.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You see a clear or clean pond.
  • You wade in a pond happily.
  • You see ducks in a pond.

Detailed dream meaning

Ponds appear to become associated with the emotions within our existence. Water is obviously synonymous with our unconscious because it moves in the same manner that our feelings change. But here the land is most significant because it symbolizes the details and reality in our existence. Therefore we know the feelings associated with our general lives.

Ponds in dreams are very clear to see. Ponds often connect to moments whenever we look within our own feelings. Simply then remember the day before and find out with what ways you've been stuck in your feelings. Also search for ways that others happen to be searching in their own feelings and analyzing their feelings. When you can place some strong connection then you'll know what the general subject from the dream is. Then search for other clues in other symbols

Water has long been thought to be an emotional and sexual image. The dream of a pond can mean either depending on the person. For one person the pond may represent inner thoughts and feelings while for another person it can be sexuality. Often the two are interlinked, especially for women. To dream you or someone else drowned in a pond suggests there will be challenges and new emotions in waking life. These are representations of a new beginning.

A clear and clean pond is a sign of clear thoughts and images – a clear conscious or pure heart. A dirty pond is one that shows a murkiness of character as well as a desire to change (depending on the reaction to the dirty pond water)

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Changing your life for the better.
  • Being innocent or pure.
  • Having true intentions.
  • Meditation or seeking internal tranquility.
  • Erotic feelings.
  • Having balance and clarity.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a pond

Peaceful. Happy. Nice. Enjoyment. Curious. Light. Healthy. Peaceful. Calm. Interested.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012