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A garden in a dream is a very good sign for your life as it indicates growth and potential for positive change.

Radishes specifically are beneficial signs for positive changes in luck, added spice to romance, and health. Radishes represent the fringe benefits of life and are not required luxuries but can add color and flair. Consider taking a trip, being a bit bolder in love, or even games of chance when you see radishes in your dream.

In this dream you may have

  • Eaten a salad.
  • Cleaned or prepared radishes.
  • Ate radishes.
  • Threw up radishes.
  • Planted radishes or saw them growing in a garden.
  • Had many or excess radishes.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You plant radishes.
  • You see many radishes growing.
  • You eat a radish.

Detailed dream meaning

When you dream of radishes in a garden, this is a show that luck is on your side, and usually this is a good sign for finances as well as prosperity in general in your life. You are going to find that you are unusually lucky at this time in your life, and therefore it is a good time to take a chance on people in your life as well as new opportunities that come your way. Planting radishes is a sign of creating success in your life and you will find that you are on a good path for creation and creativity in your life.

Eating radishes are good for your health and in a dream this is also true. If you have health concerns on your mind right now, then a radish is a good sign as they are an omen for healing and recovery. They are important for people that have blood problems or heart problems. When you see radishes in a dream, sometimes for those that are very healthy they are a sign that you need to monitor your health and be taking better care of yourself so that you do not get sick.

Radishes are a vegetable that many people have strong reactions to – you either love them or hate them. Take into consideration your own feelings for radishes both in the waking world as well as in the dream and use your own thoughts as a clue to what the radish in your dream meant. If you liked the radish, for example, this is good news coming your way in your life and you can prepare for an easy time in all areas of your life. Eating radishes can also be a positive change coming your way or indicating that things are going to be getting easier for you.

If radishes make you sick in your dream and you have a bad reaction to them than this is a sign of living a life of excess. Consider ways in which you can simplify or where your own lifestyle is creating a problem. Usually when you dream of radishes and disdain then it is only the beginning of your problems and then you have time to turn it around.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Creating change in areas of excess before problems arise.
  • Good health and fortune.
  • Healing and recovery.
  • Falling in love or starting a new relationship.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a radish

Nice. Relaxed. Serene. Happy. Calm. Peace. Hungry. Sick. Sad. Unhappy. Gross. Different.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012