Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A rifle in your dream represents an assessment or influence that is accurate.

It means that you are planning for the problem or something which is unwanted to you. Rifles frequently appear in dreams if you need to point at something in life, at their exact problem. It may indicate your anger, aggressive behavior or probable danger.

If you see that you are attacking someone with a rifle, you have to control your anger towards others. If you find yourself fired at by a rifle in your dream, it may indicate a probable danger in your life.

If you find others surrounding you with rifles, it may indicate you are going to face something dangerous that can lead to a horrible situation.

If you find yourself with a group of people with rifle, it may indicate you are going to be involved in some trouble or going to resolve any problem.

What you might see in your dream

  • You are carrying rifle.
  • You are firing someone with your rifle.
  • You are being shot by a rifle.
  • Some people are running after you with a rifle.
  • Some of your close ones got shot by a rifle.
  • You are carrying rifle with a bunch of people

Positive findings about dreaming of rifle

  • Firing properly with your rifle can give you confidence.
  • It can show your power.
  • It can give you a lesson of self-protection.
  • Alert you about danger.
  • Carrying rifles with a group can lead you to save something or protect your precious things.

Interpretation in details

If you carry a rifle in your dream, it shows that you are confident enough to face any hurdle. It gives you strong feelings to win anything. It gives you powerful feelings which can lead you to your goal.

If you see in your dream that you are loading a rifle, it indicates that you should control you violent behavior. It also can indicate your ability to protect yourself in any tough situation.

If you find that your rifle is not firing, it may indicate your poor feeling in a troubled time. Maybe you should overcome your problems in a different way. That means the technique you are applying to overcome your hurdles is not suitable for you. You should opt for another way to take over all the problems in life.

A faulty rifle stands for sexual weakness; whereas a firing rifle indicates sexual power for men.

Firing someone with the rifle shows your aggressive feeling and silent anger towards that person. Seeing this kind of a dream, you should control your anger towards others. If you don’t do so, you may create some real trouble to others. It can even harm yourself.

Watching someone firing at you with a rifle hints that you might be experiencing some argument in your life. You should be aware of being involved in any kind of troubles.

If you see many people surrounding you with rifles, it may indicate that you are fearful of getting robbed. May be you are holding some precious things with you that you want to protect at any cost. On the other hand, if you find yourself with a group of people holding rifles, it may indicate that you are trying to protect something valuable. It can even be saving your precious materials or protecting your land from others.

Feeling that comes in your mind after watching this kind of dream

Self defense, Power, Confidence, Protection, Worried and so on.

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2013