Snakes in a room

Snakes in a room

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Did you know that seeing a snake in a room during your dream is an omen that you may be unaware of a problem in life.

To see three snakes in a room is quite a significant dream. So you could see that snake in a room in your dream? My name is Flo and I will help you decode this dream. The snake found in a room is associated with stubbornness. It is important to actually look at the snake and room as two separate meanings merge these together in order to create a dream interpretation. Let's begin with the snake itself. Snakes in dreams are connected to rebirth, energy and new possibilities in the waking world.

Snakes can also suggest that you will encounter self-blame in the future. The snake is also associated with privacy and keeping private in life. Seeing snakes in a room can suggest that you are feeling trapped by experiences in waking life. There may be a difficult step that you have to take in order to progress yourself in life. If you have experienced any physical violence or emotional abuse in life it is not uncommon to have a dream of snakes in a room.

We will cover the following dream meanings

  • You see more than one snake in a room. = rebirth, energy and new start in life.
  • A room is full of snakes = hard times in life.
  • You see large snakes in a room = people will turn to you for advice.
  • You see red snakes in a room = passion and danger in life.
  • You see brown snakes in a room = worry and focus on yourself is required.
  • You see white snakes in a room = peace and happiness in life.
  • You see brown snakes in a room = grounded and solid.
  • You see a multicoloured snake in the room = unsettling times in life.
  • A snake chases you in a room = challenging relationships.
  • You see snakes all over the floor in a room = focus on your own needs for a while.
  • A snake is cut in half in a room = you feel everyone wants a piece of you.
  • A snake with two heads is in a room = think about how you can expand your life.
  • You see black snakes in a room = unhidden dangers.
  • You see three snakes in a room = celebration times.
  • Snakes in an apartment in the dream = you will succeed shortly.
  • Stepping on snakes in a dream = someone will be dishonest but you will know.

Detailed dream meaning of snakes in a room

Snakes in a room is also connected to feeling that your private space has been invaded by somebody else. Now is not a time to worry about who has done you wrong, it is about taking the opportunity to heal from any difficulties that have entered your life recently. This means learning to love yourself again.

A snake in the room dream often occurs when you are feeling miserable! You need to have enough “personal space” in order to think about the good things in life to make you more strong. The room in your dream is equally important, and additionally the details of the room in your dream. Some dreams you can dream in black-and-white, other dreams are vivid colors. If the dream is vivid in nature then the interpretation should be a trigger that one must change their behavior.

If snakes are in your apartment in your dream then this can be associated with feeling others are controlling you too much. To see many snakes on the floor of a room is a suggestion that there is a need for change. This will make you feel stronger and freer in waking life. It is time to gain the power again. To step on the snakes in a room is a suggestion that you may be hurt or enraged in the near future. If the snakes were black cobras in the room then this is associated with embracing change.

To see different colored snakes in a room, such as green snakes, black snakes, yellow snakes, brown snakes, orange snakes, all have different interpretations depending on the color as follows

  • To see a green snake in a room is connected to how we are viewed by others. Maybe you need to think about paying close attention to what other people believe in the future.
  • If you see yellow snakes in a room then this indicates something important is about to happen. Yellow is connected to sunshine and is a generally positive omen, in regards to yellow snake this indicates you need to reflect back on who you really are in life. It will be this reflection that something positive will occur.
  • If in the room you saw brown snakes then this indicates you need to think about grounding and rebirth. Maybe you need to undertake a new career path.
  • If in your dream you saw orange snakes in a room then this is connected to the fact you have the freedom to choose your own friends in life.
  • If you see a black snake in a room then this indicates it is time to regulate your thoughts and feelings about others. If you don't, there could be some conflict in the near future.
  • Multi-color snakes indicate that others will be able to provide help to you.

Snake Dream

What does it mean to see three snakes in a dream?

A number three is associated with the third dimension in life. If you could see three snakes in your dream then this is a heavenly number. Three also symbolizes a birth, life and then finally death. Therefore this is very significant. It indicates that you will need unconditional love in life in order to be accepted by others. Three snakes is a warning that you will encounter somebody that will endanger the welfare of others. To step on snakes in a dream is a suggestion that you will encounter a battle. Need to explore a new and deeper understanding of yourself. In conclusion, seeing snakes in a room is connected to one’s privacy and life and also relationships with others.

Feelings encountered when dreaming of snakes in a room

Acknowledgement, relationships with others, difficulty with relationships around you, understanding your role in life and finally privacy.

By Florance Saul
Jul 3, 2017