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When you dream of a basin, it often indicates that you have real friendships and good relationships around you. If you are washing in a basin, then this can indicate a time of cleansing and self-development.

If in the basin is filled with water and the water is clear, it shows that you are going to be presented with positive opportunities in the future.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a basin.
  • Washed your body in a basin.
  • Seen an empty basin.
  • Seen a basin you use for washing yourself.
  • Seen a basin you use for washing clothes.
  • Encountered a full basin.
  • Seen a basin with clear water.
  • Seen a basin in a hotel.
  • Been in a basin with cold water.
  • Poured water into a basin.
  • Released or let out the water in a basin.
  • Seen a basin with dirty water.
  • Seen a basin with hot water.
  • Seen a silver or golden basin.
  • Fixed a broken basin.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The basin was full of clear, healthy water.
  • The basin was full of a delicious beverage.
  • You bathed in a clear basin.
  • The basin was not dry or empty.

Detailed dream interpretation

If the basin is found in a hotel, then it shows you are hoping to change something in your life very soon. A silver basin means elevation in rank. A golden basin means you will be promoted at work. Fixing a basin in your dream could tell you to save some money for the future.

A basin in your dream can be an omen of a mourning time coming in your life. An empty basin represents a lack of money. If the basin is full, it foretells fortune and financial gain. If you dream of a basin you use to wash yourself it means that you have special feelings for someone of the opposite sex that you love and care about.

Dreaming of a basin filled with water that is not overflowing represents worry or fear of a death in your family. Washing yourself in a basin indicates that you will pay a debt you have to some people or a company. If you dream of yourself washing in a basin, expect to suffer blame for deeds committed by others.

Drinking water from a basin predicts a profitable business deal, but not with the first person you will meet, or the first one that will come with a business proposal. Seeing a water basin in your dream is a sign of nearby happiness. Clear water in a basin means accomplishment over worries. A basin in which men and women are bathing can be a sign of scandal or that you will be ashamed of something. If you enter the water in a basin, it means that you will get involved in a tricky situation, but you will succeed.

If you see a basin with cold water in your dream, you may have financial problems. To dream of a hot water basin is a sign that you will enjoy a quiet family life. If you pour water in the basin, you will enjoy financial success. To dream of a water basin may mean that you will buy a new wardrobe, or you will renew your present one.

Buying a basin could mean troubles. If the basin is made of clay, you will enjoy a very long life. A basin in your house or on your table is a sign that your creativity will soon be rewarded. Breaking a basin in your dream represents a quarrel. Holding a basin in your hand means you will be invited to have a meal with some people, like for dinner or lunch. To dream of a basin full of water means you will not suffer from poverty, but you could lose some of your goods.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a basin

Confused. Upset. Tired. Happy. Pleased. Enjoying. Content. Joyful. Impressed. Thirsty. Gaining. Fulfilled.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012