White dress

White dress

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To see a white dress in your dream is associated with relationships.

Oh, this is a popular dream! Were you spinning around in a white dress? Getting married maybe? The white dress is connected with weddings and celebrations. My name is Flo and for years many of my dreams actually came true. So for the last 20 years, I've been reviewing dreams. Not only from a psychological but also the spiritual perspective. A white dress is very spiritual in dreams! To see a white dress on women during your dream indicates a marriage. A dress in dreams represents self-expression and is also connected to our personal goals. If you wore a dress backward this implies a role-reversal. I believe this dream is also a lucky omen. In all the ancient psychic books the dream of a white dress is often connected to happiness and contentment.

Now, any split or even damaged bridal dress is associated with a marriage which has “worn out” or even “been spoiled” through frustration. In my view, a new outfit indicates a change in sociable position. Did you know that to see yourself in a bridal dress is a positive omen indicating a new marriage? To see others wearing a bridal dress indicates a possible new baby is on the way. But, sorry to spoil a white dress, or spill something on it is associated with difficult times in the future. To burn a white dress indicates that others will be talking about you soon. To see white clothes, signifies then you're happy to take over your boss at work. You can do their job if your not the boss already! A white prom dress in a dream suggests in my view a social gathering in the future!

Detailed dream meaning

Let's now review this from a spiritual perspective. White is the color of purity, to dream of a white dress is connected to your emotions. Within your dream, you may be attending a wedding or wearing the white dress yourself, which means that things are going to be restful for some time. You are having a much-deserved break! To see beautiful women in a bridal dress indicates that you are probably contemplating just how strong your relationship is.

To dream that you go to the prom in a white dress is generally deemed a message to take things easy. If you enjoyed the prom then it is time to think about what you want from life. To be crowned the prom queen in a white dress indicates that it is important to not take people for granted.

To dream of trying on a white dress in a shop can suggest people around you would like your attention. In real life, the feminine dress is viewed as a sign of womanliness. Having a continuous discussion with somebody inside the dreaming world while wearing a white dress symbolizes a female viewpoint or even perspective that may give you concern. Perhaps you have an outlook or viewpoint that you desire to express in the waking world? Either way, the white dress could be your own unconscious mind helping you discover that it is best to try to communicate your feelings.

To see or meet a goddess in a dream, who wears white indicates that relaxing times are on their way. To see others in white-colored dresses indicate a sense of holiness or chastity. To buy a white dress in a dream indicates you're seeing yourself as a perfect little angel. Finally, there might be several things at play if you're a male longing to wear a white dress.

Dream connotations concerning attire are generally related to femininity, mean that you need to show your female traits. Because the outfit means feminineness, you will be at a phase in your life where you need to settle down. It might be that you simply feel others are questioning your libido. Are you getting enough passion? Is it time to get laid!! Regardless of the circumstances in the dream, if your male, the white dress commonly has something related to sex. This is also connected to how Freud defined that symbols in dreams were associated with sex. Bear that in mind. To buy a white dress indicates a great time with friends in life.

Well, folks, this is the end of the dream meaning I do hope you enjoyed reading about the white dress. If the white dressing your dream got dirty in any way this can indicate a problem you will overcome this. In conclusion, the white dress is a positive omen in dreams! Oh, and don't forget to check out our amazing tarot section and get your free tarot reading by clicking here!

In this dream you may have

  • Wore a bridal dress.
  • Seen another person wearing a white bridal dress.
  • Spoil a white dress.
  • Wore a prom dress which was white in color.
  • Seen someone or yourself in a white dress.
  • Going to a wedding with someone in a white dress.
  • Seen others wearing a white dress.
  • Tried a white dress on in a shop.
  • Bought a white dress.
  • Seen a relative in a white dress.
  • Seen a goddess dressed in a white dress.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Tried on a white dress in a shop.
  • You attended a wedding.
  • The dream was an enjoyable event.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a white dress

Happiness during the wedding, worried, upset and communicating with others.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012