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To dream of baseball is rather common, especially if you are seeing baseball recently either live or on the television.

Baseball is connected to how we challenge ourselves in life. If we think about the bat hitting the ball it indicates that we really need to go for a situation in life in order to create a satisfactory conclusion.

There are many different aspects to the baseball dream but in essence, it indicates that you need to go for something in a business capacity. You can achieve great things. You really need to be the best and you will strive for self-development.

To be playing baseball in your dream indicates you need the respect of another person. Perhaps in your relationship today you don't feel respected. The baseball dream in this sense means that you need to communicate in order to clear the air. It can also indicate a possible difficult relationship with a family member. It is not uncommon to see yourself watching baseball in a dream. This suggests that you need to let go watch out for past mistakes. Have you been able to resolve issues in your childhood? The baseball dream may also subconsciously indicate that you feel you need to prove yourself in life. The baseball would definitely indicate that this is possible. It can be an incredibly exciting and thrilling time if you dream that you achieved a strike in the baseball game. This is symbolic and indicates that you can really go for in life. Let's now look at more details that could surface regarding the baseball dream.

In your dream

  • You achieved a strike in the dream.
  • You saw yourself in a baseball stadium.
  • Other people playing baseball.
  • You were unable to play baseball and wanted to.
  • You watched baseball on the telly.
  • You could not find a bat to play baseball.
  • You could not find the ball to play baseball.
  • You were in a field position in baseball.
  • You saw a baseball pitch.
  • You were batting.
  • You were in a field.
  • You were in the major league of baseball in your dream (MLB)
  • You were in the national league in your dream (NL)
  • You were in the American league in your dream (AL)
  • You played with a famous baseball player.
  • You were a professional baseball player in the dream.

Detailed interpretation of this dream this dream is associated with your goals in life. As we have concluded from above it is a goal that is to be achieved.

Dreaming of a pitch can mean many different things depending on the details in one's dream. A pitch that is green indicates masculine aspects. A dirty pitch suggests you need more control.

The specific meaning of your dream can differ depending upon the details. The one thing that is important when dreaming of baseball is that you need to let go of the past try to think about how you can prove yourself in life.

The baseball is also connected to our goals. If you lost your bat or ball in baseball it indicates that you are feeling that you want to make a commitment you are finding it difficult. Perhaps there is something that is annoying you and you want to let it go but you can't.

The baseball in this sense is focused on a new start and a new beginning. To see baseball on television is an indication that you need to move on in life. You've been living in the past for too long.

To see a famous baseball player suggests that you need to learn and choose your words carefully. Otherwise, you are going to have trouble with relationships in life. For your baseball bat to break when hitting a ball indicates that you may be exploring a new life altogether.

The baseball bat represents a challenging new start. If this is strange in anyway it can indicate that your new start may not go as planned. Suggesting difficulties and obstacles in your way. To see a referee at a baseball match indicates that you need to communicate better with your loved ones.

If you are the referee it can suggest that other people are going to speak to you regarding matters at work. To be in a large stadium in your dream and watching baseball suggests that it's an incredibly exciting time in your life. There are many goals that you could achieve. To be a league in baseball or to watch the league outlined in the bullet points above indicates that you are striving to achieve the best you can in life. Sometimes you need to step back and take time out in order to understand how to move forward.

If you are in field position within the baseball game this indicates that you need to connect with nature. If you are in the batting position within a game it is associated with setting your goals in life.

Feelings that may come about when dreaming about baseball

A satisfying goal, a new start, nurturing, controlling your temper, mediation, and new possibilities.

By Florance Saul
May 10, 2017