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Often a unicycle appears in a dream when you are trying to balance a number of situations in your life.

Striving to cycle to a destination on a unicycle indicates that you are trying to make personal efforts, which are necessary in order to fulfill and achieve future objectives regarding love affairs.

In your dream you may have...

  • You have a unicycle.
  • You are making a trip on a unicycle.
  • You are riding a unicycle.
  • A unicycle’s pedal.
  • A unicycle accident.
  • You are pedaling fast.
  • The light of a unicycle.
  • Taking a unicycle.
  • Going down a hill on a unicycle.
  • Going up the hill on a unicycle.
  • Falling from a unicycle.
  • Another person on a unicycle.
  • Lots of people riding unicycles.

Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You take care of your reputation.
  • You try to be more mature.
  • You become less nervous and sensitive in your endeavors.
  • The dream conveyed a positive experience and you enjoyed the unicycle.

Detailed dream interpretation

Riding a unicycle in your dream is the sign of a prompt success in the waking life. Seeing a unicycle pedal means you are realistic and down to earth. If you are pedaling fast on your unicycle, this is the omen of financial gains and lucky business deals. Seeing a unicycle’s light refers to distrust and stubbornness in relationships with others, while fixing a unicycle in your dream means you are nervous and sensitive.

A unicycle could mean a marriage or wedding is coming your way, or that you will have more benefits and gains in your business. If in your dream you have a unicycle, this means tender news in the near future. Taking a trip on a unicycle refers to the fact that you are spending money a bit too easily.


This dream is suggestive of a rather functional attitude towards self-motivation. You probably need to look for balance in your emotions and feelings when encountering other people. If you are male and you dream of a unicycle, then you are going to have to deal with some of your childhood’s memories. To fall off a unicycle indicates that you have misplaced situations in your waking life.

A climb up a hill on a unicycle is a sign that you should take care of your reputation, and you have to avoid accidents. A unicycle going down a hill predicts good results for your plans.

Younger people dream of a unicycle because they want to achieve something through their own effort, such as a good grade at school, or doing excellent apprentice work. Sometimes you could dream that you are riding a unicycle with your partner, which foretells a trip without troubles, but also a life without obstacles. Having a flat tire on a unicycle is the sign that something might go wrong with your life partner.


Climbing a hill on a unicycle suggests that you will be able to make things happen on your own, and you will have the chance of success. Going down the hill on a unicycle suggests that you allow yourself to go with the flow, as well as lack of control over some situations in your waking life.

Getting on a unicycle means you focus a lot on your daily strengths and powers. Seeing a unicycle means you will be successful at work. Riding a unicycle could refer to immature and ineffective communication, the desire to be understood, infantile speech, lack of sophistication and maturity in expressing ideas.

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