Water Bugs

Water Bugs

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True water bugs are freshwater insects that live along the water's edge and are capable of delivering a painful sting in self-defense.

Most people encounter water bugs in pools that have been neglected and allowed to form algae, which provides the for insects an habitat. The term is also sometimes used to refer to water bug cockroaches, which prefer to live in dark, moist places just beyond our view. Water bug cockroaches are creatures of the night, coming out under the cover of darkness from our most intimate places to forage on decay. They thrive near water of any kind so they scuttle in our wells, through our pipes, and beneath our refrigerators. They are capable of reproducing prolifically and adapt quickly to our attempts to rid ourselves of them. Insects inspire fear on a visceral level as bringers of contagion, contamination, and disease. Dreams of water bugs and roaches signify secret shame, fears and worries that come out in your quiet moments to haunt you.

Detailed dream meaning

The meaning of dreams involving water bugs differs from those involving cockroaches only slightly. Both insects connote ideas, feelings, worries, and impressions that lurk at the edge of your conscious awareness or those which you have actively suppressed. Both are also indicative of neglect where some crucial task or psychological work has been postponed leading to emotional repercussions. Dreaming of bugs scattering when you turn on the lights, therefore, signifies that you have hidden fears or worries which are secretly eating away at you. Paying attention to where the insects run to may give you an indication of what area of your life these worries involve.

Dreaming of seeing a water bug in a restaurant or contaminating your food implies that your job or your family life needs to be reevaluated because those things which should be sustaining you have the potential to cause harm to you. To dream of water bugs pouring from your faucet suggests that the sources that you typically turn to for emotional support have become unavailable to you as a result of unspoken words between you. There is tension lurking just beneath the surface of a friendship or relationship that is contaminating the relationship. Alternatively, dreaming of these insects pouring from a faucet may signify that you have a difficult decision to make that is being sabotaged by unresolved fears from your past.

Being swarmed by water bugs in a dream indicates that your worries and fears have become so prolific that they are affecting your ability to function in your everyday life. If the dream involves having water bugs crawl on you while you are sleeping, then you may be besieged by concerns or memories, particularly of a sexual nature, which fill you with shame or leave you feeling vulnerable. To dream of your walls or floors being a carpet or tapestry of moving, writhing water bugs indicates that you have no way to escape from the negativity in your life and need to spend time in deep reflection to determine how to release your inner demons. Since dreaming of swimming or floating in a water is connected to your emotional state, then dreaming of having water bugs crawl on or sting while you are in a body of water signifies that you need to find an opportunity to get away from it all and cleanse yourself.

Dreaming of transforming into a water bug signifies that you are filled with self-loathing and are your own worst enemy. Dreams in which a family member, acquaintance or friend turns into a water bug signify that you are deeply insecure about your relationships with those around you. You may feel as though your presence in their lives is detrimental to the people who love you. Not all dreams about water bugs are negative, however. To dream of exterminating water bugs or to have water bugs flee from your living space suggests that you are making progress in resolving issues from your past which previously haunted you.

In this dream you may have

  • Had water bugs swarm all over you in your sleep.
  • Seen water bugs in a restaurant.
  • Found water bugs in your food.
  • Stepped on a moving carpet of water bugs.
  • Had water bugs pour from your faucet.
  • Been stung by a water bug.
  • Had water bugs crawl on you while you were swimming.
  • Been transformed into a water bug.
  • Seen loved ones as water bugs.
  • Had water bugs crawl over your children, pets or loved ones.
  • Eaten a water bug.
  • Turned on the light and seen water bugs scatter.
  • Heard water bugs scurry in the dark.
  • Exterminated water bugs.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Water bugs disappear from your home or pool.
  • You exterminate water bugs.
  • Water bugs have nowhere to hide.
  • Your house is too pristine for water bugs to survive.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • A fight with a friend.
  • Surviving incest, rape or childhood abuse.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Being in recovery.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Water Bug

Shame. Disgust. Fear. Apprehension. Nausea. Humiliation. Fretfulness. Revitalization. Melancholy. Embarrassment. Dejection. Emptiness. Transformation. Toughness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012