Dreams About Spiders Being Thrown At You

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To dream of a spider being thrown at you can signal many forms of deception in waking life. Moral issues sometimes come to light in our dream and psychology dream research shows that it is important to weigh up our internal priorities in life and the costs and benefits of certain situations. 
Can you imagine if we could install a computer chip inside us that stops us from lying? Deception is the fabrication of our evolved state and this is the basis of a dream of spiders being thrown at you. Relationships themselves are normally built on body language, tone of voice, and expression and this is a sign that you need to review your relationships. In Lakota mythology the spider itself is feared, it is connected to being a trickster and can indicate reverence. The spider is the creator of the goddess in Southwestern America and is connected to female wisdom. In Hinduism, the spider is associated with being caught in a web of lies and illusions. If we think of the spider it can be venomous and weave a trap for its prey. The female spider is larger than the male and can mean death for that male. 
Like the snake, the spider sheds its skin and many people are scared of them. Turning to Sigmund Freud he believed spiders are a representation of a female in our dreams. Weaving a web is connected with control and the spider connects with the spirit world to uncover our deepest wisdom. 
The spider itself landing on your body can indicate that you should not trust everyone and you may feel attacked by someone in waking life. Someone throwing spiders often appears when we don’t feel safe with what other people are going to stay or do to us. If you were running away from the spiders in the dream this can mean you are trying to escape deception.
If spiders scare you in real life then it can mean the feeling of being trapped, a web of lies, and also deceptions. If you think about a spider's web it is there to “trap” you, what are you being trapped by? I have broken down this dream into specific sections on “who” is the “someone” throwing the spiders - so you can understand the dream better. 
The more cognitively advanced the animals are, the more deceit we feel. If we turn to nature, for example, even plants such as the orchid Ophrys Speculum uses coloring to excite the male wasps and fool them into thinking they are a female wasp when all they are doing is rubbing their pollen. 
Deceit happens everywhere, and as human beings, we are hardwired to identify deception. There is, however, no way of knowing when we are deceptive we don’t have someone to teach us. So how do we detect lies? There is an argument of using face-reading as a cognitive approach that can help us understand motives. We have to trust others to survive. Deception and scams online in the United States cost almost $3.2 billion dollars a year. Dreaming of spiders being thrown by an unknown person can be a spiritual sign to ensure that you do not become privy to some type of scam.
Of course, spiders being thrown at you in a dream can be distressing, I myself woke up in terror after having such a dream. I myself had this dream recently whereby I saw a friend throw spiders at me and I was trying to run away. Spiders in the real world and also in the spiritual road mean deceit - I don’t buy the many interpretations online about animal totems and how they show kindness etc. Quite honestly, dreaming of spiders being thrown at you can equal that someone is being deceptive. Spiders in the underworld eat our aura and feed off our depression.

Dreaming of a work colleague throwing spiders at you

What does it mean to dream of someone at work throwing spiders at you? Most people have experienced deception at work and suffered the disillusionment that comes with it. In the world of business, deception happens and there can be many forms. 
Dreaming of spiders in the workplace can indicate that you will feel a sense of deception about your work or jobs. If someone is throwing a spider at you during work then this can mean that the creepy-crawly means that you should not trust others and be on your guard. Every spider dream when connected to work is focused on the details and means things to different people. 
The size of the spiders is also quite important the bigger the spider the more the symbol means in our dreams. Spiders are also associated with being or feeling trapped and it could reflect that you are feeling that at work. 
If you do not have positive feelings about spiders in the waking world then the dream could mean you will undertake some analytical tasks at work. To keep having the same dream over and over indicates that you should look at focusing on something in real life. It is your conscious mind that is causing the recurring dream. 

Dreaming of a friend throwing spiders at you

To dream that a friend has thrown a spider at you can mean that you are struggling to trust them. It can indicate past deceptions and it is time to review where you are in the friendship. Lies seem to appear to be an essential and massive component of human interaction and because deception has hit high levels we need to understand how this can affect our friendships. Relationships themselves are built on face-to-face communication but now we also have online friendships and the internet has allowed us to speak to each other without the available clues. 

Dreaming of a family member or loved one throwing spiders at you

If in your dream a family member (Mother, Daughter, Husband, Wife, Grandmother, Son, etc) throws spiders at you this can indicate that there might be some hidden worry of deception. If a loved one that you are in a relationship throws a spider at you it could indicate that there is deception in some form. Deceiving can come through in stealing or cheating. To be caught out in a lie can mean that there is a problem with acceptance. To see a member of your family throw a large spider at you can mean that gossip will await according to older dream dictionaries. If a young child throws a spider at you in a dream it can mean there are deceptive people around that child.

Dreaming of someone unknown throwing spiders at you

To see someone throw a spider at you that you do not know can indicate that you are feeling some sense of deception. It could be that there is a focus on people around you that you cannot trust and that it is time to focus on yourself. 

Spiders and deception

Spiders in a dream is a symbol of deception. Over and over in life, we tend to ignore obvious signs of deception. The reason that we have poor lie-detection skills is that it is counterintuitive. Deception is built into our lives and unless we have a reason for someone to lie we just believe what we are told. Learning to detect deception can suggest that we have a greater awareness. The biblical and ancient meaning of this dream can stem from our own human experiences. If we look back in time a seventeen thousand-year-old cave painting in the Pyrenees depicts a hunter using skins and antlers to hide as a reindeer to infiltrate the herd. In Greek mythology, Zeus seduced Hera and changed himself into a cuckoo to fly into her arms in a thunderstorm. Without lies, our civilization could not survive. 

Is there any way to spot someone that is lying to you?

So this leaves us with one question. The spider being thrown is a sign of deception how do you spot it? Interesting researchers at Cornell University to sixty volunteers were paired up to hold conversations with each other online. One pair told lies and the other were truth-tellers. Interestingly the lies were not found out. 
It also showed that more people asked questions when they were being told the truth and that deception was not detected. The phone, however, can be used to tell lies. This is because of the way we change our voices and the pitch. Also, the speed goes slower when someone is lying. We are most likely to lie in the following scenarios (according to research): 37% of phone calls, 27% face to face, 21% instant chat, and finally only 14% of emails. 
Therefore people are more likely to lie through phone calls. Because of Covid-19, we are all working from home and this deprives us of that rich face-to-face interaction. I hope this dream meaning is helpful to you and you recognize that there could be deception around you. Blessings.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2021