Dreams About Someone Stealing From You

Dreams About Someone Stealing From You

Stealing Dream Meaning

Stealing is never a great dream to have.

The bottom line is that stealing is wrong. Whether you were a victim in the dream alternatively you stole from somebody else. What I'm going to deal with here is a dream whereby somebody was stealing something from you. Perhaps you were taking funds from your bank account, stealing a boyfriend alternatively stealing something of value for your own personal gain. We often wake up from dreams wondering what on earth happened. My name is Flo and I'm here to help you decode the dream of someone stealing from you. I will say this, to dream that someone is stealing a material item from you indicates that you may be suffering a difficulty or challenging time in your life. If you dreamt of a fraudster who stole money from you and this can indicate a possible financial loss.

This dream is also about being at a crossroads. It is all about hard work which is been taken from you. It's like you've put a lot of work into your garden in order to grow and somebody comes along and stolen all your vegetables. There is so many types of fraud in life including identity fraud, money laundering so perhaps you dreamt that somebody had stolen your own identity, your job or even your wife or husband? As I've already mentioned briefly in the opening paragraph this dream is all about your growth subconscious mind and how you are transmitting information in waking life. It's never easy to come to terms with difficult dreams especially ones whereby we feel uncomfortable or uneasy about the whole situation. If you see somebody stealing from you but you can't do anything about this it can indicate that your feeling at a loss at the moment. Perhaps a loss in terms of your own direction in life. If you see someone stealing from you but you are watching what happened (like a person from the outside) suggests that you are not feeling in control of your own destiny. Is somebody that is stealing from you is somebody that you know in waking life it can sometimes on very rare occasions indicate your hidden feelings about that person? Perhaps you don't trust them or that you feel that they are not acting in an honorable way.

To dream that other people stealing from you and there is nothing you can do about it can often indicate that you are feeling somewhat helpless in waking life. From my perspective, this might generally be in relation to work. The reason why I feel this is a work focus dream is that the stealing normally means a loss of finances. Generally, you are likely to lose finances if you have anything stolen from you. If you dream of somebody stealing your house for example then this can relate to feeling uncomfortable about the future and it means that in time you are going to survive financially. In order to provide you with the very best, which is what I always do hopefully in my dream interpretations then I'm going to segment the dream down in order to understand a little more about what the dream could mean. Just scroll down to find your dream.

What does it mean to dream of being a victim of identity fraud?

Identity fraud is all around us. Many people consider our information as valuable - especially because we put a lot of data online. If you dream that somebody was stealing information from you and this could imply that you feel that your identity is being questioned. Sometimes we fear completion because it implies a new start in life. Our identity is something we want to hold onto and for someone to steal this in the dream can indicate you're worried about what's happening next.

What does it mean to dream about your partner stealing from you?

Dreams about your partner stealing from you to be quite worrying. This stealing in the dream represents how your feeling about the relationship. Perhaps you feel they're stealing something from you such as something intangible item such as your time or even your heart. I will say this the dream is not literal in that you will not wake up and find your partner stealing thousands of pounds from you (hopefully) but the dream indicates that there is something that is playing on your mind at the moment about the relationship. Often these types of relationship dreams occur after we had an argument or that we have been in conflict with our partner. I can remember myself of dreaming of my partner stealing my house. At the time, we were will go through difficulties so it was a dream to be expected. To dream of your partner stealing money from you can imply that you were worried about your financial future together. If you dream of your partner stealing your clothes then this is all about identity issues. If you dream your partner steals your job then again it reflects the difficulty you have interest in your partner in regards to your financial affairs.

What does it mean for your son or daughter to be stealing from you in a dream?

This can be quite a disturbing dream especially because we cherish our relationships with our child. Our children are our world and we love them dearly. Then to steal from you in a dream can be quite traumatic. Don't worry! I believe this is just an anxiety dream that we have about our loved ones. Perhaps you are worried about your child’s finances or they're not able to meet their obligations. Many people have contacted me after having dreams of their children being a drug addict or stealing from them on a regular basis. I will say that this is just fears and it isn't necessarily what really happens in a waking world. I hope this brings some comfort to you.

What does it mean to dream about my boyfriend stealing from me?

Dreaming about your boyfriend stealing from you indicates that you are not feeling secure in the relationship. Your boyfriend could be seen in many different things from you even your heart. In real life, it could just be that you are having a few issues in terms of commitment.

What does it mean to dream of my girlfriend stealing from me?

To dream of your girlfriend stealing from you as I have said in the previous paragraph can indicate that you are feeling difficulty in a relationship at the moment. It could be that you are not communicating properly or there is some discord. The most important thing is to communicate with your partner. I hope this gives you some insight into this dream meaning.

What does it mean for somebody to steal something from me who is unknown?

If somebody you do not know takes something from you in the dream it can indicate that you are feeling vulnerable in life. We don't want people to know our business and it's much much better to remain discreet. I have decided after many years I don't give much information away from any more to my friends. I think that you only learn this through age. And it really depends on the situation and the people that you are socializing with. To dream of seeing somebody that you do not know stealing something from you is a warning that you need to just keep your cards close to hand.

What does it mean to dream of a boss stealing something from you?

The boss in our lives represents authority. The boss in dreams can represent control and order. Many dreams of a boss or an old boss don't necessarily represent “them” they represent control in your life. Often these dreams happen when we are worried about our comfort, control and money. Perhaps you feel that you are controlling situations and the responsibilities got far too great?

What does it mean to dream that neighbor is stealing something from you?

To dream that your next-door neighbor or somebody on your street steals something from you implies that you are not feeling contentment in the place you live. It is very easy to bumble along in life and not realize when you're unhappy. If you're not that happy living in your current home or perhaps city then this may be your subconscious mind asking you what you really want out of life. I'm not saying pack up and move tomorrow but it could just apply that this dream has presented itself because you need to think about whether you feel something has been stolen from you such as time or effort.

What does it mean to dream of a friend stealing something from you?

If you dream of a person you know such as a friend stealing something from you can be quite depressing. Especially if you have a great relationship with them in waking life. The friends is a representation of comfort zones of life. Please don't take this dream literally his not like the friends can suddenly come to your house and steal your money! The friend itself could just be focused on trying to gain a better relationship with you.

What does it mean to dream that somebody who has died steals something from you?

Dreaming of a deceased person can be a quite traumatic experience. If you dream that somebody has taken something from you but they are not actually living can suggest that you are feeling anxious about past motives and regrets. If this a person that you actually know it can indicate that with time you will heal yourself for the very for the better for the very good. Dreaming of somebody famous stealing something from you can suggest that there will be a period of satisfaction in life especially around your abilities.

By Florance Saul
Mar 20, 2018